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    posted a message on 2b2t.org the biggest and most popular minecraft anarchy server!
    Quote from baddaspig»

    Is there a world download for this? I want to just explore this vast destroyed world and find people's bases and stuff.

    The world file size is over 170 gigs so im gona say no
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    posted a message on Why most are hating 1.9?
    Quote from Mettan»

    the inability to use bows from the off-hand, meaning righties are forced to do left-handed archery and vice-versa.

    Seriously, it'd be so much easier to switch arrow types on the fly to select them with the main hand and use the bow on the off-hand.

    Well you got your wish lol.
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    posted a message on Do you think pvp will die in 1.9?

    Ive gotten sick of these posts at this point. No 1.9 will not kill PVP, No, spam clicking is not the fundamental aspect of PVP, No, Minecraft is not dying, No, PVP is not "fine as it is", and finally please stop and read about what you are criticizing before you criticize it.

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    posted a message on Pillars, Slabs, Stairs, and Walls

    Very vague and a wishlist, please add more detail or this tread will be locked

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    posted a message on Get baby creepers!
    Quote from FREAKBIHqp»
    would you rather fight one dragon sized (hostile) chicken, or 100 chicken sized creepers, this, my friends, is the true question.

    The second one obviously they would just blow each other up ;)
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    posted a message on Grassy Fieldbynt - My Suggestion.
    I like the originality, but as Jukakun said I would rather see the the dart be throwable but you have to charge your arm like a bow and arrow. Then the tongue could be used for repairing gear to full durability? idk. ill give it 75% support
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    posted a message on NO MOBS IN FLAT WORLD!!!
    Um there is already a way to do this... /gamerule domobspawning false, will get rid of all mobs spawning except spawners, commands, and spawn eggs.
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    posted a message on Get baby creepers!
    I could see this added similar to the Mutant Creatures Baby Creeper. It's hard to get gunpowder due to having to kill creepers, so the recipes would be quite balanced. We don't need the mutant creatures themselves (well, maybe the mutant snow golem would be cool, give those guys a chance to actually fight back) though.

    With a simple witch farm gunpowder is infinite so it is actually super easy to get...
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    posted a message on Potion pouches A less cluttered inventory!
    Quote from Mart_b77»
    Quite a good idea indeed! I can see it being very useful especially in making some sense of killing these poor easter bunnies.

    I have a hard time understanding the two options though. Can you rephrase them? In fact you could make your whole idea more appealing by working a little bit on the style. Otherwise Support

    Somewhat decent idea, but the potions shouldn't stack. Unless they can't stack higher then 9 of course, I'm having trouble understanding that part of the suggestion.
    Support overall.

    Quote from joonatan1998»
    Support. Potions, especially harmfull ones, are almost useless at the moment.

    Quote from kdeathlord1»
    I am having trouble understanding you for the most part, however, I support this.

    Quote from BadBoy6767»
    I like this, Support.

    Thanks for the support guys I cleared it up a bit sorry I just didnt want infinite potion staking
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    posted a message on Rebalancing food items
    Quote from Shaddura»
    Admit it, the hunger bar is relatively worthless since food is plentiful, and steak is arguably the best food source.
    Actualy no the hunger bar is quite important, and what is wrong with steak being the best?
    I would like to change that so that while making sure hunger doesn't have a too big impact on the core experience.
    Hunger is always important no matter what. along with weapons and armor food is a necessity in minecraft.
    The idea is to separate foods into imaginary categories.
    • Snack foods such as carrots, apples and cookies, which can be eaten at full hunger but only gives low amounts of saturation
    • Bland foods such as baked potatoes, bread and fish, which gives high hunger and low saturation.
    • Whole foods such as steak, porkchop and chicken, which gives low hunger and medium saturation.
    • And meals such as stews, pumpkin pie and cake, which gives medium hunger and high saturation. So mushroom stew literally the easiest thing in the game to obtain is now the best for you. mmmmm kay...
    (Mutton, salmon and clownfish are removed, raw meats no longer give saturation, spider eyes stay the way they are and rotten flesh degenerates your hunger much quicker to discourage refilling your hunger with them.) What would the point be of removing theses (because you want to?)

