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    Applying for Builder

    IGN: iblanks

    Skype: addiktz

    Expertise: My major building theme is Medieval. I've managed servers in the past and could offer a helping hand on plugins and what-not.

    I will send you images of my build through skype for proof,+ I will/can do a test build to prove my building skills.
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    I'm willing to give one person the opportunity to win a free 16 slot server. Hosted by XFactorservers.

    There are some stipulations though:
    You will not get upload rights.
    I will not edit any plugins.

    Reasons for above:
    I currently have 2 servers with Xfactorservers. Both have the same account so I cannot give information to one, because you will get access to both. So, I will upload the files you send me. I am not in charge of the plugins, you are. I am simply someone who is giving you hosting and uploading files for you.

    For something free, minimum to no lag and 24/7. I think this is a great offer.

    Below is some information, which I will need to choose the person who I think would be best to receive this.

    Why should I pick you over the other candidates?:
    What is your main idea for the server?:
    Extra Information:

    I will be in contact with you if I am interested in your application.
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    Quote from Vancouver

    Thank you.

    I can host if you'd like.
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    Minefreak World is looking for more builders.

    • Big Brother (Anti-griefer)
    • Chest Lock (Keep players from stealing items from your chest)
    • iConomy (Economy system)
    • Essentials
    • RemoveExplosions (Removes all explosions)
    • Showcase (Showcase items for sale, instructions on forum)
    • SimpleSave
    • VoxelAir (Fly)
    • WorldEdit
    • WorldGuard (Protects regions, Only OP's can overrule)
    • Magic Carpet (Glass carpet)
    • TNT Warner (If anyone puts TNT on the ground it will automatically get destroyed and give you a warning)
    • DynMap (
    • Slap (Allows OP's to slap annoying users)
    • Lottery ((/buy ticket) to get a chance to win a set amount of money)
    • Bed restore (Gives users health back from sleeping at night)
    • Paid2Mine (Earns users money while mining, cannot be cheated)
    • LagMeter ((/lag) to test to see if you are lagging or not)
    • AdminIP (Adds OP to a users IP and not the username)
    • FireTools (Make gold tools useful, makes it to where sand turns to glass, wood turns to coal)
    • LockIP (security mod that locks a users ip once they login)

    More plugins may be added in the future.

    Nether is enabled
    Mobs are disabled

    Forum: http://minefreak.forumsrpg.com
    (register on the forum for inportant updates)

    Server IP:

    To get whitelisted please fill out this application.


    Age (if you arnt over 16 dont apply):
    Minecraft Login:
    Building experience:
    What can you bring to the server:
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