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    posted a message on Looking for eligible moderators, admins, builders, and survivalists.
    IGN(In Game Name): iTs_Ryan_Lol

    Age:15 years old

    Humor, would you be a fun person to have around?:I am, or so ive been told

    Creativeness(Only for builders.):Im very creative and love building, Giant pickaxes, swords etc..On the xbox i built a giant city with currency that is being recorded for top 10 minecraft worlds of the week for xbox.

    Survival Skills(Only for survivalists.): Im pretty good at that too, ive won a hunger games before

    Past Experience: Ive been op for a couple good servers who are in good shape ive also been a builder too.

    Examples of Work: i would show pics but its not letting me

    Other Information: I would love to see the server grow and build on too it, please consider me thanks
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    posted a message on Need Builders, Admins, Mods, and more!
    I would love to be a builder / mod or admin
    I love building my skype is
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Kingdom's of Alüman [RPG] Looking for: Builders, Lore Wrighers
    1) Your IGN: iTs_Ryan_Lol
    2) your age: 15 years old
    3) what is your time zone? eastern, new york
    4) What types of building are you good at? Alot of things, castles, towns structures
    5) Why are you the best choice for a builder? I would be a very good choice i love to build, But Im not the best
    6) Post 1+ screen shots of things you have built. I would but its having problems pasting
    7) Any additional information? ill tell you my skype through PM
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    posted a message on NEED BUILDERS FOR NEW SERVER
    IGN: iTs_Ryan_Lol

    Real Name: Ryan

    How long Have you been playing minecraft: about 3 months now

    Why do you want to Be a Builder on this server: Oh yes i love building

    Skype Name: Ryan_Gonzalez16, i wont be able to skype that often
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    posted a message on New Server! Looking for builders!
    IGN: iTs_Ryan_Lol
    Type of builder (planning,interiors,exterior):All
    Pictures of builds you built previously(At least 10 pictures of 4 or more structures, don't lie about it, we will check) didnt take any sorry

    Do you swear not to grief the server?: I swear not to grief your server i just want to build on to it.
    Do you swear to be dedicated to the server? Yes i will be.
    Timezone: Eastern, New york
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    posted a message on Need builders for spawn!
    IGN: iTs_Ryan_Lol
    Time zone: East, New york time
    Building experience: Plenty, trust me
    Building style (what you are best at building): castles, buildings,plazas alot of things
    Amount of time you can put in:as much as 5 6 hours sometimes
    Why you want to help: because i love to help and build things
    Pictures of past work (optional but highly recommended):
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    posted a message on Ocean City, Minecraft world-Join Today!
    Also if you Are interested Msg me on xbox and post here so i dont miss anybody,
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    posted a message on Looking for casual gamers
    i am 15 turning 16 in two months,i have posted a topic on my city and there is alot of cool things built my gt is URG TacticalPRO
    Msg me, or look for my topic its called Ocean city join today i posted pictures on it also so u can see what it has
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    posted a message on Ocean City, Minecraft world-Join Today!
    We also Have a Paintball arena
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    posted a message on Like Building? I would love some help creating my city :D
    Ill help But I also have a city you should check it out
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    posted a message on Ocean City, Minecraft world-Join Today!
    Note: I am Re-Posting Here For more replys

    Hello guys,
    I have recently been working on a city map Called "Ocean City" Inspired by Ocean City Maryland.
    I have been working very hard on this city but it is still in its building stage but operational.
    The city is on a Bay which leads out into the vast ocean,
    Like any real city we have an economy and a currency which is paper.
    You will also be givin the option to insurance and a bank voult for deposit an withdraw of money.
    Of the start you will recieve 1 stack of paper as your starter loan, you can pay this loan whenever you are ready to or pay a 5 paper tax every day.
    Down below will be your living conditions and choices.

    To build or buy a house- You may buy or build your own homes either in the city or the suburbs its your choice,
    The amount of paper you will need to pay for a suburban pre-made home will range from 2 to 4 stacks of paper, to make your own home will depend on how much space you take and where, this will be decided by me the president or my brother the vice president.

    Jobs- We have a very wide range of jobs to work for your career here in OC,
    You may work in atleast 5 different jobs- 3 Business jobs Such as walmart or Target Etc...
    And 2 City/Government jobs Like Architecture, real estate or Farming industry, military Etc...
    Once you are interested in a job ill explain the rest.

    Transportation- As of now my current Engineers are working on an accurate subway system to get to places faster, with a reasonable payment system.

    Jail time- The last place you want to end up is in an underwater Penetentairy Facility Cell Made out of two layers of obsidian, not very fun, So i will lay out Laws to keep you out of there-
    1. You will not be able to have on you or your property Flint and steel, obsidian portal, sugar cane farms,
    Buckets of lava, stolen items, anything that can make fire or burn with, and TNT. If caught with anyone of these you will be fined a certain amount of paper or issued jail time if used.

    These are The Most recent Pictures of Ocean City Today----

    Note- If you can't see any of the pictures i will try to fix them

    This is Miners INC AN architect/Miner/Farming/government office Buildings Also known as twin towers

    This is The beautiful streets of the wealthy

    This is the docks Hoping to re locate

    This is the in-Progress subway

    This is the farming location the backbone of the city's material that runs a minecart with chest undergound track that goes to the city.

    One of many pixel art designs, Halo Players you know who this is.

    This is a Look at the Lower part of the city Behind the Blacksmith

    I hope you guys are Interested and ready for this My Gamertag is URG TacticalPRO.
    Please Don't be lazy to read this is a nice roleplay City And the info is valuable
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    posted a message on Need people for my group Nexus. (Skype Required) Age min. 14
    ill join my skype is Ryan_gonzalez16
    my ign is iTs_Ryan_Lol
    Im 15 turning 16 in two months though
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    posted a message on Humanvegetable War Server
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    posted a message on Urban Life RPG: The Authentic City Roleplay, Drugs-Gangs-Economy-PVP-and much more!

    IGN: iTs_Ryan_Lol
    Age: 15
    Are you mature?: Yes i am.
    Role play experience?: Alot, on xbox, ans some on minecraft but im still good at it.
    Tell me about your self (2 Sentence Minimum): I am A fun outgoing person, i also bring good energy everywhere i go and to whoever i talk to.
    Do you have teamspeak?:yes i do
    Do you accept the disclaimer at the bottom?: Yes i do.
    Working mic?: Yes
    How long have you played mine craft?: a couple months on computer and xbox.
    Any police experience on a mine craft server?: Yes as a rule enforcer yes i have had experience.
    Have you read the jail times?: yes
    Do you understand its your job to protect the citizens with your life? Yes, i understand.
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    posted a message on 101st Minecraft Divison

    IGN: iTs_Ryan_Lol

    Skype (It is required): Ryan_gonzalez16

    Any experience in an army clan? Yes on xbox, lots of experience

    If so, what clan? It was a halo thing on xbox it wouldnt matter.

    Are you currently in any clans? nope

    Why do you want to be in this clan? Because it sounds to me like alot of fun

    What can you bring to the clan? Experience, Respect, fun persona, and good builds

    What are you good at in minecraft? Yes i am.

    What timezone are you? eastern, new york time

    Do you have good behavior? Yes i am very mature.

    Did you read the rules? I did

    Anything else to add? Nope thats all, hope to be accepted.
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