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    posted a message on On Phantoms and Elytra

    While i hate the idea of insomnia because it punishes the player for something he shouldn't be punished for.

    your idea that everything should be craftable is entirely wrong.
    if everything was craftable then exploration would cease to exist, i love the idea of loot-exclusive drops, and i would like to see even more in the future, crafting already took its part of the game.

    i respect that you still kept the elytra behind the "end" progression milestone, i think you removed almost the main purpose of exploring end islands.

    i dont play on public servers bu i think i can understand the problem in elytras rarity, but still i think for that case, we can find another solution.

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    posted a message on A new joke language?

    enchanting table language?

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    posted a message on Reworking cave generation - an Idea for the Cave update

    Hello Minecraft Community,

    Many people have been asking for a cave update lately; caves haven't been updated in a very long time, and they started to outdated compared to new content being added to the surface, sea, and other dimensions.

    I would like to discuss the problems i see in the cave system in general, and suggest solutions or changes that would make cave exploration more interesting.

    Note : My main concern here is overhauling the generation system in order to make it more interesting, i believe its necessary to add more content to caves (new ores, resources, treasures, mobs, etc...) however, i will not go into details; because :

    1. Each new resource / block / item can extend on other mechanics of the game, i don't want this thread to be a wishlist with lots of random ideas regarding every aspect of the game.
    2. This thread will be relatively long, I dont want to further increase its length with irrelevant topics.
    3. I don't want to change the focus from the main idea to the details.

    But of course, at the same time i don't want to be vague in this thread, So i will give Examples of new content and where and how it should be introduced, but again, please focus on discussing and criticizing the main idea it self.

    tl;dr at the bottom.

    So what are the problems I think are present in the current cave generation?

    1. Caves are redundant.
    2. While the cave generation system presented us with multiple types of caves (tunnels, ravines..) and a few underground structures such as Dungeons and Mine shafts, in the end, all caves are the same! once you've seen a cave you've seen all caves; they all look the same, they all have the same content, there isn't a reason for you to explore new caves for more content.
    3. Caves are abundant
    4. I've never dag a stairway tunnel without finding a cave at some level beneath me, they are everywhere.I Cave systems underground
      This removes the players need to explore the game which is what we're trying to change here.

    I think a combination of changes to the cave generation system And the addition of new content can solve these problems and make mining and cave exploration more interesting.

    Changes to cave generation system :

    1. Variety in cave generation

      1. More unique caverns
      2. while caves aren't exactly the same, i don't feel they are different enough to make each one unique.
        A cave system in minecraft consists of rooms of various sizes connected by tunnels, and eventually you get those large deep ravines, some of which are open to the surface and some are entirely hidden underground and only accessible through a series of connected cave systems or by tunneling.

        I would like to see more different types of cave systems that make each cave look different and distinguishable.

      3. Varying Cave content
      4. Cosmetically changing the shapes isn't enough to make each cave different; in the end, caves are sought for their their content.
        I think cave content (such as ores) should vary in "Type" and "Abundance".

        1. Abundance : Not all caves are equal; some caves are just better. When the player finds a "Great cave!" it is actually something worth being excited about, ore veins can be bigger in these caves and spawn in larger amounts.
        2. Type : Certain caves may have a focus on a certain type of ore, each cave will not be limited to a specific ore where you will exclusively find that specific ore, but ore percentages may vary between caves, some may be rich with iron, some with gold, or maybe Diamonds!

      5. Varying Cave threats
      6. Certain caves can be more dangerous than others, and may boast different types of dangers.
        We already -sorta- have this thing, for example, not all caves contain lava, and stone in extreme hills have a chance to spawn silverfish when mined.
        I would like to further extend on this, perhaps with new unique mobs, or new traps.

      7. More underground structures
      8. Finding structures on the surface is very interesting, villages, temples, outposts, mansions, etc.. and while this feature was brought to sea exploration with buried cities, monuments, and shipwrecks, i think its time to introduce this to the undergrounds now.
        The only structures we have underground are Mine shafts, Dungeons and strongholds (they don't count).

        (I will further elaborate with examples and ideas on how to achieve said suggestions below )

    2. Scarcer caves
    3. While having more variety in cave generation will encourage players to try and find new caves, if caves are everywhere underground, then players can dig everywhere and find a cave.
      Of course caves shouldn't be a rare find, but at the same time they shouldn't be everywhere; Caves should be common enough to be found regularly, but scarce enough to encourage the player to go find them.
      • How to find caves?
      • Since caves can't be found literally wherever you dig a tunnel, there should be new ways for the player to find caves.
        • Mainly The player will try to find "Surface caves", caves that having an opening on the surface, these caves can rarely be connected to "Deep caves" which are entirely covered cave systems that are not visible from the surface.
        • In order to find "Deep caves" The player needs to find clues for them; certain generation features on the surface or inside caves can hint that digging in this area will lead to a deep cave.
        • Maps found in treasures/loot or sold by villagers may lead to certain underground structures, which will usually be generated as parts of larger cave systems.
        • There can also be maps that directly lead to locations of hidden caves.

    My Ideas

    At this point im done discussing the main issue, and now i want to give examples and ideas of what new things we can possibly find, new cave systems, etc...
    Again, as i mentioned in the beginning of this thread, i don't want to dive very deep in details to avoid making this thread a wishlist and including irrelevant information.
    I would love to see new ores, new items, maybe new enchantments or new potions all unique to underground resources or found exclusively in underground structures and loot.

    1. Cave generation

    2. As i mentioned above, i don't find current cave generation various enough to create caves that stand out, so i suggest more cave structures.

      1. High ceiling caves
      2. only found in deep caves, rooms with very high ceiling and with wide pillars of stone connecting the floor with the ceiling, can be a hub for multiple tunnels that connect this cave systems rooms, or even lead to other cave systems.
        something like this
      3. Fungal caves
      4. Caves filled with small and larger mushrooms on its floor and walls, can be a source for a rare mushroom that can be used to brew unique potions. who said ores are the only thing you seek to find underground??
        Credit to this guy.

      5. Flooded caves
      6. Caves flooded with foot-level water, with occasional rooms filled with water with barely a few blocks on the top for the player to swim up and breath.
        Yes they are annoying, but they are worth exploring! they are rich in diamonds (or maybe a new type of gem), also they can be an exclusive source for unique underground fish and aquatic flora, or maybe a new type of stone

      7. Crystal caves
      8. A very rare kind of cave covered on all sides with wonderful semi-transparent crystal blocks. these blocks are entirely decorational, and each crystal cave can contain a different set of colors, making each one by it self different.
        Just an idea of how it may look like

      9. Frozen caves
      10. Caves open to the surface in very cold biomes may be covered in ice on all surfaces, the ice will continue on for some distance into the depths of the cave, but as you get further from the surface, the caves return to be normal.
        These caves can have icy spikes on their ceiling that may drop on the player when the player moves near below them. be careful!

      11. Sunken Terra
      12. a cave very close to the surface with lots of holes poked in the ceiling, letting light in and allowing plants to grow.

      13. Slime caves
      14. These caves' floor is covered with a new liquid block "Liquid slime", this liquid is very thick, and has the least fluidity in the game. the player moves very slow in liquid slime, and its so thick, that the player can actually walk on its surface for a few blocks before starting to sink.
        It has to be mined with a shovel and it drops slime balls.
        Most of the cave is covered with foot level slime, but in some areas it can go as deep as 3 or 4 blocks.
        Slimes can spawn in these caves, and they can normally move in liquid slime.

