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    I never seeked to tackle an existing problem that had no existing solutions.

    from what you wrote it seems to me that you didnt understand exactly what i meant, the idea of ropes is basically a ladder block that does not need to latch to another block and has some different placement rules to help with usability.

    although i hate the current climbing mechanic, ropes should be using the same mechanic as ladders or vines, anyway i dont see how mining from the roof is OP, you can literally do that with scaffolding or literally any other block.

    also riptide trident is a lategame item and enderpearls are consumable

    I support both although perhaps a model between that of leashes/fishing rods and fence posts would be less ambiguous than looking exactly like ropes.

    Also, how about climbable chains while we're at it?

    it would be cool if the chains placement also used the method i suggested for ropes too

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    When i build in survival, i usually switch to creative just to plan out my building, i use blue stained glass to map out the building, i simply use it to decide the size of the building, where the corners would be, where the doors would be, etc.

    So i was thinking about a way to do this in survival: Blueprint item.

    basically this item allows you to place fake blocks while holding it, these blocks are only visible to the one holding the item. this would help you easily map out your building without switching to creative.
    placing blueprint blocks follows some different rules:

    -place/break range is much higher than regular blocks.

    -blueprint blocks can be placed similar to scaffolding blocks; so its possible to draw a large line from your place.

    thats it

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    So this is a simple item that would help a lot in navigating in 3D dimensions, especially when mining.

    Ropes are climbable blocks that look like fence posts except they are climbable. the first rope needs to be attached to a block, but further segments only need to be attached to another rope block above it.

    placing a rope on an existing rope will always place the rope below the last segment downward regardless of the placement direction or which block was right clicked; allowing the player to quickly build a rope downwards from his position.

    Grappling ropes are an item that help gowing upwards. a grapling rope is launched like a projectile, once it latches into a block from below or the side, it immediately creates a rope that dangles from there down until it reaches a solid block or it reaches its maximum length (8-10 blocks?).

    ropes created with a grappling rope can be extended manually with regular ropes.

    not entirely sure about crafting, it shouldn't be complicated, probably made out of strings or so.

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    posted a message on A new joke language?

    enchanting table language?

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    posted a message on Reworking cave generation - an Idea for the Cave update

    Hello Minecraft Community,

    Many people have been asking for a cave update lately; caves haven't been updated in a very long time, and they started to outdated compared to new content being added to the surface, sea, and other dimensions.

    I would like to discuss the problems i see in the cave system in general, and suggest solutions or changes that would make cave exploration more interesting.

    Note : My main concern here is overhauling the generation system in order to make it more interesting, i believe its necessary to add more content to caves (new ores, resources, treasures, mobs, etc...) however, i will not go into details; because :

    1. Each new resource / block / item can extend on other mechanics of the game, i don't want this thread to be a wishlist with lots of random ideas regarding every aspect of the game.
    2. This thread will be relatively long, I dont want to further increase its length with irrelevant topics.
    3. I don't want to change the focus from the main idea to the details.

    But of course, at the same time i don't want to be vague in this thread, So i will give Examples of new content and where and how it should be introduced, but again, please focus on discussing and criticizing the main idea it self.

    tl;dr at the bottom.

    So what are the problems I think are present in the current cave generation?

    1. Caves are redundant.
    2. While the cave generation system presented us with multiple types of caves (tunnels, ravines..) and a few underground structures such as Dungeons and Mine shafts, in the end, all caves are the same! once you've seen a cave you've seen all caves; they all look the same, they all have the same content, there isn't a reason for you to explore new caves for more content.
    3. Caves are abundant
    4. I've never dag a stairway tunnel without finding a cave at some level beneath me, they are everywhere.I Cave systems underground
      This removes the players need to explore the game which is what we're trying to change here.

    I think a combination of changes to the cave generation system And the addition of new content can solve these problems and make mining and cave exploration more interesting.

