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    posted a message on (18+) Looking for active, chill, mature players to join an established vanilla survival server (1.16.1)

    Helloo, my name's Nate!

    I've been playing minecraft for like 9 or 10 years now, I don't really remember.

    I'm 18 years old, I'm from Kansas yeehawww

    I normally play bedwars but I really miss playing survival and single player worlds just don't do it for me

    My discord is nateissad#0223

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    posted a message on SMP Server | 1.16.1 | Looking for members | 16+ | Vanilla | Mindcrack/Hermitcraft
    Age: 18
    IGN: nateissad
    Location: (country/state/province) kansas
    How long have you been playing Minecraft for: 9 years
    Favourite thing to do in Minecraft: bedwars
    Discord: nateissad#0223
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    posted a message on WINDCRAFT - Semi-Vanilla 1.15 JAVA server! {WHITELIST} {/home, /wild, /tpa}

    Hey there! Interested in joining Windcraft, a semi-vanilla 1.15 server? We're a small community, looking to expand and get as many trust worthy community members on as possible.

    Currently running on 1.15, with essentials commands such as /home, /wild, /tpa and more!

    You can either fill out the application here (see spoiler) or you can join our discord and fill out the application there for a quicker response.

    IP is

    Hope to see you soon :)


    Minecraft username:
    Discord handle:
    Time spent on minecraft (answer however you feel necessary):
    Why I should put you in the server:
    Do you have a mic:
    Anything else you want me to know (required):
    Keep in mind, Windcraft is a mostly vanilla server, with basic commands such as /tpa ,/home, etc. Please keep in mind that failure to be a peaceful player will result in a ban. Please report people that you feel are breaking the rules asap. Thank you!


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    posted a message on Windcraft! Brand new map, small community, 1.15 semi vanilla (Whitelist)

    Hey! Interested in joining Windcraft? We're a small community, with a brand new map (only 2 days old at this point). Preferred age range is 15+. We're looking for active members with room for promotions.

    To put in an application, join this discord server and scroll up :)


    We're looking forward to having more players online!

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    posted a message on Developer needed to help setup luckperms! ($$)

    added on discord

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    posted a message on Developer needed to help setup luckperms! ($$)

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who's good with luckperms, and some world plugins for Spigot.

    Compensation may be included

    Please drop an application, the only requirement is I ask you to have discord and a mic.



    Experience with luckperms/developing plugins:

    How much do you charge:


    Thank you!

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    posted a message on Looking for builders! Brand new server, not open to public (yet) 1.14.4

    Hi! i just started a server and I'm looking for builders currently to come on and help!


    Must have discord

    Must be able to use voice chat

    Add me on discord (WrpNate#0223) and I'll invite you to a discord server. Once on that server we will go through a short interview process and I'll decide if you're fit. Thank you!

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    posted a message on BROCRAFT SURVIVAL SERVER (Semi-Vanilla)

    Hello! We are currently running a server on brosworld.mcpro.co and it's semi vanilla. As a member you'll be able to use /sethome /warp etc

    to be able to have access to build and explore, you must talk to one of the staff.

    it's a small server but there's always at least someone on, its currently locally played but we're looking to expand the playerbase

    it's brand new so join now, and you wont be far behind other people


    Whitelist is off, but join and talk to us and we'll get you started :D

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    posted a message on Vanilla Minecraft! (whitelist)

    Hey! I started a whitelist server and I'm looking for more players! Currently I have around 8, but I have room for 80 players.

    I'd like your application to be free written, the more information about yourself, the better!

    All I really need to know is your age and your username. Although the more information, the better chance you'll have at getting whitelisted.

    Also, it's not required, but recommended that you have some sort of social media or skype so I'm able to message you. You can DM me your information. If all you have is a phone number, that's cool too, I'll never call, only text.

    go ahead and apply! rules are in game and everybody is expected to follow them, although they're very simple and nonrestrictive.

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    posted a message on (whitelist) small single player server, just for the boys

    I changed the launch date, it'll be up pretty soon today

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    posted a message on (whitelist) small single player server, just for the boys

    (read before application):

    Hey! so I plan on starting a small smp server that'll be whitelist but I'd like some applications before I start it.

    I plan to have up to about 20 players (just to start)

    I'd like to keep it 16 y/o and up, although if you seem like a decent person and are under 16 I can be lax.

    it's gonna be non modded, although I will have donation features (that WILL NOT affect gameplay), just stuff like a colored name and such

    I don't want an application list, I'd rather it be free speech, but there are a few points I'd like hit in the applications

    How old are you?

    Do you have snapchat or Instagram or Skype? (at least one is required)

    How long have you been playing minecraft? (if you quit minecraft for a while but decided to come back, when did you quit and come back?)

    where are you from? (state if applicable)

    anything else you'd like to add would be great

    if I decide I want you on the server, I'll put ask for your snap/insta/skype, and talk to you on there

    I plan on launching the server in about a week, so if you and your friends want to join, the sooner I get the applications the better and higher chance you have at getting in

    (you can read this after you get added to the server, but anytime is okay)

    anyways, rules (which will be in game as well)

    1. no hard core griefing

    2. pranking is allowed, but refer to rule #1, don't grief, and don't make it irreversible. if you prank someone and they're unhappy you have to fix is ASAP or you're going to be removed

    3. no cheating, like xray packs or anything like that

    4. PVP is going to be enabled but only if it's consensual. don't kill someone unless they're okay with it, and don't take their stuff unless they agree to it

    5. basically just don't do anything to make anyone want to quit the server, because if so you're going to get removed and I'll fix their stuff and they'll get a portion of your stuff.

    6. swearing is allowed, but no bullying unless they deserve it

    you can fill out the applications in the comments or add me on snapchat (@maybeitsnathan) or instagram (@ihatenateee) and talk to me personally to get added

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