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    posted a message on [DEDICATED 24/7] [WHITELIST] New SMP Server | Looking for new members and Admins |

    MC Username:iChriiz


    How active in game are you: couple of hours per day

    How do you get on in close fit communities: I’m really open to talk and colab whit anyone but at the same time I like having my own space in game don’t mind jokes and pranks

    Any other comments: I work on weekends so atms Friday-Sunday won’t be playing

    add on discord if I get accepted pls Chris9

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    posted a message on Aqua Ruby Community [1.14.4] - Friendly - Survival - Events
    How old are you?27
    How much time will you spend on the server?couple of hours per day
    Were you invited by an existing player on the server?no
    Is there a building style you specialize in? Medieval
    What is your Minecraft username? (case sensitive) iChriiz
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