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    posted a message on StazoCraft Now Hiring Staff
    In Game Name: BeccaSmithh
    Experience: I owned and ran a server, I'm head admin on a private server my friend owns which has 500 white listed players. I have played MC since 1.8 (the adventure update). I don't do any recording although I can edit videos.
    Age: 13
    What I want to help with/what I can help with: I'm a great builder, I spend a lot of time in creative and have a really keen eye for detail and decoration. I'm always able to fix grief with out having to use commands. I'm very shy but generous. I would love to be an admin. But I will take anything.
    Why should you choose me: I'm really kind, I won't ever offend people and I won't be in the way or obnoxious. I have a lot of experience and just think I would enjoy admin-ing your server.
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    posted a message on Minecon Location 2014
    Can't it be in like Tennessee or something? Ugh.
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Quote from iambeccasmithhh

    Um, is there maybe a mod review I can see for this? And do you plan to update to 1.7.2? I'd love to know. I'm downloading a map a friend made and want to see if I can add anything to it with furniture mods, but I'd like to see what this has. Please get back to me <3
    Is it this?
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Um, is there maybe a mod review I can see for this? And do you plan to update to 1.7.2? I'd love to know. I'm downloading a map a friend made and want to see if I can add anything to it with furniture mods, but I'd like to see what this has. Please get back to me <3
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    posted a message on --
    Minecraft IGN- BeccaSmithhh
    Age- 13
    Skype- BeccaForever1 (Becca Smith)
    Other Details- No outstanding details to place here.
    Email- [email protected]
    What is your level of competence in the game?-I've been playing been playing since 1.8.1 which was followed by the sound update.
    About how often do you expect to play on the server?- Everyday if I have a chance, of course in August school will start back up so I will also have to do after school things.
    What is your favorite aspect of Minecraft?-The true challenge and different things you can learn about it everyday, the fun of making awesome builds and just the full feeling of enjoyment.
    What is your playing style?-I'm not sure what you mean by this, but I guess maybe being the adventerous, rpg, towny, survival type.
    What do you expect from the server? What will you bring to the server?-No rude admins or trolls, and someone to always help. I will bring whatever I can, it being excitement, hard work, life, and if you ever need staff, great help.
    What other details do you want us to consider in your application?-I mean, I'm not too much of anything, but I guess my motivation. I don't really have many friends, and I found Minecraft suitable for me to express my creativity and passion. I'm one to look into Minecraft for friends. I hate it when people are so rude.

    How do you wish to be contacted when you are accepted/denied?- You can do whatever you feel comfortable, quote my thread, message my facebook, message me on the forums, message/call me on Skype, whatever you desire.
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    posted a message on Japscraft 1.6.2 Survival Server - Looking for Staff Members and Builders!
    Applying for: Admin, mod, whatever you need.

    Minecraft IGN:



    • Detail for symmetry and decoration.
    • I have large amounts of experience as server staff, as in: Owning, co-owning, head admin, admin, and mod.
    • I'm known for good quality, but often stay in creative, but, I do survival much more often as of July.
    • I'm the one that is very qualified in roleplaying on Minecraft, I make modern cities with almost every specific building needed. And more. So, if you want to make a multiverse, feel free to give me a call when you don't have ideas.

    I don't really have a lot of friends, I'm insecure, and shy. I never thought myself as pretty, and I was kept to myself most of the time, I decided to try video gaming, I could easily get frustrated and tell someone off, and no one would care. In Minecraft I can use my creativity to release things, and no one would care, no one would pay attention to me negatively and I wouldn't have to worry about my looks. I know. I sound like a priss, but that's my motivation.

    Contact me:
    My Skype is BeccaForever1 and my email is [email protected], you can also contact me on my Facebook which is right here: https://www.facebook.../BeccaSmith.101

    I hope I can join you on the server soon!

    ~тнє иσт ѕσ ℓσνєℓу вє¢¢a.
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    posted a message on Dropcraft 2 - Brand new! 1.6.1 / Survival Server!
    How old are you: 13, but very mature. I'm a girl, but not a hormonal one.
    How long have you played minecraft for: Since Beta 1.8.1, which the sound update followed.
    Describe why you want to be staff on this server and what you can help with: I'm a well kept, polite person that loves Minecraft and helping people. I have a little trouble in survival, but I still play. I'm one to be used in creative for amazing decoration, and I can also help. I know how rollback has a lot of trouble so I can also help fix grief by hand.
    Email: [email protected] Or you can contact me on Skype which is BeccaForever1 and my name is Becca Smith, similar to my in game name (BeccaSmithhh)
    Staff you want to be: I can be anything you would like me to, but I'm not one to beg. So don't mind me in what choice you make for me, if you even do. I'd prefer mod or admin, which ever one if more befitting or which one is better, for me at least.

    Thanks! <3
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    posted a message on A&E's Creative Server 1.6.1! |Horses|24-7|No Lag
    IGN: BeccaSmithh (Three "H"s)
    Skype: BeccaForever1 (Becca Smith)
    How Good Of a Builder Are You: Very qualified, admin on NobleCraft and none for great builds and fixing grief if unable to rollback
    Build Style: Modern, the type to build and decorate home, very skilled, often required for RP in game
    Anything Else You Want To Tell Me: I'm the one to love decoration, I use multiple mods for furniture in a modern style home.
    Hope I get accepted! <3
    Yes, I'm a 13 year old female, so, yeah. -.- :D
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