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    Well just because your server might not get "popular" doesn't meet people won't play on it necessarily... If people like it, they'll play on it.

    In my opinion, I prefer servers with maybe 20-30 people over the ones that have 100s of people.
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    Bandits and Bandit Towers


    The Bandits would be a new aggressive mob in the game. They would have the look of a Villager, but they would wield weapons. There would be the Archer Bandits, and the Swordsman Bandits. When killed, there would be a slight chance of the Bandit to drop its weapon. (Keep in mind, nothing in this idea is final, somethings could, or would be changed)

    :|): Archer Bandits:

    Health: 20 (10 Hearts) Archer Bandits can randomly be wearing armor.
    Weapon: Bow (Can be randomly enchanted at times)

    Similar to the skeleton, the Archer Bandits only use Bows to attack. They are usually located at the top of the Bandit Tower, so they can shoot at you while you are outside of the tower.

    :ISWORD: Swordsman Bandits:

    Health: 30 (15 Hearts) Swordsman Bandits can randomly be wearing armor.
    Weapon: Sword (Can be randomly enchanted at times)

    The Swordsman Bandits would usually be located inside the Towers. They would also be the stronger Bandits. They would be found anywhere inside, on top of, or around the tower.


    The Bandits would abide in Bandit Towers. These towers would house anywhere from 2-5 bandits, and 1-3 chests filled with various items. These Bandit Towers would be found in all of the biomes. The Bandit Towers would be about 15 blocks tall.

    Pictures and Details:

    This picture shows what the Bandit Tower would look like...

    This picture shows the top of the Bandit Tower...

    These pictures show the inside of the Bandit towers...

    This picture shows and example of what could be found in the double chest...

    The Bandit Towers would either be made out of Stone Bricks, or Cobblestone. This is a picture of the cobblestone Bandit Towers...


    I think that the biggest issue with this is the mobs name... I don't know if they should be called Bandits, but I can't think of any other names... Criminals, Outlaws, Foragers? If you have an idea for a name go ahead and leave it in the comments...

    In my opinion if this were to be added to the game, I believe that it would be a slight change that would make the game more interesting, while staying true to the spirit of Minecraft!

    But of course, I want to hear YOUR opinion .. What do you think of this idea, and how do you think it would effect the Minecraft gameplay? If you have any things to add or change, go ahead and leave them in the comments. If you hate this idea, go ahead and leave that in the comments too... I'm really looking forward to what you guys think of this idea...

    (Also, for all of you who noticed, this was a Skyrim based idea :P )
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    Quote from themariofireball

    Once I got trusted with World Edit, so I turned everything into lava and than force-saved it.

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    Sorry... no pics, no clicks
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