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    Quote from Shadotopaz

    IGN: Shadotopaz
    Age: Above 18
    How did you find us: Using my sheer power of will
    Extra Info: Find me. I dare you. I double dare you, motherhumper.

    Character Name: Melody Fairbloom
    Race: Human of the plains
    Age: 27 years old
    Class: Mage
    Personality Traits:
    - Ambitious
    - Deceptive
    - Impulsive
    - Power-hungry
    Character Strengths:
    - A good mastery of illusionism
    - Genetically agile
    Character Weaknesses:
    - Feeble
    - Introverted
    Backstory:Magic isn't a scholar domain. It's not a science nor a theology. Magic is a secret. Secrets can be found, discovered. But for some reasons, they remain secret to all those who had not participated in their discovery. It's a statement that now drives the intentions of Melody, the Rogue mage of the Circle of Magics.

    Aspiring royal wizard, Melody trained for years, without success in any of the major circles. She even dwelled in the frowned upon Necromantic magics, unable to even move the bone of a recently dead rat. It was in complete despair that a delegation of men of the sands came to the circle's academy, bearing books of an ancient magic. The magic of Light and wonders, they called it. Illusionism.
    Never was Melody so praised in class. Her mastery of the magic quickly grew to her own imagination. However, unnaproving of such false magics, the circle took in a unhealthy fixation in the progress of the Illusionist. The library soon became bare of the interesting tomes and any artefacts in reach disapeared from the shelves. Their academy was not to be changed thanks to some primitive magics. Now the laughing stock of her teachers, it was then Melody rebeled.

    A dark night, wardens were awakened by the sound of alarm runes all over the academy. Everywhere, everything had been set on at once. Knowing all too well their priorities, they ran to the Arcane Vaults, which laid open before closing itself. Rushing to the door, opening it again, the clever illusion of a closing door allowed the invisible Melody to slip in and grasp the amulet she was after. It was a simple one. It simply hid magical emanations fo reflect them elsewhere, allowing Melody to be truly invisible at the eyes of her ennemies.

    Managing a hard escape, she has been visiting various mages at night. Anything magic is a secret, to which she wishes to be the only keeper. If they had refused her talent, she would show them the error of their ways. Through light and deception, she would find true power.

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    Quote from H0b0_J0e

    That's fine, I can understand that. If you wouldn't mind, could I just have a Green Orc that's above average in size and stature instead, with everything else the same to eliminate that problem?

    Sure thing. Whitelisting.
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    Quote from Blade33336

    IGN: Blade33336
    Age: 20
    How did you find us: Jonhan through skype

    Character Name: Keldas Farrin
    Race: Stone Dwarf
    Age: 34
    Class: Farmer / Cook
    Appearance: Dressed in a green overcoat. Short hair, and a beard. Slightly tall for a dwarf.
    Personality Traits: Determined, curious and intelligent. Often considered as overly cautious.
    Character Strengths: Has a green thumb and is very good in the kitchen.
    Character Weaknesses: Not willing to try new things, gets irritated very easily, does not like losing arguments. Not as physically fit as other dwarves.

    Unlike most dwarves, Keldas is not one to be found deep in the mines covered in coal dust and stone fragments. Instead, you will often find him covered in flour, with a smile splashed across his rosy cheeks. Keldas grew up among humans, his father, a royal guard for the northern dwarves, took Keldas away from the other dwarves very early on (due to the dangers taking place in his home town) to live alone with his mother.

    Keldas grew up mostly unaware of what was happening with his people, but he lived happily never the less, helping his mother to sell a variety of home grown food. Keldas learned the ins and outs of farming, he became a master of all foods, studying flavors and baking delicious meals for his mother to sell in the town market. His mother was not happy though, she knew that Keldas was meant for more than just menial work, she wanted him to grow up like his father, become a fighter and a warrior. However it was too late, Keldas had already found what made him happy, a homely kitchen and a warm meal.

    Keldas felt like he needed to leave his mother if he was to ever pursue his real passion, and so he did. He moved to a new land, in search of people needing home cooked meals and freshly grown vegetables. Hoping to continue learning and practicing, and above all, making people happy.