    Changes to cave generation system :

    1. Variety in cave generation

      1. More unique caverns
      2. while caves aren't exactly the same, i don't feel they are different enough to make each one unique.
        A cave system in minecraft consists of rooms of various sizes connected by tunnels, and eventually you get those large deep ravines, some of which are open to the surface and some are entirely hidden underground and only accessible through a series of connected cave systems or by tunneling.

        I would like to see more different types of cave systems that make each cave look different and distinguishable.

      3. Varying Cave content
      4. Cosmetically changing the shapes isn't enough to make each cave different; in the end, caves are sought for their their content.
        I think cave content (such as ores) should vary in "Type" and "Abundance".

        1. Abundance : Not all caves are equal; some caves are just better. When the player finds a "Great cave!" it is actually something worth being excited about, ore veins can be bigger in these caves and spawn in larger amounts.
        2. Type : Certain caves may have a focus on a certain type of ore, each cave will not be limited to a specific ore where you will exclusively find that specific ore, but ore percentages may vary between caves, some may be rich with iron, some with gold, or maybe Diamonds!

      5. Varying Cave threats
      6. Certain caves can be more dangerous than others, and may boast different types of dangers.
        We already -sorta- have this thing, for example, not all caves contain lava, and stone in extreme hills have a chance to spawn silverfish when mined.
        I would like to further extend on this, perhaps with new unique mobs, or new traps.

      7. More underground structures
      8. Finding structures on the surface is very interesting, villages, temples, outposts, mansions, etc.. and while this feature was brought to sea exploration with buried cities, monuments, and shipwrecks, i think its time to introduce this to the undergrounds now.
        The only structures we have underground are Mine shafts, Dungeons and strongholds (they don't count).

        (I will further elaborate with examples and ideas on how to achieve said suggestions below )

    2. Scarcer caves
    3. While having more variety in cave generation will encourage players to try and find new caves, if caves are everywhere underground, then players can dig everywhere and find a cave.
      Of course caves shouldn't be a rare find, but at the same time they shouldn't be everywhere; Caves should be common enough to be found regularly, but scarce enough to encourage the player to go find them.
      • How to find caves?
      • Since caves can't be found literally wherever you dig a tunnel, there should be new ways for the player to find caves.
        • Mainly The player will try to find "Surface caves", caves that having an opening on the surface, these caves can rarely be connected to "Deep caves" which are entirely covered cave systems that are not visible from the surface.
        • In order to find "Deep caves" The player needs to find clues for them; certain generation features on the surface or inside caves can hint that digging in this area will lead to a deep cave.
        • Maps found in treasures/loot or sold by villagers may lead to certain underground structures, which will usually be generated as parts of larger cave systems.
        • There can also be maps that directly lead to locations of hidden caves.

    My Ideas

    At this point im done discussing the main issue, and now i want to give examples and ideas of what new things we can possibly find, new cave systems, etc...
    Again, as i mentioned in the beginning of this thread, i don't want to dive very deep in details to avoid making this thread a wishlist and including irrelevant information.
    I would love to see new ores, new items, maybe new enchantments or new potions all unique to underground resources or found exclusively in underground structures and loot.

    1. Cave generation

    2. As i mentioned above, i don't find current cave generation various enough to create caves that stand out, so i suggest more cave structures.

      1. High ceiling caves
      2. only found in deep caves, rooms with very high ceiling and with wide pillars of stone connecting the floor with the ceiling, can be a hub for multiple tunnels that connect this cave systems rooms, or even lead to other cave systems.
        something like this
      3. Fungal caves
      4. Caves filled with small and larger mushrooms on its floor and walls, can be a source for a rare mushroom that can be used to brew unique potions. who said ores are the only thing you seek to find underground??
        Credit to this guy.