        Credit to this guy

    3. Unique cave Mobs
    4. While we have our regular zombie and skeleton friends from the overworld also in the underworld, i would suggest cave-exclusive mobs that never leave their caves (since many people believe that mobs that spawn at night are actually cave mobs that crawl out at night).
      There can be some mobs that are exclusive to caves in general, and mobs exclusive to specific types of caves.
      1. Giant slime
      2. a new size of slime exclusive to slime caves, this slime only spawns in large pool rooms, and acts as a mini-boss.
        With each attack, this slime shrinks in size and has a chance to spawn a small/medium slime, then it splits into 3-4 large slime on death, and a good bunch of XP orbs.
      3. Skeleton or Zombie cave variants?
      4. I like the idea of unique versions of mobs, such as strays and husks. maybe we can have a unique version of these mobs that spawn exclusively underground.
      5. Mushmen
      6. neutral mobs that spawn in fungal caves. provoked with attacks on extreme proximity.
        They can launch poisonous gas, poisoning all players around them.

    5. Underground structures

      1. Procedural dungeons
      2. complex mazes of tunnels and rooms filled with traps and hostile mobs, these dungeons are generated similar to woodland mansions; prefabricated rooms, with randomized layout.

        These dungeons contain various traps (usually triggered by tripwires) that can launch tipped arrows, splash potions, or a hail of arrows from both sides, floor that moves with pistons and drops the player into deep pits, lava that spills from the ceiling.. you name it.
        and dare the player try to mine their way around it, some blocks are trapped; containing dangerous silver fish, or set off a ceiling avalanche when mined.

        Other than the trap abundant pathways, the player can find encounter rooms;
        Upon entering, these rooms are closed with unique doors that take a very long time to mine to prevent escaping.
        These rooms contain a unique type of mob spawners that spawn mobs in a wave like system; a new wave is spawned only after the previous wave is cleared, until the player clears all waves.
        Thes spawners can be mind to stop spawning, but they will spawn a large amount at once upon destroying.
        A treasure chest is always present in these rooms as a reward for entering.

        other types of rooms may include regular spawner rooms (similar to the ones from old dungeons), Chest rooms which simply contains loot, rigged chest rooms which mimic chest rooms but set off traps upon opening the chest.

        I may make a full thread on these dungeons with further detail, but for now.. you get the idea.
      3. Underground villages
      4. Villagers who couldn't find their way out built their villages underground and they live there now.
        This new type of village has a new villager profession : "Miners".
        these villagers can sell mining tools and smelted ores.
      5. Catacombs
      6. hallways and rooms built with bone-based blocks. littered with skeletons and zombies, this procedural structure has the potential of finding precious loot.
        Catacombs loot chests may contain weapons/tools/armor enchanted with incredibly powerful enchantments, but at the same time most of it is cursed (and i think this is a good time to add more unique enchantments and curses to the game).

        among these bone cased rooms and hallways, the player may find the treasure room, a room filled with a new "treasure block".
        this block looks like a pile of gold coins and jewelry and its mined with shovels.
        when mined, it drops a splinter of gold nuggets, with a rare chance of gold ingots, golden items (which may be enchanted and cursed), emeralds, and more rarely diamonds and diamond tools.

      7. Solitary villager house
      8. Not a village, but a single house inhabited by a unique solitary villager, kinda similar to the wandering villager.
        this villager sells unique and rare enchanted items and potions, but also sells a various set of regular supplies you might need in the underground.

      9. Cave entrances
      10. as I mentioned above, the player may find clues on the surface that indicate the existence of a cave below, without being directly open to it.

        1. Irritated ground
        2. An unusual pattern in surface terrain generation may indicate the existence of a cave below.
        3. An incomplete tunnel
        4. a small cave entrance with a door and clearly man-made features that quickly leads to a dead end after walking a bit in its tunnel isn't actually a dead end! continue this abandoned project to uncover the cave below.
        5. Certain stone material?
        6. new types of stone, always associated with caves, if you find it on the surface, there should be a cave below.
        7. Cave mobs
        8. Now this isn't a structure but ill include this as a clue for the existence of caves.
          As i said, we may have some new underground-only mobs, how about these mobs may spawn on the surface at night only when there is a cave below.



    The main idea of this thread is to address the issue of caves being repetitive and uninteresting. The ideas i mentioned above are just examples of what can be added to make caves more interesting.

    The main points I'm trying to reach here are :

    1. Caves shouldn't all be the same; they should look different, and contain different amounts / types of ore and other material.
    2. Caves should be a bit more scarce to make exploring for caves more valid.
    3. The underground in general should have more content; with new exclusive structures, loot, and mobs to give it more variety and reason to explore.
    4. (why would you explore underground if the loot you'll find can be found above ground?).

    Thanks for reading, please let me know what you think in the comments :)

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    posted a message on New Wolf Skins!

    I think dogs should be updated to work like horses, each pack spawns in similar colors, and each dog can have different health, damage or speed stats.

    I would love a full overhaul for dogs to give them more functionality, but i think thats it for the sake of this idea.

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    posted a message on A Challenging Survival mode

    Hello Minecraft community

    When minecraft was first released, survival was the only mode there is, and it is still considered the main mode of minecraft. However, over the years minecraft has gotten easier and easier; Food isn't a challenge to get, mobs can be easily evaded by sleeping at night, health heals back very quickly.

    The idea of having a second "Survival" mode isn't just a turn around for "If you don't like it its just optional", but minecrafts community has grown very big and its hard to get something to satisfy everybody, making the game more difficult may be unsettling for casual players who just want to play a friendly game.

    My suggestion is to add another survival mode for people who want to play a hardcore survival game.

    My idea about the name is that this mode should be called "Hardcore", and the old hardcore mode should be replaced with an option that basically locks difficult on hard and prevents re-spawning.

    Another idea is to rename the old survival mode into "Casual mode" and name the new one "Survival Mode".

    So lets get started!


    The hunger system in minecraft is basically a chore; something that isn't challenging to do, but you still gotta do it.

    Food resources are incredibly abundant, one can just gather a stack of pork or beef in a single day, and it'll be enough for him for days before needing to restock, then all you have to do is eat it when your hunger drops low.

    Solution :

    Food is difficult to obtain.

    1. Hunting : Sheep, Cows, Pigs and chicken are now exclusively limited to villages.

    The game now has new mobs for wildlife :

    Deer : Always tries to keep distance from the player, and are much faster than the player when they sprint.

    The only way to get them is sneaking and ambushing them, ranged weapons, or laying out traps.

    Buffalo : much less scaredy than deer, but will still try to maintain distance. Has a much larger health pool, and will defend them selves when attacked by ramming the player, dealing heavy damage.

    Mallards : Your source of feathers in this mode, mallards do not walk around passively waiting for you to harvest them. Mallards can be seen flying in the sky, and they require good marksmanship to get.

    Fish : Fish are much faster and will immediately swim away from the player. They can be lured to the surface by throwing food items into the water, which makes getting them easier, but still, attacking them will scare them away so this will only work for a few fish or so.

    2. Farming : Crops and mobs take a MUCH longer time to grow.

    Building a farm is a sound strategy for reliable food resource, but it needs commitment; when growth time is significantly longer, you need to farm large amounts in order to make it worthwhile. Same applies to mobs.

    Bone meal will not instantly grow your food, it will increase its growth speed, and need to be applied regularly to keep the bonus going.

    Food rots

    even with difficulty obtaining food, in the end the player can stock up on food, that's why we need rotting; food items will have a rot bar, which decays overtime.

    This will also create more diversity between food items; while certain items are more inventory-space/hunger-points efficient, certain food items are more reliable in longer trips.

    Preserving food : the player can increase foods life duration with a plenty of ways :

    1. Salt : normally found on beaches and a unique salt beach biome, salt can be applied to food items to increase its duration.

    2. DryBox : an expensive container block with a limited amount of slots, any food item inside of it will decay at a much slower rate.

    Inventory Slot limit

    Inventory space it self is a resource that should be managed.