    Whitelisted! It's refreshing to see someone who doesn't plan on playing a stereotypical Dwarf.
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    Quote from Sneaky0070

    IGN: Sneaky0070
    Age: 19
    How did you find us: I bothered Sight again.
    Extra Info: You know all that crap already.

    Character Name: Adanessa Rosewood
    Race: Half Hill Human, half Wood Elf
    Age: 20
    Class: Farmer
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes. Slightly taller than the average human, with slightly pointy ears. Average.
    Personality Traits: Quiet, extremely shy and distrusting of others, non-violent.
    Character Strengths: She’s a pretty good farmer, I suppose. And loyal to those she cares about, namely her younger brother.
    Character Weaknesses: She’s lived a very sheltered life, and an abusive one at that. Her social skills are certainly lacking.
    Backstory: Adanessa lost her mother when she gained her brother. This lose drove her father to drink. And like many alcoholic parents, he beat his children. Adanessa was never allowed to leave the farm after that. She finished her daily chores around the farm, made dinner, and was then locked her room, sometimes after being allowed to eat. At the age of eleven, her father started to take the abuse to another level, often calling her by her mother’s name during the act. One night, when she was 18 and her father was being particularly brutal, her brother Davien was done putting up with the beatings and listening to his sister cry herself to sleep. So he took care of their father. Adanessa doesn’t remember much of this night, she only knows that it was Davien would saved her, and that the world is a better place without her father. Since then, Davien and Adanessa have continued to run the farm, and Adanessa thanks Gaia every day for her blessing of a younger brother.

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    Quote from LunaValentine

    IGN: Luna_Valentine
    Age: 21
    How did you find us: I was looking for an rp server!
    Extra Info: You guys have my skype

    Character Name: Luna Foreson
    Race: Wood Elf
    Age: 120 years old
    Class: Warrior
    Appearance: Long black hair with a few gray streaks here and there. She's a warrior so her muscles are still well toned though she isn't as tough as she used to be
    Personality Traits: She's stubborn and proud. Most of the time she is friendly but she knows how to hold a grudge for a LONG time.
    Character Strengths: She can take quite a beating and keep on fighting, she has endurance to spare.
    Character Weaknesses: She's older now and doesn't move quite as fast, she's also a bit thick at times as she doesn't care much for long philosophical talks so she can get bored pretty easily.
    Backstory: Once upon a time long ago she met a man, she got married to him and eventually had a kid. She raised her son without much help from her husband and currently lives with him. From some past trauma (namely being thrown off a cliff during an argument) she doesn't care for heights, she'd rather stay on something solid (preferring rocks to wood) and stay as close to the ground as she can. She grew up in a village that was destroyed when she left to fight and wander the world.

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    From the creators of the original Betelgeuse server, comes a new epic adventure. Will you live your life as a simple farmer, a daring warrior, or perhaps an illustrious mage? Only time will tell the tales of your deeds, and only dedication and perseverance will allow you to reap the benefits of your creation!

    Server Information

    Recommended Texture Pack: Conquest Texture Pack: Featured Mods:
    Forge- Latest Stable Build (Install first, then MPM2, then Optifine)

    More Player Models 2


    Official Forums: Click here!
    Server Version: 1.7.4
    Server IP:
    The server may say "Old" or "Offline" at some points in time. This means that the server has gone to sleep! If you wish to log in, please wait for a few moments after your first log in attempt. (This saves energy, and is all our providers fault. Blame them not us.)

    • Stay in-character whenever possible.
    • OOC Player-killing is not allowed. If you wish to kill a player IC, you are required to have that player's consent.
    • Do not use mods that are not included in the approved listing. (MPM2, Optifine, Shaders, Map Mods, NEI, and minecraftforge)
    • ERP (Erotic Roleplaying) is a bannable offense. No exceptions.
    • If you have an issue with a player's roleplaying ability (their skill at roleplaying) please bring it up with a moderator or administrator.
    • Explicit language is not tolerated. This includes racist comments, prejudice against sexual orientation, etc. We expect you maintain a certain level of decorum. Take into consideration the presence of younger players.
    • No mines under your houses. Mining areas are designate.