      5. Flooded caves
      6. Caves flooded with foot-level water, with occasional rooms filled with water with barely a few blocks on the top for the player to swim up and breath.
        Yes they are annoying, but they are worth exploring! they are rich in diamonds (or maybe a new type of gem), also they can be an exclusive source for unique underground fish and aquatic flora, or maybe a new type of stone

      7. Crystal caves
      8. A very rare kind of cave covered on all sides with wonderful semi-transparent crystal blocks. these blocks are entirely decorational, and each crystal cave can contain a different set of colors, making each one by it self different.
        Just an idea of how it may look like

      9. Frozen caves
      10. Caves open to the surface in very cold biomes may be covered in ice on all surfaces, the ice will continue on for some distance into the depths of the cave, but as you get further from the surface, the caves return to be normal.
        These caves can have icy spikes on their ceiling that may drop on the player when the player moves near below them. be careful!

      11. Sunken Terra
      12. a cave very close to the surface with lots of holes poked in the ceiling, letting light in and allowing plants to grow.

      13. Slime caves
      14. These caves' floor is covered with a new liquid block "Liquid slime", this liquid is very thick, and has the least fluidity in the game. the player moves very slow in liquid slime, and its so thick, that the player can actually walk on its surface for a few blocks before starting to sink.
        It has to be mined with a shovel and it drops slime balls.
        Most of the cave is covered with foot level slime, but in some areas it can go as deep as 3 or 4 blocks.
        Slimes can spawn in these caves, and they can normally move in liquid slime.

        Credit to this guy

    3. Unique cave Mobs
    4. While we have our regular zombie and skeleton friends from the overworld also in the underworld, i would suggest cave-exclusive mobs that never leave their caves (since many people believe that mobs that spawn at night are actually cave mobs that crawl out at night).
      There can be some mobs that are exclusive to caves in general, and mobs exclusive to specific types of caves.
      1. Giant slime
      2. a new size of slime exclusive to slime caves, this slime only spawns in large pool rooms, and acts as a mini-boss.
        With each attack, this slime shrinks in size and has a chance to spawn a small/medium slime, then it splits into 3-4 large slime on death, and a good bunch of XP orbs.
      3. Skeleton or Zombie cave variants?
      4. I like the idea of unique versions of mobs, such as strays and husks. maybe we can have a unique version of these mobs that spawn exclusively underground.
      5. Mushmen
      6. neutral mobs that spawn in fungal caves. provoked with attacks on extreme proximity.
        They can launch poisonous gas, poisoning all players around them.

    5. Underground structures

      1. Procedural dungeons
      2. complex mazes of tunnels and rooms filled with traps and hostile mobs, these dungeons are generated similar to woodland mansions; prefabricated rooms, with randomized layout.

        These dungeons contain various traps (usually triggered by tripwires) that can launch tipped arrows, splash potions, or a hail of arrows from both sides, floor that moves with pistons and drops the player into deep pits, lava that spills from the ceiling.. you name it.
        and dare the player try to mine their way around it, some blocks are trapped; containing dangerous silver fish, or set off a ceiling avalanche when mined.

        Other than the trap abundant pathways, the player can find encounter rooms;
        Upon entering, these rooms are closed with unique doors that take a very long time to mine to prevent escaping.
        These rooms contain a unique type of mob spawners that spawn mobs in a wave like system; a new wave is spawned only after the previous wave is cleared, until the player clears all waves.
        Thes spawners can be mind to stop spawning, but they will spawn a large amount at once upon destroying.
        A treasure chest is always present in these rooms as a reward for entering.

        other types of rooms may include regular spawner rooms (similar to the ones from old dungeons), Chest rooms which simply contains loot, rigged chest rooms which mimic chest rooms but set off traps upon opening the chest.

        I may make a full thread on these dungeons with further detail, but for now.. you get the idea.
      3. Underground villages
      4. Villagers who couldn't find their way out built their villages underground and they live there now.
        This new type of village has a new villager profession : "Miners".
        these villagers can sell mining tools and smelted ores.
      5. Catacombs
      6. hallways and rooms built with bone-based blocks. littered with skeletons and zombies, this procedural structure has the potential of finding precious loot.
        Catacombs loot chests may contain weapons/tools/armor enchanted with incredibly powerful enchantments, but at the same time most of it is cursed (and i think this is a good time to add more unique enchantments and curses to the game).

        among these bone cased rooms and hallways, the player may find the treasure room, a room filled with a new "treasure block".
        this block looks like a pile of gold coins and jewelry and its mined with shovels.
        when mined, it drops a splinter of gold nuggets, with a rare chance of gold ingots, golden items (which may be enchanted and cursed), emeralds, and more rarely diamonds and diamond tools.