    Food items can't be stacked into 64 items; each type of food items will have its own slot limit, for example steak items may be limited to 8 per slot, while carrots can be limited to 16 per slot.


    Restoring health is quite easy in minecraft, and as long as you don't get killed, you can immediately recover health as long as your hunger is full.

    This mode will retain the passive health regeneration as long as your hunger is full; however, it will be at a much slower pace. Any point of damage taken will be a penalty that you'll have to take seriously.

    Also taking any damage will pause your healing temporarily (healing from potions is unaffected).


    Day time danger

    The game boasts little to no danger in the overworld; as long as you can sleep the night, there's really not much of a challenge in the game other than the occasional fall you damage you receive from walking carelessly.

    Day time should also be dangerous, of course not as much as night time, but still it shouldn't be a safe zone.

    There can be tons of different mobs that can be introduced to the overworld during daytime to make it a bit more challenging, so i won't go into detail on each mob, but i will give a general idea :

    Territorial mobs

    Bears, wolves, tigers, you name it, are mobs that can attack the player when they get into their territory.

    The main idea is that these mobs aren't as aggressive as hostile mobs that spawn at night, but still they can be easily provoked when trespassed.

    Occasional encounters

    perhaps something similar to hound attacks from don't starve, these mobs may spawn from time to time and impose a challenge on the player.

    More dangerous mobs

    as long as you're much faster than mobs, no matter how many there are or how strong they are you can just always run away or run through them.

    I think mobs in general should have a larger aggression range, and the ability to sprint in some cases.

    Also maybe add new types of mobs that spawn at night and are actually faster than regular mobs


    I didn't want this suggestion to be very long, so i only discussed the main problems and general ideas of how to solve them.

    There are many ways to approach these issues, one way or another they need to be approached nonetheless.

    perhaps we don't need a second mode, instead these ideas can be mildly introduced to the normal survival mode, and they can be scaled up with the difficulty option.

    Note : I Don't think any new mob or block should be exclusive to this mode, however, they can have a different behavior or functionality in the normal mode.

    For example we can still have the newly introduced deer in the normal mode, while still having cows and sheep, etc..

    It can be just another mob for the normal mode.

    Or the new aggressive mobs added for daytime, they can be just much less aggressive or rare in the normal mode.

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    posted a message on fix survival

    Couldn't agree more.

    I've made a thread years ago about this, despite the fact that i never even played minecraft alpha.

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    posted a message on Gold - Enchantability expanded.. Making Golden items useful
    Enchantability Expanded

    Gold is one of the ores that can be used to craft Tools, Weapons and Armor, However, its rarely used to craft such items, because gold items have terrible stats

    Golden swords deal as much damage as wooden swords, and have even less durability.

    Golden Armor in general has both less durability and protection compared to iron, although its more rare.

    Golden tools have less durability than wooden tools, but they excel in having the highest mining efficiency among all tools.

    Except for one stat golden items excel at; Enchantability.

    Without complex explanation of Enchantability, basically, what it does is that it increases the chance for having better enchantments, you can read further Here

    Golden Items have the highest enchantability (25 for armor and 22 for tools/weapons), compared to diamond, which has the second highest enchantability after gold (10 for tools, weapons and armor), Golden items have very high enchantability, yet still, they are useless because of the low stats.

    The idea here is to alter the Enchantability mechanic, to give it a stronger, and clearer impact on the system.

    Enchantability Rework

    Instead of simply increasing the chances for better enchantments, an items Enchantability ensures better (or more) enchantments, and unlocks higher Levels and possibly whole new enchantments otherwise impossible to obtain at lower Enchantabilities.

    List of Enchantments

    [b]Higher levels for already existing enchantments[/b]

    The level cap increases for already existing enchantments, these levels are exclusive to high enchantability items (gold mainly).

    [b]Fire protection V :[/b] completely negates fire damage

    Respiration[/b] Level III : [/b]just stronger than I and II at the same rate

    Depth strider[/b] Level III : [/b]just stronger than I and II at the same rate

    Knockback[/b] level III :[/b] just stronger than I and II at the same rate

    Looting[/b] level IV[/b] :[/b] just stronger than I,II and III at the same rate

    Unbreaking[/b] level IV and V[/b] : resistance increases with the same rate

    [b]Thorns IV [/b]: 60% proc chance, doesn't drain durability on proc, deals Thorn damage to all surrounding enemies.

    [b]New Enchantments (Yellow Levels are exclusive to golden items)[/b]

    Mark for Death[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    Attack target receives more damage from any source except weaponry enchanted with death curse.

    ( I ) 15% increased damage received, lasts 6 seconds

    ( II ) 25% increased damage received, lasts 7 seconds

    ( III ) 35% increased damage received, lasts 8 seconds

    [b] [/b]

    Arcane[/b] - Swords and Axes :GSWORD: :Gaxe:

    increases XP gain from kills

    ( I - III ) increases XP drop by 10/20/30%

    ( IV ) increases XP drop by 50%

    [b] [/b]

    Armorer[/b] - Chestplate :GA:

    provides bonus armor to near players of the same team and tame animals (horses, wolves, cats).

    ( I ) bonus 2 armor levels

    ( II ) bonus 3 armor levels

    ( III ) bonus 5 armor levels

    ( IV ) bonus 6 armor levels

    Fertile[/b] - Hoes :GHOE: (though you usually want your hoes not Fertile :P)

    increases growth speed on farm pods made by enchanted hoes, effect is lost after the plant is harvested and needs to be hoed again

    ( I ) bonus 15% growth speed

    ( II ) bonus 30% growth speed

    [b] [/b]

    Hammer strike[/b] - Swords and Axes :Gaxe: :GSWORD:

    Multiplies damage dealt to the enemies armor.

    ( I ) ×4 damage to armor

    ( II ) ×8 damage to armor

    ( III ) ×16 damage to armor

    ( IV ) ×32 damage to armor

    [b] [/b]

    Leader Strike[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    makes attack targets especially vulnerable to companion attacks (dogs and golems only for now)

    ( I ) 35% increased Damage

    ( II ) 100% increased damage

    [b] [/b]

    Assassin[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    Limited only to golden swords, makes the sword invisible if you are invisible (potion effect)

    ( I ) only 1 level

    [b] [/b]

    Storm[/b] - Swords :GSWORD:

    grants a chance to make a thunderbolt that appears between you and target, then bounces to other nearby mobs. bolt damage is dealt as a separate damage instance, and couldn't bounce to already hit enemies until no more un-hit enemies could be found in search radius. Drains 4 durability when it acquires, except on golden swords, it drains the normal amount. has got a 20% chance of acquiring and deals 2 damage

    ( I ) 2 bounces

    ( II ) 3 bounces

    ( III ) 6 bounces

    [b]Spectral Edge [/b]- Swords

    Grants full armor penetration, can't be combined with bonus damage enchantments

    ( I ) only 1 level


    Garnets are very rare ores usually found in other ore veins, or Purchasable from villagers.
    Garnets can be added to any tool, weapon or armor to give it +5 enchantability and allows the weapon to be enchanted twice, however it doubles enchantment level cost, and triples it on the second time the item gets enchanted.
    (doesn't increase the level requirement, only increases the level cost).

    Golden arrows

    Gold arrows are new types of arrows crafted like normal arrows, but with a gold ingot replacing the flint.
    Gold arrows have less base damage than regular arrows, but they can be enchanted with powerful enchantments, these enchantments are too powerful to be given to bows, so they are given single use golden arrows.

    [b]Special Arrow[/b]
    Can be renamed with an Anvil to include the name of a player in "quotation" marks, the Arrow deals double damage to the specific player, and broadcasts a special death message.

    Doesn't deal any damage, transforms players upon impact into a chicken for 2 seconds.