    Long ago, a group of heroes traveled across the continent of Betelgeuse. They searched for treasures, quests, and general good times among other things. One fateful evening, the group learned of a special set of items that were said to hold unbridled power. Some in the group sought to claim this power and use it for the greater good, however one person thought otherwise. He believed that if he could collect all of these relics, he could become the most powerful being on the continent, possibly even in the entire world. The party went on adventures across the entire continent. Spanning several years, they collected all of the locations of the hidden artifacts, and were preparing to go search for them… when suddenly the maps, and the group’s mage disappeared. The warrior, a fierce leader and strong of heart and will, knew what was going on and gave chase. Together with the combined abilities of a hunter, a rogue, a priest, and a paladin; the group found the mage hiding in a deserted cave. They confronted him, broken and battered, searching for what he claimed were ‘words written in stone’. However upon inspection, the group found nothing unusual. The mage lashed out at them, casting dangerous spells with no remorse. The party decided the safest route would be to trap the mage in this cave, where he could do no harm to the outside world… and so they sealed the cave off, imprisoning him for what they thought would be the rest of his short life.

    Welcome to Alnilam, the village the old guild based itself out of. You've arrived at an opportune time, as the festivities are just about to begin...


    • Humans
      • Northerners - Hailing from the frozen Northern regions, this sub-race of humans are often tall, strong and durable. They are most often seen with light colored hair and bright blue eyes.
      • Desert Tribes - The human sub-race most often found in the arid regions of the world. They aren't quite as advanced as their brother living in the plains. They can range from small nomadic groups to sprawling towns. They are usually dark skinned, and are very resilient people.
      • Plainsmen - The plains people are the most common of the human sub-races. They are a resourceful and ambitious people, and come in varying shapes and sizes. Their main strength above the other races is their advancement. They are the only humans to have gathered to form large cities.
      • Hill Men - The hill men are a wild sort. They live a nomadic lifestyle, rarely staying in any one place for longer than a month. Because of this, any one clan of hillfolk may have interactions with many, many other races during their travels. This makes them excellent traders.
    • Elves
      • Sun Elves - Golden skinned, and fair.
      • Drow/Dark Elves - Darker Skin, don’t really enjoy light places.
      • Ice Elves - Extremely Pale, accustomed to cold places.
      • Wood Elves - Skin tone varies, rather tough for Elves, and used to fending for themselves in difficult situations.
    • Dwarves
      • Duergar - Ashen skin, essentially the drow of the Dwarven race.
      • Stone Dwarves - Variety of skin tones, typical Dwarves who love digging almost as much as they love drinking and singing.
    • Orcs
      • Red Orc - Rare species of Orc, they’re much larger than Green Orcs and Mountain Orcs, however they tend to be far easier to anger than their Green brethren. Because of their volatile tempers, clans made up entirely of Red Orcs are never seen, as any attempts to unite would end in a vicious bloodbath. Instead, the Red Orcs are spread out among the other Orcish tribes as warriors, hunters, and sometimes clan chieftains.
      • Green Orc - Commonplace Orcs, these Orcs are rather tribal in nature and enjoy communing with the spirits of their ancestors. They are not quick to anger, and get along quite well with most living things.
      • Mountain Orcs - Grey or brown skinned Orcs, slightly smaller and nomadic in nature, much like the Hill Men of the Human race.

    Player Application

    This sections is dedicated to your character and your information. If you would like to include any extra information for us please do so!

    How did you find us:
    Extra Info: (Skype and such)

    Character Name:
    Class: (warrior, mage, farmer, etc)
    Personality Traits:
    Character Strengths:
    Character Weaknesses:


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    Second Post of the front page now includes server log updates. Which will include new plugins and permissions for players and moderators!
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    Quote from TheBioverse

    IGN: TheBioverse
    Age: 16
    Roleplaying Experience: Naught
    How did you find us?: Magic

    Character Name: Nullius ‘Null’ Delmere

    Race: Elf

    Height/Age: 6’5/50


    ‘The secrets of this world are mine alone to unravel!’

    Though he was born as any child would be; Nullius was by no means yet another cub bound for the mediocre destiny this world had to offer him; he knew he was bound for more. As Nullius, or ‘Null’ as he had taken as a hindering call name, progressed, he had visibly shown nothing unique to himself physically; aside from his eyes, which shone a crystal violet. Mentally however, Nullius had a greater mental capacity, it seemed, than even the average adult elf, and all at the meagre age of 10.

