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    posted a message on Seriously?
    The issue that they fixed lets 1.7 not have all the spawn zones break. So villages, witch huts, Nether fortresses, etc can spawn their special mobs. If they didn't add this update I bet you'd me much angrier. So calm down.
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    posted a message on I will build stuff for FREE on your server
    Sounds sketchy at best.
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    posted a message on Mobs balanced or not?
    I agree that they should have some sort of way to give you some reaction time while coming out of the ground but I think their numbers should vary depending on the difficulty you're on.
    Also Baby Zombies need to have their own hit box so it's easier to kill them.

    They need a bit of a nerf on their accuracy and a tweak with the rapid fire, if one has knockback and the player doesn't have a bow there's no way they can get close to the skeleton.

    I would be so happy to see their glitches fixed. It's mostly with Cave Spiders where they're climbing up a wall but they appear to be standing on the ground, that's gotten me to take poison damage when I shouldn't have countless times.
    That's not really a balance issue, it's just a game affecting glitch. They're perfectly balanced otherwise.

    They're fine, no changes needed.

    I think they should be limited to only picking up blocks that are not placed by players. If someone has terraformed their hillside or anything to be a certain way I don't see it as necessary to have Endermen able to screw it up just because it's a dirt block. Having the natural terrain get slowly dismantled is fine but when someone replaces the block it shouldn't get moved again.
    I won't consider them "unbalanced", just irritating.

    I would like their AI to be fixed (so they don't just jump in a single direction until they find a player to track) but that's not a balance issue, just an opinion.
    Balance wise I would like their hit box to be changed (same with Magma Cubes), I feel that the big ones can hit me before I'm able to hit them.

    Silver Fish:
    Perfectly okay as they are.
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    posted a message on Does anyone like the new darkness in 1.6.2?
    Quote from PikiThePikachu

    Did you look at this?


    It wasn't like that before 1.6.2. Maybe they upped the darkness?

    We're all looking at the same image. Your computers settings are darker than they should be, causing you to see something different than what we see. To me this looks normal, to everyone else this looks normal, but to you it looks too dark because your computer settings are a little off.
    Try seeing it on a different computer if you access to one and you'll see what I mean, hopefully.
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] HavenTerrace: A Freebuild Survival Server
    Just got on about half an hour ago. Server seems awesome and the community is very nice and helpful to new members. Seems like a thriving server if I've ever seen one. I'll probably be staying for a while, a long while! (:
    The server seems to have gone down though, any update on that? It seemed without warning so I'm thinking it wasn't a reset or anything...
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    posted a message on Do villages spawn in maps that are from Alpha?
    Quote from LeafPie

    Oh, thank you! That's going to be a bit hard, as I've explored as far out as I've ever imagined, but I'll try!

    Good luck and don't get lost!
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    posted a message on Do villages spawn in maps that are from Alpha?
    They definitely do! You just need to explore far out areas that you haven't loaded up previously. New terrain will generate as will new structures and mobs such as horses.
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    posted a message on More biomes for emeralds
    Personally I'm not too big a fan of this suggestion.
    Emeralds in Extreme Hills are the only resource that can only be found there (excluding villager trading of course). Putting them in Jungle Biomes would make more sense if it was based off our planet but it is Minecraft after all. There's no need for accurate geography for things such as this, but that's just my opinion.
    I see why you might like this idea and it does have its merits but I just can't imagine it being that great. It would cause the Extreme Hills to not e special anymore... resource wise that is.

    Examples of how it compares to other biomes
    Jungle: jungle wood / temples / vines
    Swamp: witches / lily pads / slimes / vines
    Dessert: dessert temples / cacti / villages / sand / assorted sandstone blocks
    Plains: horses / villages
    Taiga: spruce wood / wolves / snow
    Forest: birch wood / excessive amounts of oak wood (lol)
    Extreme Hills: cool terrain / emeralds
    Ocean: lots and lots of water / lots and lots of squid
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    posted a message on Girl gamer need help with giant pyramid:)
    I feel like you put "girl gamer" in the title just to get attention.
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    posted a message on Sky Village Survival
    Doesn't seem like much of a challenge. You have infinite food right off the bat, all you need is some torches and there's no chance of losing.
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    posted a message on "Commands Only"
    Although it is a good idea, you would enjoy chat more if you talked with some people in the servers even if you didn't know them.
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    posted a message on Sunken Ships (Shipwrecks) in a Possible Update? Lets Make it Happen!
    I really like this, as the above people have sated it has been requested before.
    Having shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean would be awesome, they would give a more specific use for aqua affinity and would just look cool in the scenery.
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    posted a message on If the world is round, then why does it seem flat?
    It seems flat because it's really big.
    This proves it: The horizon line you see is actually the world curving enough that you can't see any further.
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    posted a message on Flowerpots? [EDIT: I am a derp, solved]
    I believe you're just derping out hard... Real hard.
    I can craft them and have them in my creative inventory. :s
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    posted a message on Glitches
    There was probably a thunder storm, and some lightning hit your house. Seems like the most realistic possibility.
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