    [b]Wrath of Zeus[/b]
    Lighting strikes where the arrow lands
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    posted a message on Smooth tree growth

    I have had this idea for a long time, but i thought it might not be very fitting to the game, but now since bamboo was announced, i think its the time for this.

    Bamboo canes grow smoothly, their length and width increase over multiple levels until it reaches its highest point, but for trees, they grow from sapling to a fully grown tree in a sudden .

    I think saplings should grow slowly, both their height and width should increase overtime, not in a sudden.

    perhaps there should be 3 levels of width before it reaches its final fourth level, the full block size.

    Level one width can be crafted into one planks block, level 2 gives 2, and so on.

    thin tree trunks may also appear as branches on large fully grown trees and may be also usable to craft some unique blocks, like a wall made of tree branches stuck together.

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    posted a message on We NEED a useless update.

    This is an interesting topic, I'll tell you my opinion on it.

    in general, i dont think everything should have a usable purpose, sometimes the purpose is aesthetic, that doesn't mean we should overlook some great ideas, but again, there doesn't need to be a use for everything.

    1 - as I just explained, i like bats being simply aesthetic mobs, now that we have fish decorating waters, bats for caves, all we need is some birds to decorate the over world skies.

    they might drop some feathers or an edible meat item, but still their main purpose is aesthetic.

    I like the idea of bats appearing outside of caves during night time, but I don't support the idea of them having some magical abilities.

    2 - Furnace minecarts, i like this idea, maybe we can use lead to connect minecarts together, instead of having them automatically connect when touching.

    3 - Gold Armor and tools, bro, exactly the same idea i had, not only increase the level cap for gold , but to have some enchantments exclusive to gold items. checkout this Thread

    4 - I like your idea for polar bears and rabbits being an aesthetic one, perhaps wolves should drop wolf pelts as well.

    5 - Not bad, so it can detect time even without access to the sky.

    How about we don't make a new block, instead we make redstone comparators emit signal from clocks placed in item frames? I mean since one of the popular uses of the comparator is detect certain properties of normal blocks and emit signal based of it.

    In conclusion, i like the ideas for the most parts, except for bats, not only i think bats should remain aesthetic, i think we need more aesthetic mobs, flying birds, or crawling critters, the overworld needs to be more alive.

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    posted a message on Different half slabs able to stack
    Quote from Cerroz»

    This would require an unspeakable amount of block ID's for every possible combination of slab mixing.

    why do you always like to bring technical issues to suggestions?
    i really want to discuss this with you, i have noticed that you often have this kind of criticism on suggestions, and i find it absurd.
    we as players don't want new features that break the game in any way, however, i think that this issue returns to the game developers, whether a specific feature can be implemented in the game without breaking it or not.
    i can assume that you are a person with knowledge on programming/coding , and thats why you notice such faults in suggestions, however, i believe that we should only criticize how the suggestion affects the game, and not how hard would it be to implement or what issues will it cause, because as i said, it will not be implemented in the first place if it was impossible to implement without causing issues to the game.

    the problem you mentioned may have countless solutions, but it takes a good developer to find them, and if you actually know about coding, you should know that the same result could be achieved through different methods, some of them more efficient than others, and it depends on the skill of the developer to do that, a feature that may cause a hell of lag, could be implemented through a different method without causing lag.

    what do you think of what im saying?
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    posted a message on Sapphire Suggestion (Not just another tools)

    i think adding this whole thing just for weather detection isn't worth it

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    posted a message on Combat overhaul

    when 1.9 was announced, i was super excited for it, as it was supposed to add mechanics and forever alter the gameplay in the game for better, however, for my disappointment it didn't; unlike many people i actually liked the attack speed mechanic and i think it actually improved the combat system, however, the additions in 1.9 related to combat are too little to name the whole update "Combat update"
    in this thread I would like to suggest and discuss an overhaul to the combat system, something to make fighting (mobs and PvP) a fun process. the primary elements that this overhaul will be revolving around are : Choice, Difficulty, and Mechanics
    starting off :
    1 - Choice[/b] Choice is what puts the difference between a "game" and "interactive multimedia" ; if you didn't have choice in the actions you are doing then its not a game. currently Combat in minecraft has so little choices, combat is linear, which means you always do the same thing, kite the enemies, attack when the attack bar gets refilled, block arrows with the shield, no matter how many enemies, its always the same. as well there's so little choice in the gear you take with you, as the weapons are few, and not versatile. Yeah. More choices, and combat will be more than just stats and a little skill. Good.[/b]
    juicy mechanics aren't the only thing that make fighting interesting, choice takes an equal if not larger part.
    2 - Difficulty[/b] as long as the enemies are so predictable, no matter how deep the choices and how active are the mechanics, they have no effect in making combat more fun; since you won't need to use any of the new features and you'll stick to kiting and attacking mechanics. Yeh. They only add this to bosses. Zombies are boring. OK.[/b]
    3 - mechanics[/b] combat shouldn't be only a strategic choice, but the process it self should be fun, and thats where the difference between good mechanics and bad mechanics is. Not sure. what mechanics?[/b]
    Ideas on how to make combat more fun and challenging[/b]
    these are just possible ideas, i'm not going deep into the details (such as crafting recipes and exact damage values) , this isn't a wishlist, the main idea is to add up to Choice, Difficulty and Mechanics in combat in minecraft, these ideas are examples on how to solve the problem. OK.[/b]