    As the days progressed into months and so on into years, Nullius had shown an immense interest in knowledge, and a keen skill of being able to recall it at words edge at a moment’s notice. However as his intelligence grew, so did his quickness to temper and arrogance. He believe himself better than all those he saw around him; and should haven’t have? He surely was. Brute strength did not matter when the mind was applied; hence why Nullius was never keen on developing his body along with his mind, along with a tinge of laziness. Slowly but surely, his family, friends, and associates left Nullius to his own devices, to grow content in the darkness of his mind…

    “I’m departing this afternoon, Mother. Inform Father if you would. There is nothing left for me here; nothing left to learn…”

    At the meagre age of 15 Nullius departed from his Elven grove; most of which he had never even glanced upon. It was beautiful, he had to admit, and perhaps he could have spared the time, but it was behind him. He was departing, never to return in likeliness. However, his gravest error could likely be seen as boarding a simple travelling vessel; unnoticeably host to a rather expectant syndicate of criminals…

    “And just like that… the nightmare ends.”

    Countless years had passed since that day, and the sins committed would forever be etched into his mind, he was sure. Regardless, he had learnt much. He knew far more than any one man could, or should. In return for helping an infamous crime family dominate their ranks to supremacy, not only had he gained knowledge inaccessible to him, but a set of skills invaluable to most; along with a tree of arcane might known to warp and bend the minds of man and beast alike; Hex. However, he was older now, far older, and more experienced. He had travelled far and wide, absorbing the knowledge each land had to offer. Now, all he craved was the solitude to peace it all together.

    It seemed a quaint little hamlet nestled into the nothingness of the wilderness would be the perfect means of doing so…

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    Quote from Zarthes
    IGN: Zarthes Age: 22 Roleplaying Experiance: 10 years+ How did you find us?: I dunno perhaps I stalk you guys. Character Name: Zaroseth Race: Human Height/Age 5'11/ 26 Backstory: Zaroseth was always a wildchild of sorts, always climbing always running, always snooping around and possibly stealing this and that. Until it got him cast out of his village. See he was an orphan, parents got eaten by some beasts of the forest, eventually the "Hes just an orphan" excuse stopped flying and he was thrown out for being to much of a nuisance. He was alone in the very woods that he lost his parents in, wandered aimlessly and a little excited as he would, until he found it. A clan of beasts that claimed the great woods as their own. Curious at a human child being brave enough to enter their territory they took him in. He was raised to be like them, a great warrior to the clan. Eventually he learned that they were the ones that killed his parents but he didn't seem to care, he knew his parents were hunters and knew it was only a matter of time till some other beast got them if these ones didn't. Eventually it came a time for him to leave, though the clan cared for him and raised him to be the best they would think themselves mad if they kept the young man from finding what they assumed all humans needed, a mate. Or shiny trinkets, their knowledge on humans was limited at best, and so off he roamed occasionally finding treasure and being a failure of a tarzan to many a jane. Until he stumbled upon an old ruined town, he passed it off at first thinking it just some empty place devoid of anything of worth, yet no matter how far he roamed he ended back up there. Like there was some purpose to him actually coming here, mayhap even settling there. He was young yes, but seemed weary of a kind, though its probably nothing kids been traveling a lot.
    Quote from ybnormal08
    IGN: ybnormal08
    Age: 15
    Roleplaying Experience: Plenty, including past versions of this server
    How did you find us?: KamakaziCat & Elder_Alhoon
    Character Name: Carter Thane
    Race: Human
    Height/Age: Around 6' / 25
    Aaron was born in a small town, and around thirteen years old, he became interested in smithing. His father was in the local militia, and his mother was a worker at the local inn. Around the age of 16, his father was killed by a group of bandits, and him and his mother were forced to live on her low pay, until he had become proficient enough to become the local blacksmith.
    At age 19, he took the place of the old blacksmith, and made a decent living for him and his mother. A few years later, he was forced to go on a raid with the militia. In the raid, he was slashed across the right eye. As an apology from the General, he was given a large amount of money, and returned to his shop.
    Age 24, the same group of bandits (whom the town had been constantly raiding and being raided by) attacked with every single person they had at their disposal. Not going into detail, the townspeople were slaughtered and the town, burnt. The few people left, had been captured and taken back to the bandits' cavern, and basically used as slaves. Aaron barely escaped from the town, after watching a group of the bandits behead his mother.
    That brings us to current times.
    He has been wandering across the land, stopping at small villages to trade, and moving on... What awaits him at this new town? It seems rather interesting.