    This all balances out so that smaller items such as carrots can't be mass-produced as a viable food source, simple food items work but are inefficient, breeding is nerfed but still viable, and the combination items are end-game worthy. This docent seem balanced at all this is just over-complicating and un-balancing an already simple and balanced system.

    Because of all of this, players are forced to invest in better food sources as well as adding value to the simple and complicated food items instead of the current mid-tier steak monopolization.I see nothing wrong with this "mid tier steak monopolization" as it has worked since hunger was added with very few complaints. Personally I feel hunger is fine as it is.

    Responses in bold
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    posted a message on Potion pouches A less cluttered inventory!
    This is a rather small suggestion that would just make managing potions a little bit easier.

    As you know in 1.8 rabbits were added to the game. One of their drops, rabbit fur has almost absolutely no use whatsoever (except crafting small amounts of leather which can be gotten abundantly from cows). Now though they can be crafted into a potion pouch.

    Here is the recipe

    Note Leather=Rabbit fur

    How it would work: When held in your hand you can right click the pouch and put potions into it. It has 9 slots (from the dispenser) each slot can hold one potion (splash or regular it does not matter). you can circle through the the potions with the right and left arrow keys. All potions would be grouped together, so as an example lets say my pouch has 3 splash potions of harming, 2 splash potion of poison, and a swiftness potion. when I have the bag selected It will group the potions by most amount to least, so the slot would say Splash potion of harming II #3. If I right clicked the potion would be thrown and it would change to Splash potion of harming II #2. If I hit right arrow twice it would then say Potion of swiftness minuet:second #1. If I then hit left arrow once it would say Splash potion of poison #2 minuet:second etc... The pouch can only hold 9 potions of any type.

    Important: You can only have one potion pouch With potions in it in your inventory at a time. If a potion pouch that is holding potions is already in a players inventory and potions are attempted to be placed in another pouch the 2nd pouch will be dropped along with its potions. If a potion pouch is dropped on the ground it will lose all of its contents. Neither of these mechanics apply to containers (like chests or dispensers).

    Note these are the dispenser options from the poll

    Option 1: when the dispenser is activated all Splash potions in the pouch will be used, all Regular potions would be dropped, and the bag would be dropped as well

    Option 2: all potions and the bag would be dropped on the ground.
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    posted a message on Seagulls! EDIT 1.3: Eggs and new poll
    Looks good I like the modeling and water arrows are definitely needed after the nerf so Full support
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    posted a message on Get baby creepers!
    I live the idea of a new baby mob but they shouldn't be tamable also you cannot just say "it only explodes one block" you have to give a specific explosion power

    Here are some to compare:
    Ghast Fireball: 1
    creeper: 3
    tnt: 4
    charged creeper: 6
    wither (beginning explosion): 7

    Source= http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Explosion

    I recommend it being 1 or .5

    So because of vagueness and the fact that they are tamable I say quarter support
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    posted a message on More Advanced Weather and Environmental Ambiance
    Events: I think this is a well put together post and I like the ideas and the concepts. The only problem is that it needs a little bit besides being just aesthetic like how rain makes it easier to fish, lighting create special mobs, and snow adds, well snow to the ground. Maybe fog makes you lose hunger slower as it gives you hydration, or maybe windy pushes entities slightly. Something like .25 blocks per second.

    On this I give 80% support

    Music: I dont really care what it is, this game needs new themed music I fully agree on this topic!

    100% support on this
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    posted a message on THE ORIGINAL! ::Desert Temple Guardian:: {{Day1625+}} NEW IMAGES! 11/8/2016
    Have you posted this to reddit yet? The devs have only really commented on one suggestion and that is cubic chunks, and yet I see them all over the reddit all the time. So your largest chance of this being added is through reddit (kinda sad that they hardly ever check this page)
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