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    Hello Minecrafter's! :)

    LOST FACTION needs your help!
    We are seeking creative, dedicated, and open builders that can make amazing changes, and builds to the server!
    Everything is possible with time, and effort! We are looking for amazing, dedicated people who will spend atleast 4 hours everyday (or every other day)!

    Lost Faction is a huge server, that is being developed from 6 great friends, with money in hands and a mind set on the community!
    We are all great friends, and family here so we welcome almost everyone. Just don't be a jerk! :P

    We need builders who can do interior design of a spawn (Like Gardening, fountains, grass huts... etc)
    We also need builders who can build amazing walls, and decorative roofs on the walls! (Picture below!)
    We accept any age!
    Need atleast 4 hours of the day! (Anytime)
    Must have Skype!

    What can you build?
    What is your specialty in building?
    How long can you build/play for?
    Can you be friendly, and dedicated?

    Think you can advertise our server, and make a series on here?
    Well You've picked the right server! We are dedicated to make your videos,
    the most entertaining! We strive to provide you players, and hopefully in-return aswell!
    (Just post your Skype on here, or private message me it!)

    Above 300 subscribers, active and post 3 times a week!

    Here are some pictures, currently! :)

    http://imgur.com/8DDbpeN - SPAWN BUILDING

    Thank you for your time! :)
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    Anyone else?

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    Alright, Will keep you in mind! :)

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    Alright added. Looking for more ~~

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    Hello Everyone.

    I'm UniqueHellish one of the Development engineer, and entrepreneur at Lost Factions.

    I have ran, and built over 8 servers, and sold many of them for above the price of $2,300.

    I'm making a server for myself, and my partners, and hoping to make it to the top!

    We are looking for experience developers, and builders to help make this server happen!

    Come join us on the top, and say that you've helped with it! We will pay you if your a full-time developer,

    and is very experienced.

    Right now we have our plugins, but we need some developed and we have major ideas.

    Please comment below your Skype, or Email. Whichever is prefer, and I will respond asap.

    Here is some pictures of our current work --

    Welcoming - http://imgur.com/PXwt7HL

    Spawn - http://imgur.com/KT4XD70

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    posted a message on ~*~ Blessed Prison ~*~ Need Builders & Staff!! ARCADE & More!
    ~*~ Blessed Prison ~*~

    Recruiting Staff & Builders

    Hello PMC'ers! I'm here today to present a new server that's coming to minecraft! This server include custom arcade games on website, and custom plugins!
    This server is an OP Prison, and which being said we need LOTZzzzz of builders!

    Please don't ignore this!!! We have professional owners that have 5 years of experience, of highly successful servers.
    Example : Infernal Prison, and Eternal Prison!

    With this being said, there will be builder applications & staff!
    Here is the Builders Application *NOTE* You must have skype and pictures!

    Pictures are recommended, but it's not needed! Pictures are higher chance of being accepted!
    Skype :
    How long have you been a builder?
    Have you built on any server before?
    What type of build style are you?
    How long can you be available?

    This is for staff position note this will be decided on what rank you will get!
    You must be 15, and have skype!
    Why you wanna be a staff member?
    What would you do if someone is spamming?
    What would you do if someone is hacking?
    Are you active on fourms and minecraft? *YOU CAN BE ACTIVE ON MINECRAFT*
    What rank would you like?
    Do you have any experience?
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