    Both accepted!
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    Quote from Sexycombine
    IGN: Sexycombine Age: 20 Roleplaying Experience: I have been roleplaying for years on Starcraft, then Warcraft 3, Frozen throne, Neverwinter Nights, WoW, Starbound, A plethora of minecraft servers. How did you find us?: The courier troll arrived to my doom cave and told me of this greatness. Character Name: Goda Hammerstrike Race: Dwarf Height/Age: 4'39, 36 cycles old. Backstory: Goda Hammerstrike was born into the clan of the Swinging Hammers, ever since she was able to take her first steps until her adolescent years, she was always near a forge and a anvil, always eager to learn the trade of her grandfather and father. When she was finally at the sweet age of sixteen, she would often go into the mines with her family to make statues and trinkets hewn from their mountain home of Hul'dalar, a vast dwarf kingdom of a thousand and thirty five souls by their standards. The halls were adorned with gold and silver, on the ceilings were cast with dwarven-made stalacites that gave off light almost as bright as a sun. Goda Hammerstrike of the clan Swinging Hammers recovered her breath. Leaning back against the roughly hewn wall of the watch tower, she cupped her hand to her bushy brown eyebrows and shaded her eyes from the unaccustomed light. The ascent had been grueling and her close-woven chainmail, Axe, and shield weighed heavy on her legs. There was no one younger to stand watch in her stead. Only a few days previously, the nine clans of Hul'dalar had been attacked in their underground halls. Many had lost their lives in the battle, but the young and inexperienced were the first to fall. Then came the sickness. No one knew where it had sprung from, but it preyed on the dwarves, sapping their strength and enfeebling their hands. And so it was Goda, despite her age, was guarding the gate that night. Two vast slabs of solid rock erected by the dwarves to stem the tide of the invading beasts. For some the sight of the gate was not enough of a deterrent, bleached bones and twisted scras of armour were all the remained of them now. However, the war with the orcs wasn't over. Goda was one of the many to abandon her homeland in search of peace and solitude.
    Quote from LunaValentine
    Age: 21
    Roleplaying Experience: I've been rping for years. Mostly on forums. a few times on servers.
    How did you find us?: You dragged me back her, Sight you jerk.
    Character Name: Luna Valentine
    Race: Elf
    Height/Age: 6' 2" /45
    Backstory: She's fairly happy go lucky though her emotions have been known to change at the drop of a hat. She generally stays out of arguments. She just kind of wandered into town, she won't admit it but her emotional outbursts got her kicked out of her hometown. She is a bit odd but she does enjoy the company of others....most of the time.

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    Quote from IJoshI2

    IGN: Lostx666x

    Age: 17

    Roleplaying Experience: a lot

    How did you find us?: looking for rp severs

    Character Name: May

    Race: Elf

    Height/Age: 5,7 20

    Backstory: May was 19 when she left home her father taught her to fight. To defend her self in situations most people couldn't handle She just turned 20 she lives in total outcast way some say she's a lone wolf off going into woods to fight monster build her huts for temporary stay till she thought out another quest. Only coming into town for fresh supplies to aid her quests. She loves to meet new people but likes being alone on her quests some day she hopes to live a normal life in town with the other people. But only fate knows what will happen.....