    1 - Dual wielding[/b]
    you know something is missing when dual wielding has been introduced in the "combat update" but you can't use it to dual wield weapons. if dual wielding was considered somehow "Overpowered" , removing it isn't a proper solution to the problem.
    when a weapon (any item that increases damage) is equipped in the offhand, right clicking attacks with it, however, if both hands are equipped with weapons, they both receive an increase to attack cooldown. so overall dual wielding increases your DPS, but it doesn't actually double it, because the weapons attack slower than when wielded alone. My suggestion is both weapons attack when left clicked, and, your dominant hand always prioritized if it has full recovery. if the dominant hand sword is recovering, the offhand will take it's place, and they have separate attack recovery, and you can only recover one of them at a time. Your idea is OK.[/b]
    [b]Thought of this, but if the two weapons had two different uses, you may want to decide which one to use exactly, so im sticking with the rightclick thing, anyways if you carry two weapons then the rightclick is not occupied.[/b]
    this idea adds a choice in combat, will you go for a defensive shield? or a more offensive dual weapons? Currently the offensive dual weapons is, well, sword and bow the sword and bow are a different thing.[/b] currently the only choice is shields, but with dual wielding (and other ideas listed below that could occupy the offhand) you'll have a plenty of choices, each with its own uses, advantages and disadvantages to be used in the offhand too much offhand uses, isn't it? whats too much? they are very little[/b]
    2 - Shield bang[/b]
    attacking with the shield works differently from other attacks, the shield has the slowest attack speed in the game, but its attack has got a slightly stronger knockback and stuns enemies for a short time, as well it can block an attack if it came in the exact moment the attack was made, the attack drains from the shields durability. if the shield was equipped in the offhand slot, you can perform the bang by right clicking, and you can block by holding right click. I prefer shield dash, and, bang & block is right click? I want bang to be left click.[/b]
    [b]i mentioned that the bang is performed by attacking (left click) , but if you were wielding the shield in the offhand and a weapon in the main hand, left click should be used for the weapon attack, while right click is for the block, so thats why i came with this mechanic.[/b]
    [b]also do you care to explain what is shield dash?[/b]
    3 - Horse combat[/b]
    While riding a horse, looking left or right should't rotate the horse, so you can attack enemies at your sides from your horse back Not comfortable for horse racing.[/b]
    4 - Charge attack[/b]
    your current movement speed adds up to your attack, which means sprinting or attacking while falling deals extra damage, currently attacking while falling deals extra damage: critical hit.[/b] however, this attack has got a slower attack speed. attacking while on a horse benefits greatly from this as the horse moves much faster than your feet. Eh? more horses?[/b]
    5 - Quickdraw[/b]
    by pressing R, immediately draw the item in your ninth slot and put the item in your eight slot in your offhand. This will reduce the advantage of ambush attack. usually, when ambushing unexpecting enemy, he/she will fight back with the wrong item if he/she aren't battle ready. ambush is a strategy, and you said before that you want the combat to be more strategical.[/b]
    [b]it just made drawing weapons easier, instead of clicking on the hot bar to quickly draw, we just moved the button a bit closer.[/b]
    [b]i dont get your point[/b]
    6 - Arrow cycling [/b]
    once you draw your bow, normal arrows are immediately placed in your offhand slot, and you can cycle between other arrow types by clicking CTRL. yes this also means you can't use other items in the offhand while using the bow, as well the bow can't be used from the offhand. Too easy. also reduce the advantage of ambush.[/b]
    [b]what do you mean by too easy? cycling arrows is too annoying, if you put the bow in the off hand and the arrows in main hand, youll occupy most slots by the various arrows, and if you put the bow in the main hand and arrows in the offhand youll have to open inventory to cycle them. it just makes an annoying task easy, and i said my opinion about ambush above[/b]
    7 - Part Damaging[/b]
    attacking the head deals extra damage, attacking the feet deals less damage, but cripples target (slows him) if enough damage was dealt to the feet, attacking hands deals less damage but slows their attack speed if enough damage was dealt to that hand. some mobs with extraordinary parts may have special weak points or different negative effects on attacking their various parts for example, spiders has so many feet which means its very difficult to slow them down by attacking their feet, as well they have no hands which means you can't weaken them. It may be good in some games, but this is too complicated?[/b]
    [b]might agree with you[/b]
    1 - spear[/b] the spear has a different attack mechanic than other weapons. attacking with the spear has a very long time to perform the attack compared to other weapons, but when you get in setup mode (by holding right click), you can perform attacks quickly, however, during setup mode movement and turn rate are slowed. the spear deals less damage than the sword, but attacks faster (while in setup mode) and has a longer reach. which means you can attack enemies before they get in their melee range. when a shield is equipped in the offhand slot, holding right click both puts the spear in setup mode and the shield in block mode, and you can attack during block. Too versatile? the spear has only two different properties, long range and attack while blocking setup mode? yes , its when spear men take guard behind their shields and point the spear forward to get ready to attack, while moving their spear is pointed upwards for easier movement, so attacking without "setup mode" takes longer time[/b]
    the spear serves as a rather a defensive option than the other weapons, since it has a longer reach, and it works in harmony with the shield, however its on a disadvantage on the offensive side, as it requires a sentry position to work properly. Too defensive,, I just like the longer reach thing. the idea is that different weapons should have different uses, not just different properties, if the spear was like a sword just with extra range the sword would be ignored, also i want the iconic minecraft sword to always remain the primary weapon in the game, other weapons are tactical choices.[/b]
    2 - hand axe[/b] the hand axe is faster and slightly weaker than the sword, and it features a special ability : "throwing" . hold right click to charge the attack then release to perform a short ranged attack, the axe can be retrieved by right clicking it while its on the enemy or the ground What I feared if I use this in PvP and throw this, and my enemy runs away and I lose my hand axe. so? you lost 2 pieces of iron?[/b]
    3 - Blow dart[/b] Blow darts are crafted for a cheap recipe, then can be placed instead of glass bottles in the brewing stand, creating a full effect launchable potion projectile. the blow dart is different from tipped arrows, they deal no damage, which means they can be used with positive effects. Needs blowpipe too. no it doesn't, darts (unlike arrows) are carried in small amounts because they are used strategically, so if we added a blow dart just for the 2 darts you have in your inventory that'll be too much, the blow dart is included with the dart i say, for the sake of gameplay I see this as "splash potions with longer range". longer range and have the full effect on one enemy rather than reduced effect on a number of enemies[/b]
    Arrow Types[/b]
    with the combat update, we got a whole new system for arrow types, however all we got is potion tipped arrows ( which you never use because there aren't mobs worth wasting these arrows on ) and the useless (yet awesome) spectral arrow. Useless? They can be used to track down your enemy. However, yeah you're right, mobs are too worthless to get spectral arrow. they may be useful in multiplayer, but still very little use, if the duration increased maybe it'll be worth it[/b]
    Both "Arrow types" and "enchantments" add new properties to your arrows and buff bows, so why would we make some effects achieved through enchantments and others achieved through Arrow types?
    the main difference is that Arrow types are optional, which means you can choose when to use them, while enchantments effect is applied to all of your arrows. this means that effects that are always useful should be added as enchantments, for example increase missile speed, while effects that are not always useful, and made for utility use should be added as arrows types so you can decide when you want that effect and when you don't, for example : arrows that destroy blocks, you may want to destroy blocks with arrows, but sometimes you don't so this effect should be introduced as an arrow type. Eh? feels weird about this... care to explain? i just explained the basis of game design on this matter, whats weird about this?[/b]
    the second difference is that Arrows are limited, which means we can bind the powerful effects to specific rare or expensive arrow types for the sake of balance, while enchantments apply their bonus on all of your arrows. for example, arrows that go through blocks are way too powerful to have as an enchantment, as this means you can just build walls and spam launching arrows from behind them, but if this effect was limited to specific expensive arrows makes their usage strategic and not actually over powered.
    1 - Flaming arrows[/b]
    quite different from FLAME enchantment, flaming arrows deal less impact damage than normal arrows, but they set enemies/blocks they hit on fire,

    they are less useful than normal arrows in terms of damage, but they have different uses :

    - Siege : these arrows allows igniting structures from a distance, and the fire may spread, which allows destroying structures with a load of these arrows.

    - Lighting : want to explore a very dark cave but you need light before you approach? launch a fire arrow and the fire will provide temporary light for you to see and go inside to place a torch.

    - destroy equipment : since armor/shields lose durability for every damage instance and not for the amount of damage, multiple damage instances remove much more durability from enemy equipment. Too much uses? Siege is too annoying when, like, someone with golden armors attacks you in your tree farm, and you think, "G-armors are fragile, let's use flaming arrow!" and you end up burning all of your trees. if you burn your own trees you are an idiot, also it takes one arrow on every tree to burn it down, and itll take a long time you could turn it off[/b]

    the FLAME enchantment should be removed and replaced with another enchantment.

    2 - Diamond arrows[/b]

    simply replace the flint with a diamond for a more expensive more powerful arrow. A fully charged shot from an unenchanted bow is already painful, and diamond arrows will be heartpiercing. but I think diamond arrow won't have much use, because unlike diamond sword, that is very reusable, diamond arrow is not. yes, thats the thing, you waste a very precious material on ammo (which is consumed upon usage) to get increased damage, also swords will break on use

    3 - split arrows[/b]

    fire multiple, inaccurate, weaker arrows.

    good against large hordes of enemies. woo. like a shotgun. also good for those who don't have good accuracy. good, good.[/b]

    4 - ghost arrows[/b]

    ghost arrows pierce through blocks to hit enemies from behind walls, they disappear after a duration of travelling.

    could be used for sneak attacks, or to kill enemies from behind cover if in in low HP eeh, too haunting, and could be backfire if you're in a situation where you ally is fighting you enemy, and you want to sneak attack and shoot this behind a block, and you end up killing your ally because you can't see your enemy. as i said, if it backfires, its your fault, in fact im happy that some weapons can back fire if you dont use them properly[/b]

    5 - Frost arrows[/b]

