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    You should put the old system back. Somehow your block picker only picks out blocks that are placed in the game, but some items use the same id for blocks. Look at Thaumcraft and the aura nodes. They use the same id for a node item in creative mode and for the world. The new system cannot select such an item. Another such block that I can not find is yellorium ore from Big Reactors. I did find ore.br.block but it does not highlight yellorium ore, even though the image is the same as yellorium ore.

    Also, After much anger I am finally posting to say your gui is very, very buggy. Crashed with it about 10 times. Sadly I deleted the modpack I was using it on... so the logs are gone too ._. Just uh... try moving the color picker slider a bunch or hovering over a bunch of items while having WAWLA installed. Big issues :P (it takes 15 min to reload the modpack I was using).

    pls fix :)
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    One biggest issue for me is when using the "lvl 2" tools that mine in a 3x3 area is where the 3x3 selection takes place. I understand it is based on what side you click (and maybe how you are looking at the block?) but I feel a new feature would help out. When you hover over a block in the world, a small black outline is seen.
    Suggestion: Is it possible to maybe... Extend that black outline to the 3x3 area when you hold said lvl 2 tools?
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