      7. Solitary villager house
      8. Not a village, but a single house inhabited by a unique solitary villager, kinda similar to the wandering villager.
        this villager sells unique and rare enchanted items and potions, but also sells a various set of regular supplies you might need in the underground.

      9. Cave entrances
      10. as I mentioned above, the player may find clues on the surface that indicate the existence of a cave below, without being directly open to it.

        1. Irritated ground
        2. An unusual pattern in surface terrain generation may indicate the existence of a cave below.
        3. An incomplete tunnel
        4. a small cave entrance with a door and clearly man-made features that quickly leads to a dead end after walking a bit in its tunnel isn't actually a dead end! continue this abandoned project to uncover the cave below.
        5. Certain stone material?
        6. new types of stone, always associated with caves, if you find it on the surface, there should be a cave below.
        7. Cave mobs
        8. Now this isn't a structure but ill include this as a clue for the existence of caves.
          As i said, we may have some new underground-only mobs, how about these mobs may spawn on the surface at night only when there is a cave below.



    The main idea of this thread is to address the issue of caves being repetitive and uninteresting. The ideas i mentioned above are just examples of what can be added to make caves more interesting.

    The main points I'm trying to reach here are :

    1. Caves shouldn't all be the same; they should look different, and contain different amounts / types of ore and other material.
    2. Caves should be a bit more scarce to make exploring for caves more valid.
    3. The underground in general should have more content; with new exclusive structures, loot, and mobs to give it more variety and reason to explore.
    4. (why would you explore underground if the loot you'll find can be found above ground?).

    Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think in the comments :)

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    posted a message on New Wolf Skins!

    I think dogs should be updated to work like horses, each pack spawns in similar colors, and each dog can have different health, damage or speed stats.

    I would love a full overhaul for dogs to give them more functionality, but i think thats it for the sake of this idea.

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    posted a message on A Challenging Survival mode

    Hello Minecraft community

    When minecraft was first released, survival was the only mode there is, and it is still considered the main mode of minecraft. However, over the years minecraft has gotten easier and easier; Food isn't a challenge to get, mobs can be easily evaded by sleeping at night, health heals back very quickly.

    The idea of having a second "Survival" mode isn't just a turn around for "If you don't like it its just optional", but minecrafts community has grown very big and its hard to get something to satisfy everybody, making the game more difficult may be unsettling for casual players who just want to play a friendly game.

    My suggestion is to add another survival mode for people who want to play a hardcore survival game.

    My idea about the name is that this mode should be called "Hardcore", and the old hardcore mode should be replaced with an option that basically locks difficult on hard and prevents re-spawning.

    Another idea is to rename the old survival mode into "Casual mode" and name the new one "Survival Mode".

    So lets get started!


    The hunger system in minecraft is basically a chore; something that isn't challenging to do, but you still gotta do it.

    Food resources are incredibly abundant, one can just gather a stack of pork or beef in a single day, and it'll be enough for him for days before needing to restock, then all you have to do is eat it when your hunger drops low.

    Solution :

    Food is difficult to obtain.

    1. Hunting : Sheep, Cows, Pigs and chicken are now exclusively limited to villages.

    The game now has new mobs for wildlife :

    Deer : Always tries to keep distance from the player, and are much faster than the player when they sprint.

    The only way to get them is sneaking and ambushing them, ranged weapons, or laying out traps.

    Buffalo : much less scaredy than deer, but will still try to maintain distance. Has a much larger health pool, and will defend them selves when attacked by ramming the player, dealing heavy damage.

