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    posted a message on Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your inventory and give you amazing special abilities

    Please help add these pets in the Mod to make it more complete :
    Sun Pets
    Ender Dragon Pets
    Cake Pets
    Book Pets
    Cookies Pets
    Xp Pets
    Water Bottle Pets
    Turtle Pets
    End Portal Pets
    Villager Pets
    Wandering Trader Pets
    Parrot Pets
    Fox Pets
    Star Pets
    Panda Pets
    Drowned Pets
    Witch Pets
    Phantom Pets
    Ravager Pets
    Dholpin Pets
    Illusioner Pets
    Killer Bunny Pets
    Flower Pets
    Fish Pets
    Jeb_ (Rainbow Sheep) Pets
    Snake Pets
    Lamp Pets
    Coin Pets
    Chocolate Pets
    Brown Mooshroom Pets
    Trophy Pets
    Eraser Pets
    Pen Pets
    Pencil Pets
    Card Pets
    Leaf Pets
    Mirror Pets
    Totem Of Undying Pets
    Unicorn Pets
    Water Pets
    Lava Pets
    Durian Pets
    Husk Pets
    Rainbow Pets
    Crystal Pets
    Sword Pets
    Armor Pets

    Pokeball Pets

    Eagle Pets

    Butterfly Pets

    Command Block Pets

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