    Frost arrows completely disable hit target, turning them into ice, the larger the enemy, the shorter duration it takes.

    the recipe for frost arrows is rather expensive and very limited, and they can be found as rare loot in some dungeon/structure chests for it's rarity, it's ok.[/b]

    6 - Amplifier arrow[/b]

    the amplifier arrow applies a buff that amplifies all damage target receives for a period of time. huh? looks too flat. you just hit someone with the arrow and charge on them with stronger attacks, yes its flat but its useful[/b]

    Utility Items[/b]

    1 - smoke bomb[/b]

    thrown at a short range, the smoke bomb emits blinding particles in its landing area, blocking player/mob vision, allowing for a secure escape from combat blocking mob vision won't make them unable to target you ???!. try blindness on a zombie and it will still chase you and villagers well maybe because the developers didn't implement that??. maybe make it alter the mob's AI so it's detection range reduced to zero. temporarily. yes thats what i want, it adds something to mob AI, they cant see through the smoke, so they lose you.[/b]

    2 - illusion orb[/b]

    works like the illusioners ability, and may possibly be a drop from that mob. Not so useful, because other players can still know roughly where you are, or at least know you're there. plain invisibility is better for stealth than this. have you tried fighting the illusioner? hes a pain in the ass, plain invisiblity is a whole different thing, you can't compare these two[/b]

    many people would argue that making the game more difficult could be less appealing to casual players, however, the games difficulty has increased several times through the past updates (witches, skeleton buff, strays...) , and that didn't make a problem. some may also suggest the addition of a new hardcore mode for hardcore players and keep the old one for casuals, regardless of these arguments, for proper use of the new combat system and the new choices, enemies should pose more threat to the player.
    I'm not going to suggest specific mobs, as that would be a wishlist, but i'm going to suggest ideas that could be used in the creation of new mobs / editing current ones. I'm happy that you could consider the danger.[/b]
    1 - No Kiting[/b] to solve the absurd kiting mechanic in minecraft, the simple solution is to add enemies that are faster than the player, or mobs that attempt to sneak on him, or mobs that could quickly close the distance through jumping or teleporting.
    2 - Various Attacks[/b] enemies should have multiple attacks, so their behavior isn't that predictable, this feature has been introduced in a only a few mobs, and mostly bosses, and it proved good. for example, spiders may attempt to attack you directly, or jump and attack your top part, and they may attempt to sneak on you instead of directly going to you.
    3 - Different fighting style[/b] all mobs have the same fighting style, detect player? go ahead and attack! how about a mob that actually wields a shield? yes, totally invulnerable, you'll need a different strategy in approaching them. or a teleporting ranged mobs? just like the enderman wasn't annoying enough, these bastards keep attacking you from a distance and teleport away when you approach. another thing, is flying mobs, this, combined with different ideas, can create countless unique mobs.
    4 - Minibosses[/b] ideas about minibosses are various, some may be neutral overworld mobs, which are optional to fight for their loot, some may be structure restricted, or actually just a buff mob that you'd be very unlucky to encounter.
    the addition of mobs that are very difficult to fight, and require a counter strategy to fight them, not only normal mobs with high HP/damage values, could alone add a lot to combat fun. These 4 definitely would be OK, but because you aren't specific, no specific respond.[/b] _______________
    Thanks for reading, ideas/criticism welcome, and i may add the new ideas to the main thread if they actually serve the purpose. detailed information about items/mobs could be added in their own separated articles, and i will link them as examples into this thread (whether they are mine or not)

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    Everything you say makes sense, and I love it, especially the point about the combat update introducing double wielding, but not doeblewielded combat. It's very well put together, so good job on that.
    Here comes my own welcomed ideas/criticism.


    When I was designing characters for a mob arena, I heard double wielding was coming to minecraft, and i designed many cool features around this, but when it hid, it just disapointed me, because nothing would work.
    The reason I want double wielding is because I want to be able to damage and knock back a group of enemy's with a sword swing, then single out individuals with a swift axe chop. Another thing I really want to do is having bane of anthropods on one sword, and smite on the other one, which was my idea for an assasin, and with double wielding that's possible.

    But that's just melee. What if someone wanted to become a mobile machine gun what if someone wanted to kill enemies with a button click? not everything someone wants is good for game play, sorry i dont like the idea, maybe we can have a new ranged weapon that launched weaker projectiles quickly? with proper balance it would be nice, and carry 2 bows? it wouldn't makea whole lot of sense, but it would be awesome to hold down left mouse to charge one bow, and right mouse to charge the other. The drawback is that you can't melee a target like this, so you have to change weapons. Also can you not choose what arrows you use.
    I'm personally not a big fan of this, but I can see many people enjoy it a lot.

    Another idea I had was for a big bulldozer like guy, wielding two shields, so it's just walking around and tank everything while your team deals with the enemy's.
    Ingame, the shields don't stack however, and I feel like wielding two shields should give you a full frontal covering, and knock back enemy's further when they attack you.
    Also does it visually look odd, as one shield is held lower than the other.

    Shield bash sounds good to me, very nice.
    I once found myself in a situation where I was cornered by 7 zombies, and more just kept coming in. I couldn't lower my shield to attack, because i'd die, and I had to wait untill my full shield was drained and broke.
    To avoid situations like this, I suggest a change to the shield bash. If you quickly stop blocking and press mouse 2 again, you'll perform a shield bash without lowering your shield, so you can push back enemy's and perform a counter attack. Alternatively you could also press mouse one while blocking to perform a shield bash, because that'd be less complicated, and using your item already won't work while shielding in the first place.

    I think you wont die if you just lower your shield for a split second to click it for a shield bang, also its more realistic that youll have to lower your shield to attack with it, i mean when you move your arm to hit with a shield thats a short duration of vulnerability . thought about clicking attack while blocking to perform shield bang, but this would go against attacking while holding block (using the spear)
    Just a question: How much damage would this do?

    as i said, i dont go into balance issues, its a tactical hit, not a damage dealing hit, so its not supposed to deal much damage, the exact amount isn't my concern

    Good point, but you may have to elaberate on the fact that you'd use A and D to turn, just like boats, instead of not being able to turn at all.
    Also do I think you shouldn't be able to turn around fully in your saddle, but maybe more like a 240 degrees turn, which'd be enough.
    Maybe you should also be able to saddle your horse with 2 saddles at the cost of armouring it, so you can have a friend who can turn 360 degrees in his saddle and cover your back. Horses are practically a boat on land, but why would that be a problem?

    I'm quite happy with how falling and attacking works right now, and since it's already more difficult to attack while in the air, running, the 'removed swing speed' is pretty unnecesarry. Also should sprinting and hitting something just knock them back further, instead of deal more damage, since you want to keep something like damage consistant. What i'm saying is, don't change chage attacks, they're already a thing. falling makes you deal double damage, sprinting increases knockback.
    I do believe it could be improved while riding a horse however, since the angle at which you attack renders the extra knockback useless, so instead make you deal double damage while riding a horse and using melee, by making it so that you get the same effect as if you were falling and attacking. (particles included)

    Maybe you should be able to change what slots will go in your hands in the settings "not bad", or maybe it will automatically put your sword in one hand and a shield in the left hand (wont work, what if you have multiple swords? what if you want the axe? what if you don't want the shield along with the sword, there are many new options for the offhand in this thread, maybe you want dual wielding, etc..). If there's no sword or shield, it'll draw a bow if you have arrows on you, or any other tool if you don't have that either. Other than that, if you know how to use the quickdraw function, I think it could be a lifesaver.