    Mallards : Your source of feathers in this mode, mallards do not walk around passively waiting for you to harvest them. Mallards can be seen flying in the sky, and they require good marksmanship to get.

    Fish : Fish are much faster and will immediately swim away from the player. They can be lured to the surface by throwing food items into the water, which makes getting them easier, but still, attacking them will scare them away so this will only work for a few fish or so.

    2. Farming : Crops and mobs take a MUCH longer time to grow.

    Building a farm is a sound strategy for reliable food resource, but it needs commitment; when growth time is significantly longer, you need to farm large amounts in order to make it worthwhile. Same applies to mobs.

    Bone meal will not instantly grow your food, it will increase its growth speed, and need to be applied regularly to keep the bonus going.

    Food rots

    even with difficulty obtaining food, in the end the player can stock up on food, that's why we need rotting; food items will have a rot bar, which decays overtime.

    This will also create more diversity between food items; while certain items are more inventory-space/hunger-points efficient, certain food items are more reliable in longer trips.

    Preserving food : the player can increase foods life duration with a plenty of ways :

    1. Salt : normally found on beaches and a unique salt beach biome, salt can be applied to food items to increase its duration.

    2. DryBox : an expensive container block with a limited amount of slots, any food item inside of it will decay at a much slower rate.

    Inventory Slot limit

    Inventory space it self is a resource that should be managed.

    Food items can't be stacked into 64 items; each type of food items will have its own slot limit, for example steak items may be limited to 8 per slot, while carrots can be limited to 16 per slot.


    Restoring health is quite easy in minecraft, and as long as you don't get killed, you can immediately recover health as long as your hunger is full.

    This mode will retain the passive health regeneration as long as your hunger is full; however, it will be at a much slower pace. Any point of damage taken will be a penalty that you'll have to take seriously.

    Also taking any damage will pause your healing temporarily (healing from potions is unaffected).


    Day time danger

    The game boasts little to no danger in the overworld; as long as you can sleep the night, there's really not much of a challenge in the game other than the occasional fall you damage you receive from walking carelessly.

    Day time should also be dangerous, of course not as much as night time, but still it shouldn't be a safe zone.

    There can be tons of different mobs that can be introduced to the overworld during daytime to make it a bit more challenging, so i won't go into detail on each mob, but i will give a general idea :

    Territorial mobs

    Bears, wolves, tigers, you name it, are mobs that can attack the player when they get into their territory.

    The main idea is that these mobs aren't as aggressive as hostile mobs that spawn at night, but still they can be easily provoked when trespassed.

    Occasional encounters

    perhaps something similar to hound attacks from don't starve, these mobs may spawn from time to time and impose a challenge on the player.

    More dangerous mobs

    as long as you're much faster than mobs, no matter how many there are or how strong they are you can just always run away or run through them.

    I think mobs in general should have a larger aggression range, and the ability to sprint in some cases.

    Also maybe add new types of mobs that spawn at night and are actually faster than regular mobs


    I didn't want this suggestion to be very long, so i only discussed the main problems and general ideas of how to solve them.

    There are many ways to approach these issues, one way or another they need to be approached nonetheless.

    perhaps we don't need a second mode, instead these ideas can be mildly introduced to the normal survival mode, and they can be scaled up with the difficulty option.

    Note : I Don't think any new mob or block should be exclusive to this mode, however, they can have a different behavior or functionality in the normal mode.

    For example we can still have the newly introduced deer in the normal mode, while still having cows and sheep, etc..

    It can be just another mob for the normal mode.

    Or the new aggressive mobs added for daytime, they can be just much less aggressive or rare in the normal mode.

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    posted a message on Gold - Enchantability expanded.. Making Golden items useful
    Enchantability Expanded

    Gold is one of the ores that can be used to craft Tools, Weapons and Armor, However, its rarely used to craft such items, because gold items have terrible stats

    Golden swords deal as much damage as wooden swords, and have even less durability.

    Golden Armor in general has both less durability and protection compared to iron, although its more rare.

