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    posted a message on Helm's Deep SMP - A mature gamers paradise! 21+

    Server went live yesterday. On playing all day today and able to respond to any interest. We have about 8 so far.

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    posted a message on Helm's Deep SMP - A mature gamers paradise! 21+

    Helm's Deep SMP - A mature gamers paradise! 21+
    We are currently recruiting members to join us on our new 1.18 server!

    Helm's Deep is a place where dedicated gamers can get together and build an awesome world. We just started the server after being frustrated that our last one we joined died out in just a few weeks. We are looking for individuals (or groups of friends!) that are tired of playing alone or can never seem to find an active server. We plan on playing and building on this server for as long as we possibly can. All major decisions will be made as a community.

    Our goal is to build a world. We want to connect all our cities and towns together and work on solo and group projects to achieve this. We would love to build up a shopping district right at spawn for trading goods to help people along with projects. The idea is that you won't have to build every farm or grind out all your materials for builds. Someone else may have that available. Building this world will take much longer than a few weeks and our hope is we find a group of gamers dedicated to finishing this.

    Server Rules
    1. No Griefing/Stealing. Respect people builds and farms.
    2. Must be 21 and over
    3. No cheating or hacking

    1. Player head
    2. Mini blocks (wandering trades)
    3. 1 Player sleep
    4. Double shulker shells
    5. Fast leaf decay
    6. Anti-Enderman grief
    7. Unlocked all receipts
    8. Stat tracker
    9. Few texture changes/resource tweaks (3d ladder/directional redstone) which is all optional.

    If you're interested in joining us on this adventure, please message me the following info.

    1. Age:
    2. Minecraft Username:
    3. Discord ID:
    4. How many hours do you game a week?
    5. What do you look for in an ideal minecraft community?:
    6. Tell us little about yourself!:

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    posted a message on 🌙 The BlockShock SMP 🌙 [1.17.1 Vanilla SMP] [18+ Mature] [WHITELIST] OPENS OCTOBER 23rd!
    1. IGN: FL4SHPO1NT

    2. Discord username: FL4SHPO1NT#6020

    3. Age:30

    4. Country and timezone: USA / EST

    5. How long have you played Minecraft for?: About 10 years

    6. Why would you like to join this community?: The updates with caves and cliffs has been drawing me in more and more. Would love to find somewhere to play 1.18 other than a solo world.

    7. How often would you play?: Fairly often. I work Mon-Fri and can play most evenings and weekends depending on other life events.

    8. Tell us a bit about yourself: Every SMP I have tried to join over the years has simply died; either due to people falling off and never coming back, or younger players just proving to be untrustworthy or incapable of getting along with others. I have generally always ended up one of the older players on a server, and I don't want my gaming to feel like babysitting. I am a volunteer firefighter and can on occasionally abruptly disappear mid gaming.
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    posted a message on Refuge SMP [Semi-vanilla] [SMP] {18+} {Whitelist} {1.17.1} {Bluemap} {Discord} {Java} {Proximity Chat}

    Fairly interested. I would like to have a place to play with others when 1.18 finally releases.

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    posted a message on Small Community Server Looking for Friendly Mature Players {1.12} {Hermitcraft Head Loot Tables} {Server Currency}

    Bump! Still looking for some more active players..sort of lonely around here!

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    posted a message on -New- Vanilla Survival server launching 5-5-2017. You want to be on a server from the start. This is the server for you.

    Still searching for some dedicated players who love to build and make a world last. So much room to keep building to build, whether you like to stay close to spawn or venture out and connect through nether. We are trying to build a lasting community, which is often the most difficult thing to do in minecraft. If you are a veteran player, or just getting your feet wet for the first time; but you are an adult looking for a community to relax and game with, we are the home for you.

    Have any questions, pm me! I will answer anything that I can as quickly as I possibly can.



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    posted a message on -New- Vanilla Survival server launching 5-5-2017. You want to be on a server from the start. This is the server for you.
    IGN: Boindil22 (iTruShot)
    Age 26
    Location, Michigan
    Discord “PM this info if you want” Boindil#6020
    Why do you want to join our server: Back to minecraft, would love to play with you guys again!
    What's your MC strength and weakness: Building and grinding, but bad with heavy redstone.
    How often can you play? Several nights a week.
    Do you plan on this being your only server you play on: Yes
    How long you been playing MC: Years
    How long do you typically stay on one server: Untill everyone else stops logging in..

    Pictures of previous builds...

    One you may remember, maybe not; and a newer one.
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    posted a message on Pathways Survival Multiplayer Recruitment

    ► IGN (In-Game Name): Boindil22
    ► Age: 26
    ► Timezone & Country: EST - USA
    ► Have you played on other SMP’s before?: Yes a few, all of them seem to fall apart after a short time and im back to playing alone.
    ► How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Been playing on and off for about 5-6 yeas, took breaks between playing other games and time when I didnt have a pc.
    ► How often will you be able to play? (weekly basis): Several nights a week, often later than I should on a work night.
    ► What is your favorite thing to do in the game?: My favorite aspect of the game is finding ways of building with the terrain and making landscape and buildings look natural rather than flat level ground.
    ► Do you have a YouTube channel and are you actively uploading? (optional): I do not.
    ► Why should our community choose you?: Im a very laid back gamer, I do it to relax. I prefer longevity of a server, so the goal is always to stick around, not cause strife. Im no stranger to community involvement with builds or busy work, a team can accomplish far more than a lone wolf.