    Arrow cycling seems unnecesarily confusing. It's probably much easier for anyone to put the bow in their left hand and use the hotbar to cycle through more quickly and controlled, while also keeping an eye on how much of each arrow you have left. Also do bowmen in reallife hold the bow in their off hand, so it also gives a sense of realism in minecraft.
    This could however be improved. By using mouse two with your bow in your offhand and an arrow in your main hand, you'll use your bow to hit enemy's. Not only for even more realism, but also so you can utilize any melee enchantments on your bow (when coded on them)
    Arrow cycling can still be suefull, but I think it should work more like this: When you have a bow in your hand it will put it in your offhand, and puts all the arrows in your inventory in your hotbar, when pressing a key assigned to it, maybe R as well, so it functions like this when holding a bow, but selects a sword and shield when holding any other item.

    I agree its more realistic that you put the bow in your off-hand and arrows in your main hand, as well it makes cycling easier (since you can scroll with the mouse wheel), but the problem is that youll have to put all arrows in your hot bar, and thats a problem, while caving, i always have a weapon, a shield, a bow, torches, a bucket, a pickaxe, cobble (or any cheap block), food item...

    if i also had to place arrows in my hot bar there wont be any space for them.

    Part damaging is extremely annoying in pvp, but when just applied to all other entities, I'm perfeclty fine with it.
    the point is that players always go for the torso, because it's easiest to hit since it's so big. So you'll find a lot of broken arms, which is probably the most annowying one, since it slows your hits down, which makes swings incosistent and will hurt combat more than it helps it. So even if breaking legs and smashing skulls is added, stay away from changing anything with the arms. And when your legs do break, you should get a icon with a broken bone in your right hand corner, just like a potion effect, for as long as your legs are broken.
    Also do I believe arrows should deal 150% damage against the head, but this won't stack with the bows regular critical hit, which occurs when a bow is fully charged.


    1. Spear
    I love it. I don't need any new wepons in the game, but this is a whole new mechanic, and it will be impactfull to say the least.
    I do have one suggestion to make it stand out more as a battle weapon. Give it a special attack, like the axe can disable a shield, and the sword can hit multiple enemy's standing in a line next to each other, i think have the spear penetrate enemy's and hitting any foe behind your target as well will go nice with it's long range and defencive playstyle.

    I think the extra attack range and attacking while blocking are two "special" attack features that already makes the spear way different from swords and axes, it doesn't need to penetrate targets, besides its unrealistic and over-powered.

    but maybe as an enchantment, it could work.

    2. Hand axe.
    I assume you mean a tomahawk, as a hand axe is a prehistoric stone with two sharpened axes, just to clarify.
    How to use it: when just holding the axe, mouse one will swing, mouse two will throw it. While double wielding, in main-hand it will function the same, in off-hand it will be thrown when mouse 2 is pressed.

    I think the name tomahawk comes from the native american weapon, so no, not a tomahawk. whatever, the name isn't very important anyways.

    also no it wont be thrown while in offhand, it should be used for dual wielding.

    there should be a way to throw it while in offhand, not sure, maybe you hold a button or somthing

    3. Blow darts.
    Neat concept, but you'll also need a weapon to fire these, since just putting them in your mouth and spit won't work.
    I'd say, add a completely new way to fire them. Hold mouse one, and above your EXP bar will be a horse jump-bar. The further you charge, the further the dart goes, but if it get's in the red end of the bar you'll inhale too much and swallow when you fire. When it reaches the end, you'll be forced to fire, consuming one blowdart and applying the effect to yourself. (Could be usefull when having a blowdart with a possitive effect)

    yes you aren't blowing them with your mouth, the weapon is included with the dart it self, i decided to include the weapon in the dart rather than making a weapon that uses darts as ammo, is that -unlike bows- , you don't launch many darts, you only carry a small amount of darts (much like potions), so adding a weapon is needless and time consuming (because you'll have to draw the weapon then cycle between ammo types)

    also, why the horse jump bar thingy? blow darts are launched with one blow, they don't even need charging, just right click and the dart goes at full speed

    Arrow types

    1. Flaming arrows.
    They could be crafted using a piece of coal instead of flint (I actually thought of this recipe exactly, but decided to not include it, because as i said, the gameplay effect is more important to me than the details, if i included the recipe people will may criticize it, i only want them to criticize the mechanic it self), so they're less costly, but trade some direct damage for damage over time, so they're worse for fighting. They also come with the possibility (they always set things on fire) of setting things on fire, which is both an upside as well as a downside, so they're pretty balanced if you ask me, and also, unlike regular arrows, come from a renewable source, which is important, because skeletons won't supply you with them.
    Also should they force a creeper to explode when hit.

    it only sets them on fire, if fire makes them explode then yes

    2. Diamond arrows
    Diamonds are known for their toughness, and can be incredible sharp. Therefor I think that they shouldn't just deal more damage, but also penetrate armour completely, and not bounce off shields.

    the bonus damage means more damage will go through armor, no need for armor penetration

    Aside from diamond arrows, we could also have iron, gold and wooden arrows (just no). Every material up the ladder makes the arrow more powerfull and have a higher armor penetration. Wood and stone tipped arrows(flint) have no penetration, gold a little and iron medium. Wooden arrows are crafted replacing the flint with a stick, and appear longer, but deal close to no damage. iron deals more, and gold deals the same as stone, but has a small armor penetration as well.
    I think this will be fairly balanced, and very minecrafty, as they focus on the same get better do better principal armour and tools follow.

    Just like skeletons spawn with iron and golden armour, they should also spawn with golden and iron tipped arrows, to balance out the fact that zombies grow stronger than skeletons, as they also get to use stronger tools, while the skeletons will always have the same bow.

    3. split arrows.
    I love the idea, and I feel like you should be able to craft them by combining arrows, no matter what type. This means you can shoot 5 different effect arrows and see what you'll get, or use fire arrows to light a big group of enemy's on fire at once. The main downside of using these split arrows is obviously that you run out of ammo much quicker.

    i think this will be bad, split arrows are weaker and have less range than normal arrows, and they are supposed to be weaker than normal arrows, they are only used situationally , their downside is that they are weaker and less accurate, when you find a skeleton spawner and have 9 stacks of arrows, running out of arrows will be your least concern that moment, the "downside" you mentioned would be obsolete the same time you had a ×5 times stronger arrows, which makes you always use them, which isnt something i want to see

    4. The ghost arrows shouldn't be rare or weaker to be balanced, they should be buffed a bit.
    Since they travel through blocks, it would also make sense if they'de travel to shields, the main counter to arrows.
    The obvious but still hidden downside is also its upside: it travels through blocks. Once you fire your arrow, it's gone. It'll just fall through the world untill it disapears, whether you hit something or not. I guess you can call it a high risk high reward, because you can shoot from behind cover, but are likely to miss because of this, and you'll have wasted your arrow.

    5. The duration of the freeze should be dependant of the charge, so people won't spam them in pvp and demobilize entire army's.
    Also should stray skeletons use and drop these, instead of the slowing arrows.

    if the arrows were rare and expensive, it wont be spammed anyway, also i said that the duration is dependent on the target, players have a very low duration to avoid the problem you just mentioned.

    6. Amplifier arrows.
    i have nothing to add to this, but I wonder how one would craft these again not my job, if the entire thread was dedicated to those arrows then yes ill list every detail on them, but here im talking about the gameplay, not this detail, as it has to be very different from the potion of weakness tipped arrows. They have different effects, one weakening ones defense, the other one weakening ones offense, but they are used in the same manner and will have a similar outcome from a battle.

    So far the criticism, now come the ideas:


    All tools should be able to get sword enchantments through enchantment books, even in survival. Players have different fighting syles, but enchantments focus on improving this or adding new styles of fighting. It'd bring agreat variety in people choice in tools if enchantments would be universal for tools.
    This would also mean that swords could get efficienty or luck, and i don't mind seeing swords being able to cut melons and cobwebs a lot faster than they're supposed to. It's not that people crave to do this, but it adds consistency to the game and gives people more choice, which is important.