    Golden tools have less durability than wooden tools, but they excel in having the highest mining efficiency among all tools.

    Except for one stat golden items excel at; Enchantability.

    Without complex explanation of Enchantability, basically, what it does is that it increases the chance for having better enchantments, you can read further Here

    Golden Items have the highest enchantability (25 for armor and 22 for tools/weapons), compared to diamond, which has the second highest enchantability after gold (10 for tools, weapons and armor), Golden items have very high enchantability, yet still, they are useless because of the low stats.

    The idea here is to alter the Enchantability mechanic, to give it a stronger, and clearer impact on the system.

    Enchantability Rework

    Instead of simply increasing the chances for better enchantments, an items Enchantability ensures better (or more) enchantments, and unlocks higher Levels and possibly whole new enchantments otherwise impossible to obtain at lower Enchantabilities.

    List of Enchantments

    [b]Higher levels for already existing enchantments[/b]

    The level cap increases for already existing enchantments, these levels are exclusive to high enchantability items (gold mainly).

    [b]Fire protection V :[/b] completely negates fire damage

    Respiration[/b] Level III : [/b]just stronger than I and II at the same rate

    Depth strider[/b] Level III : [/b]just stronger than I and II at the same rate

    Knockback[/b] level III :[/b] just stronger than I and II at the same rate

    Looting[/b] level IV[/b] :[/b] just stronger than I,II and III at the same rate

    Unbreaking[/b] level IV and V[/b] : resistance increases with the same rate

    [b]Thorns IV [/b]: 60% proc chance, doesn't drain durability on proc, deals Thorn damage to all surrounding enemies.

    [b]New Enchantments (Yellow Levels are exclusive to golden items)[/b]

    Mark for Death[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    Attack target receives more damage from any source except weaponry enchanted with death curse.

    ( I ) 15% increased damage received, lasts 6 seconds

    ( II ) 25% increased damage received, lasts 7 seconds

    ( III ) 35% increased damage received, lasts 8 seconds

    [b] [/b]

    Arcane[/b] - Swords and Axes :GSWORD: :Gaxe:

    increases XP gain from kills

    ( I - III ) increases XP drop by 10/20/30%

    ( IV ) increases XP drop by 50%

    [b] [/b]

    Armorer[/b] - Chestplate :GA:

    provides bonus armor to near players of the same team and tame animals (horses, wolves, cats).

    ( I ) bonus 2 armor levels

    ( II ) bonus 3 armor levels

    ( III ) bonus 5 armor levels

    ( IV ) bonus 6 armor levels

    Fertile[/b] - Hoes :GHOE: (though you usually want your hoes not Fertile :P)

    increases growth speed on farm pods made by enchanted hoes, effect is lost after the plant is harvested and needs to be hoed again

    ( I ) bonus 15% growth speed

    ( II ) bonus 30% growth speed

    [b] [/b]

    Hammer strike[/b] - Swords and Axes :Gaxe: :GSWORD:

    Multiplies damage dealt to the enemies armor.

    ( I ) ×4 damage to armor

    ( II ) ×8 damage to armor

    ( III ) ×16 damage to armor

    ( IV ) ×32 damage to armor

    [b] [/b]

    Leader Strike[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    makes attack targets especially vulnerable to companion attacks (dogs and golems only for now)

    ( I ) 35% increased Damage

    ( II ) 100% increased damage

    [b] [/b]

    Assassin[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    Limited only to golden swords, makes the sword invisible if you are invisible (potion effect)

    ( I ) only 1 level

    [b] [/b]

    Storm[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    grants a chance to make a thunderbolt that appears between you and target, then bounces to other nearby mobs. bolt damage is dealt as a separate damage instance, and couldn't bounce to already hit enemies until no more un-hit enemies could be found in search radius. Drains 4 durability when it acquires, except on golden swords, it drains the normal amount. has got a 20% chance of acquiring and deals 2 damage

    ( I ) 2 bounces

    ( II ) 3 bounces

    ( III ) 6 bounces

    [b]Spectral Edge [/b]- Swords

    Grants full armor penetration, can't be combined with bonus damage enchantments

    ( I ) only 1 level


    Garnets are very rare ores usually found in other ore veins, or Purchasable from villagers.
    Garnets can be added to any tool, weapon or armor to give it +5 enchantability and allows the weapon to be enchanted twice, however it doubles enchantment level cost, and triples it on the second time the item gets enchanted.
    (doesn't increase the level requirement, only increases the level cost).