    Thanks for your consideration. Hope it turns out to be a good fit. I do enjoy being around for the early days for a world, so I like to hear that it has not fully been launched yet.

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    posted a message on BRAND NEW survival server for Mature players (21+) with Realistic Terrain VANILLA

    Hello everyone, I have been searching for a mature group of people to play with on a stable and lasting server. Minecraft is my way to relax after a day at work. I am 26, and work for a local GM dealership. Generally I look for a server that is starting fairly new so I can be around for the early days when everyone is starting out. But the realistic terrain has me rather intrigued. I have been playing for about 5-6 years, but have not had an opportunity to play the game with that aspect.

    Very interested in joining you all and becoming a member of the community!

    IGN: Boindil22

    Location: Michigan, USA (EST)

    Able to play several night a week; often get caught up in a build and stay up later than I should.

    Look forward to hearing back from you. Standing by, if accepted can jump on tonight yet for a little bit.

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    posted a message on Server for mature players, no mods and much like Hermitcraft!!






    Five to six years, mostly solo worlds. But have played here and there on survival servers.


    Interested in a small community to play and collaborate with. Just started my own server a few days ago, but have struggled to find the gamers I was looking for to join.


    Not overly proficient with redstone. Most of my 'builds' tend to be clusters of smaller structures, creating a village like atmosphere. Not one who is fond of huge open wasted space that doesnt make sense. You could say that me building style is a more functionally medieval. Any empty room doesnt fit in my builds.

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    posted a message on Girdlegard - Started Fresh 4/16/17

    Join Girdlegard!

    Tired of searching for that new server to join. Starting my own small survival server. No plug ins.

    Looking for some down to earth "older" gamers, who work for a living and game to relax.

    If you become a problem, I wont hesitate to remove you. This will be a no BS server, we are here to chill!

    Simple guidlines:

    - Don't get into others stuff without permission ("borrowing" items will no be tolerated)

    - Please try to build aesthetically

    - Please no boxes on the side of a mountain (I like builds that make some sense to the terrain)

    - Language is not a problem unless used directly towards someone

    - I wont ask anything of you that is not for the better of the server, don't give me a bunch of grief

    - Let's chill and have some fun

    If something on that list seems unreasonable, calmly let me know and we can talk about it.

    Think you fit the bill, or this is a server you might be interested in? Throw some info my way.

    If you don't know what to say, then use this. (Not required)

    What I'm looking for most of all, are some say 21+ (considerations may be made in case by case) players in the EST time zone. With a small server, its best when there's a chance everyone will be on the similar schedule.



    Would you be interested in a Discord server?

    What's your go to building style?

    Any info you can think of will help me, I would like to be selective if you can respect that.

    Last but no least, add a couple screenshots of a previous build or two (your go to?). If our game style fits each other we will all have more fun!

    Thanks for giving us a look!


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    posted a message on Tools N' Fools | 18+ | Vanilla | Survival
    • IGN: Boindil22
    • Age: 26
    • One sentence description of your favorite build from a previous map or server: The build I am most proud of is the town hall build I completed for a previous server that fell apart. Small and simple but its what I was going for. Note: Followed(ish) a design from google which I often use for inspiration. Picture for example.
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    posted a message on {SilverCraft} Vanilla Gameplay Community Server With New World, Bringing “The Good Ole Feel” back to MC -HermitLike-

    In Game Name (IGN): [/b]Boindil22

    Preferred Name: [/b]Boin

    Language: [/b]English

    Discord (Please include your 4 digit number. Ex: ChickenRat#5326): [/b]Boindil#6020

    Location/Timezone: [/b]EST

    Age: [/b]26

    How much time can you contribute to the server per week?: [/b]Several evenings a week/Weekends

    How can you specifically contribute to the server?: [/b]Once set up and comfortable, I'm down to help with any community builds.

    What is your favorite thing to do out of Minecraft?: [/b]Golf, when I can afford it. And if I'm not online I'm probably in the yard with my dogs.

    Do you watch youtube? If so, who?: [/b]Many, syndicate's survival series is what made me want to play the game years ago.

    Tell us a bit about you as a person: [/b]I work at an auto dealership, volunteer as a firefighter..and I am playing planning my wedding which will be in Sept.

    Why do you want to join this community?: [/b]Looking for a small close community of "older" gamers who are mature and I dont have to worry about people sniping my hard earned stuff from my chests.

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: [/b]Build and landscape...Find Diamonds...

    Standing by to jump on tonight if I am accepted. My single player world feels like im wasting time now..

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    • Your in-game name: Boindil22
    • Your age: 26
    • What you want out of this realm: A place where people are online to play and interact with. But where I dont have to worry about people sniping stuff from my chests all the time. This game is far to grindy to have people walk in and help themselves.
    • What you plan to do/build: Once I get myself set up and comfortable, I'm open to work on any projects!
    • What did you enjoy most about your prior server/realm, if any? I loved the small feel, with a ton of room to build and explore. But it simply died off too quick and no one was ever online. I enjoy being around for the early days of a world...

    Would love to jump on tonight and get a good start if I'm accepted.

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