    You may argue that since swords have an enchantment that improves it's special ability, axes shoul also get an enchantment to improve the shield breaking ability, but it may surprise you to hear efficienty already increases the chance to disable an enemy shield, so adding another enchantment to do the same is not necesarry.

    The fishing rod should also be able to get bow enchantments.
    infinity: no durability is drained when hooking a target.
    punch: pull force increases significantly.
    flame: hooking someone sets them on fire.
    Power: increases the hooks damage (And allows it to deal damage)

    Tomahawks would be able to get both bow as well as tool enchantments, but things like flame and fire aspect won't go together, nor would punch and knockback, or power and sharpness, so when enchanting you either get a good melee weapon or a good throwable.

    Spears get a new variation of sweeping edge, so they'll deal more damage to targets behind your first target.

    Shields should get all the armour torso part enchantmenst as well. Different enchantments that give different resistances make it so that the shield'd durability drains slower to that damage type.

    Spikes make it so that the attacker takes damage.

    Horse armour should get every armour enchantment, and should be reworked to give the horse more resistence, rather than more HP.

    Bows should be able to get a Aqau Affinity so that arrows don't drop immediatly to the seafloor after being fired.

    Enchantment books should also display what effect an enchantment has, so people don't apply them for the wrong reason, wasting an enchantment book.


    Aside from the sword and axe, all tools should have a function in battle, and thereby a special ability.

    Pickaxe: Armour penetration, increases with higher qaulity materials. (They're meant for breaking ores, and what's armour made out of? ore) efficiëncy also increases the armour penetration.

    Shovel: concusion; hit an enemy to briefly disable his attack and movement, hitting someone in the head will ad a 50% chance of this happening. (You'd be knocked out as well if you get a shovel to the head.) efficiëncy highers the chance for this to happen as well.

    Hoe: scythe attack; same as the sweep attack, but parts hit on one enemy will also be hit on the enemy's next to them, which swords shouldn't be able to do. The scythe ability can be used in partnership with the hoe's rapid swing speed but low damage, to quickly demobilize swarms of enemy's by getting their legs.

    Shears: right click on an enemy wielding a bow to drop a string and turn the bow in 1 to 3 sticks, depending on it's durability. Shields are no loner the only way to deal with those darn incredibly annoying skeletons!

    Fishing rod: Has a small change of pulling the item a hooked enemy was holding. Efficiënty highers the chance for this to happen.

    Arrow types:

    Ender arrow: Replace flint with an enderpearl to get ender arrows. Function the same as regular enderpearls, but can be fired from a bow to travel much further.

    Explosive arrows: Deal less direct damage, but also deal explosive damage. Also blow up blocks, although less than tnt, they're still usefull for sieging a castle. combine an arrow with a piece of gunpowder to craft one.

    Sonar arrow: combine a spectral arrow with a ghost arrow to get one or two sonar arrows. Applies the visible effect to any entity in a big radius around the spot the arrow hit, the area doesn't care for any blocks, so you cabn reveal anyone standing behind cover.

    Torch arrow: Hold a torch in your hand while firing a bow to use the torch as ammo. Places a torch where it lands. Remains an entitie if no torches could be placed. Allows you to place torches on hard to reach places, or to light up caves or forests at night, but deals close to no damage.

    Redstone torch arrow: Hold a redstone torch while firing a bow to use redstone torches as ammo. Places a redstone torch where it lands. Remains an entitie if no torches could be placed, but also powers redstone where it lands.
    Can be used to set off traps from afar, or to check out if a redstone system works.

    Firework arrow: Hold firework in your hind while firing a bow, or when out of arrows, to use firework. They'll function like regular fireworks, traveling a distance before exploding and dealing a little bit of damage, but they'll also explode on contact with a creature. Also do they have no arc, meaning they won't fall down. They'll keep moving in the direction you fired them untill they explode.

    put a wooden arrow and any type of meat together in a crafting grid to get one meatshot. They deal the same damage as a wooden arrow, but attract and agro wild wolves towards your target in a radius of 100 blocks. Pretty gimmicky, but pulling off using it will be soooo satisfying.

    I think that tipped arrows are way to expensive, except for the slowness ones, which can be easilly be obtained by killing strays.
    Becasue of this, I think the recipe should be changed. instead of having to use a lingering potion, a regular potion will do.

    Explosive tipped arrows: When using a splash potion instead of a regular one while crafting, you get explosive tipped arrows. These arrows have less explosive range than regular splash potions, but can be thrown much further distances.

    Lingering arrows: use a lingering potion while crafting. A small area will be covered in potion for a duration of time wherever the arrow lands.

    Punch arrow: Instead of flint, use a piece of wool to get 4 punch arrows. They look like a boxing glove on a stick with feathers. When you hit someone wit it, it deals no damage, but bounces of the target, knocking them back with the strenght of a punch II bow.
    Great for area control, or getting your target in position.


    Dogs should wander much further of, and attack enemy mobs by themselves, instead of when either you attack them, or they attack you. They're better at what they're supposed to do, large groups of dogs no longer clutter around you and attacks aren't as precise. Dogs function more as protection than as a weapon.

    Putting a dog on a leash and a fence should disable their teleport, so together with them attacking all hostile mobs you can now get yourself a gaurddog for your home

    The sweeping edge ability from your sword(and hoe) shouldn't hit your own tames.

    When riding a pig, you should be able to open their inventory to take of the saddle, which will automatically dismound you, or give them a helmet. this will higher their armour points, and allow them to do a charge attack: When riding at a high enough speed, simply run into an enemy to knock them away and deal damage.

    Also do pigs feel more personal like this. If they could be tamed like dogs, seeing how they're already so cute, they'd probably replace all mounts and pets in minecraft.

    You shouldn't be able to hit your mount with an arrow.

    Other features:

    Bring back sword blocking, it was a great way to take some damge, and could be used to balance out battles between someone with one sword against someone with 2, as one has more dps, and the other has more defence, but using ashield is still a direct upgrade.

    Also was sword blocking a way to show comradeship and a way to make truces without having to go into the chat and most likely get killed becuase of it. Blocking with your shield just feels more like 'çome at me bro'.

    Camouflage armour: take any piece of armour and put 8 leaves, flowers, cactii, grass or ferns around it to get camouflage. You can still see what armour pieces a enemy is wearing, because their armour is only covered partially in leaves, and the parts that are covered have the leaves on a second layer, so a lot of armour is still showing.

    What to use this armour for is, when you have a full set, you can hold shift and not move for a while to become 2 blocks of leaves/ a block of double tall grass/ ferns/ flowers/ 2 a block tall cactii.

    These are more like ghost blocks, as they have no hitbox.

    You can still be seen, but you're see through and hidden inside a block, so it's fairly difficult to been spot.

    once disquised, you can release shift, and if you walk out of the blocks they'll disapear and you can attack unsuspecting targets. By holding shift you make sure you can still move around, but you can't accidentally leave the blocks you're standing in and give yourself away.

    Perfect for ambushes.

    Splash bottle of water and a lingering potion of water.

    Only damage blazes and enderman.

    ill read your ideas later, your reply (although i didnt agree with many of it) was big and helpful, thanks for that.
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    posted a message on server suddenly stopped working

    problem solved naturally.

    i deleted the server port and ran the server and it was automatically replaced with the same one i had before, but for some reason it wasnt working

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    posted a message on server suddenly stopped working
    Quote from Banoonas»

    It must be a bug with 1.12. I normally don't put my private server that I play on with my friends on new updates, I just feel like new updates can't be trusted to not have bugs.

    the entire server was started on 1.12, in fact the server was started on the pre-releases and it was updated to 1.12
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