    Golden arrows

    Gold arrows are new types of arrows crafted like normal arrows, but with a gold ingot replacing the flint.
    Gold arrows have less base damage than regular arrows, but they can be enchanted with powerful enchantments, these enchantments are too powerful to be given to bows, so they are given single use golden arrows.

    [b]Special Arrow[/b]
    Can be renamed with an Anvil to include the name of a player in "quotation" marks, the Arrow deals double damage to the specific player, and broadcasts a special death message.

    Doesn't deal any damage, transforms players upon impact into a chicken for 2 seconds.

    [b]Wrath of Zeus[/b]
    Lighting strikes where the arrow lands
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    posted a message on Smooth tree growth

    I have had this idea for a long time, but i thought it might not be very fitting to the game, but now since bamboo was announced, i think its the time for this.

    Bamboo canes grow smoothly, their length and width increase over multiple levels until it reaches its highest point, but for trees, they grow from sapling to a fully grown tree in a sudden .

    I think saplings should grow slowly, both their height and width should increase overtime, not in a sudden.

    perhaps there should be 3 levels of width before it reaches its final fourth level, the full block size.

    Level one width can be crafted into one planks block, level 2 gives 2, and so on.

    thin tree trunks may also appear as branches on large fully grown trees and may be also usable to craft some unique blocks, like a wall made of tree branches stuck together.

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    posted a message on Liveliness through particles (aesthetic idea)

    Since minecraft has got a pixelated artstyle, chunky 3D models, very little animations, particles has been the most important feature in making the game feel more alive.

    the main problem is that most particles are tied to specific events/blocks (rain, fire, smoke, falling sand..) , otherwise the game has little to no particles.


    winds is a purely aesthetic system related to particles, winds has a random direction and strength, which changes with time, and can be affected by day/night cycle or current weather status.
    winds affect the movement of particles (some particles aren't affected by winds) for example, smoke is affected by winds, and moves in its direction, while potion particles aren't affected by winds.

    New Particles

    Rain : why always the hard rain? there should be multiple levels for rain density, which is assigned randomly, and affected by the biome (example : desert always has -1 rain level , so it doesn't rain at all if the rain level was 1 in other biomes, and it rains one level lower than other biomes if the rain level was 2 or more, on the other hand, jungles has a +1 rain level, which means it always rains harder in jungles than in other biomes)

    also, rain is affected by winds, and will not fall vertically always, the particles fall diagonally based on how hard the winds are.

    Snow : the same idea with rain, its density varies, and its affected by winds

    Dust : dust is generated by winds in desert biomes, the harder the winds are, the more dust particles are generated.

    Falling leaves : leaves may randomly generate from leaves blocks, and move back and fourth while falling to the ground, the current wind status may alter its movement, when the leaf lands, it remains on the ground for a short duration before it disappears.
    dense leaf falling may be added if seasons were introduced to the game as an aesthetic feature for autumn

    Flies/Fireflies : not an actual mob, flies generate and fly randomly, sometimes they decide to generate in a large pack, fireflies are a variant that generates in swamps and rivers, they don't actually glow, but their texture is unaffected by lighting (the way spider eyes work), which makes them look like they are glowing.

    Dense smoke : the density of smoke particles generated by fire depends on the burning material, some generate more than other, like coal blocks.
    also smoke is affected by winds.

    Ladybugs : ladybugs generate on leaves, flowers, grass and crops in green biomes and walk aimlessly on it.
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