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    Quote from the_elimist
    IGN: the_elimist Age: 22 Roleplaying Experience: Extensive How did you find us?: I don't know. Luck I guess. Character Name: Kaldr Illecebra Race: Human Height/Age: 5'10 / 24 Backstory: Kaldr left home at a young age, well, not exactly young but early teens or so (maybe thirteen or fourteen?) to pursue his gift for magic. Unfortunately for him, magic was rare where he came from, and there was nobody to teach him. This left the youngish boy traveling on his own, experimenting and trying to teach himself magic. And it worked, for a while. He learned a few tricks here and there, though it was nothing to write home about. Eventually he made a friend, a fellow would-be sorcerer by the name of Sortiara. They traveled together, learning and discovering what they could. It went slowly, but it went all the same. Eventually, as all things do, their journey turned sour. They got in over their heads in the ruins of a cathedral, the undead threatening to overwhelm them. Sortiara lost her life in the struggle, and Kaldr did the only thing he could. Instinctively, and more out of blind panic than anything else, he threw up his hands in defense. When he did, a flash of light and a pale mist blurred his vision. When the spots faded from his eyes, he was alone. The undead were gone and his companion's body was little more than a husk. His arm was mangled from the intense magic that had flown through it, the skin flayed from it though he could still use it, if only barely. Now, years later, he still travels. Only now he knows magic, even if he is hesitant to use it.
    Quote from spranklezz
    IGN: spranklezz
    Age: 17
    Roleplaying Experience: Been on several of you guys' servers
    How did you find us?: skype group
    Character Name:Darenoth Bane
    Race: Human
    Height/Age:5'11, 27
    As an infant, Darenoth was found in the wilderness one day by a farmer. The farmer found him, wrapped in a fleece blanket, sleeping under a tree with a single ray of sunlight shining down on his body. Thinking he was a gift from the gods, the farmer brought him home to his wife, and they raised him as their own.
    Exactly two decades later, Darenoth awoke one night to the sounds of their anguished cries coming from the lower level of their two story farm house. He rushed downstairs and found his parents dead, a shadowy creature floating about their bed. Frozen in fear, Darenoth stared at the creature, his eyes wide as it floated off of the bed and towards him. Then, just as the creature was inches from his face, its rank breath blowing onto him, a sudden burst of light enveloped the room, and when Darenoth opened his eyes, a tall, armour-clad paladin was standing in front of him.
    Driven by his need for vengeance against all things evil, Darenoth apprenticed himself to the paladin for seven years and devoted himself to the ways of the light. After the seventh year of his apprenticeship, however, Darenoth's teacher died of old age, and he was left alone in the world.
    Unsure of what exactly he should do, Darenoth Bane set out in search of a new place, far from his birthplace, that he could call home.

    Both yes.
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    Quote from Papa_Efun

    IGN: Papa_Efun.. right? Or papa Efun.. just look under my picture/avatar thing it tells you

    Age: 16

    Roleplaying Experience: since like 2009? I've been rping for a while.

    How did you find us?: I contacted you on my skype. We're married.

    Character Name: Krogdhar Ironmaw

    Race: Orc

    Height/Age: 7'6, 40


    Krogdhar was born the the Chieftain of the Ironmaw clan, Ranguar the mystic. Ranguar had been the first orcish shaman of the Ironmaw clan, and the entire Ivory horde in which their clan ruled, partnering the Skullgnasher, and stonewolf clans. Krogdhar was raised to learn the holy, and nature magics his father had gifted to his people. With these magics, they turned their back on their horde's major diety, Ragzarok.

    Krogdhar demanded to grow up the life of a grunt, and learn the ways as his people have to help humble him, not just as a privileged shaman. Alongside his magics, he was brought up with military tactics and brute force, and basic survival practices. His long time friend Borkul Sourscar, captain and ranking over him watched over his training, and made sure Krogdhar was brought on his missions.

    Against a long crusade of humans and their dwarven allies. But their victories over the plaeskins didn't last. Ragzarok, who came to own the title King and Death to worlds, had brought his wrath on the very people he gave power once. Their fallen ancestors, fueled by chaotic energy, waged war against the Ivory Horde. Ragzarok had almost but destroyed the clans, until Ranguar confronted him before the gates of what is now Rangmar. He met, and with equal strength, stalemated Ragzarok's other worldly chaotic energies, until they both exploded in a rage of hellfire, giving his life and taking the Death of Worlds with him.

    Krogdhar was next in line to be warchief of the Ivory Horde, but handed the title to Borkul, who would know properly how to lead their people. Instead, Krogdhar was tasked to be an ambassador, and representative of the Ivory horde and seek out potential clans. He used this time, walking the lone wilds in search of people, to hone his shamanistic abilities. The horde now reveres Ranguar the Fallen Shaman as their chief Deity.

    Take his height down a foot, and you're set.
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    Server is now live. Hoping to see applications!
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    OP Has been updated with some background information, races will be filled out later today (hopefully).
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