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    posted a message on MetroCraft // New Hermitcraft-like SMP Server // Accepting Applications [1.16.1] [Vanilla] [SMP] [18+]

    In-game Name:[/b]

    Discord Username (username#xxxx): JaySprenk#7819[/b]

    Age: 22[/b]

    Years of Minecraft experience: since the beginning[/b]

    Where you are from: Canada[/b]

    Fluent in English? (Y/N): Y[/b]

    What are you looking for in a server like this?: Hermitcraft likeness. A fun growing community[/b]

    Picture of your favorite build in Minecraft (optional): [/b]

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    posted a message on StoneCraft {java} vanilla minecraft server {1.16.1} 21+

    Age: 22

    Minecraft name: Duke_Caboom

    Discord name: JaySprenk#7819

    Why you want to join: I have been looking for a community to join for a while and most end up falling out. I want to enjoy minecraft again

    Pictures of your best builds (not required): none, sorry

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    posted a message on 🐟FishCraft🐟 Vanilla SMP 21+ [Whitelist] 1.16.2 - Dynmap - Datapacks

    1. Age[/b]: 22 years of age
    2. Minecraft Username[/b]: Duke_Caboom

    3. Discord username[/b]: JaySprenk#7819

    4. Country/Timezone[/b]: Canada EST
    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?[/b]: Looking for a new SMP to grind 1.16 on.

    6. What other games do you play?[/b]: Just Minecraft. Minecraft or no craft.

    7. Screenshots of your builds (optional)[/b]: Built a new computer and got new storage, all screenshots were on there. RIP

    FYI I was once a moderator for this server, Pretty cool stuff :)

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    posted a message on CoppahCrew Server Launch [1.16] [Whitelisted | Vanilla SMP | 18+]

    1. IGN: Duke_Caboom
    2. Age: 22
    3. Discord: JaySprenk#7819
    4. What's your favorite thing about Minecraft? I just love minecraft for what it is, i love the survival aspect. building, and thriving with others.
    5. Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, why? Not that I can remember, but if I were banned, it would be because I am too nice
    6. How often will you be on our server? *Looking for active players! Every damn day, I have nothing better to do with my life at the moment
    7. Are you a content creator? Shamelessly plug your channel here: Sadly no, but I am thinking of starting

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    posted a message on FMCraft - 1.15.2 Vanilla based - Hermitcraft type server

    IGN: Duke_Caboom

    Age: 21 Years of Age

    Minecraft experience: Since the beginning of time. I love building, crafting, surviving, thriving. I think your server will benefit from having a player like me.

    Why you wish to join our server: I have been looking for a server like this one for a very long time. I wish to join so I can explore new lands with a bunch of friends and flourish the server economy.

    As I said, I think the server will benefit with a guy like me in it ;) as it would with a lot of experienced veterans.

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope to be speaking with management very soon about joining this awesome sounding server.

    Have a nice day, stay inside, support your elderly.



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    posted a message on New Small Survival Server


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    posted a message on ⚡Synergize SMP⚡ [Vanilla] [Whitelisted] [1.15.2] [Datapacks]

    Minecraft IGN: Duke_Caboom

    Name You Go By: Jay

    Age: 21 Years of Age

    TimeZone: EST Canada

    Discord: JaySprenk#7819

    Will You Use Voice Chat: Absolutely!

    Why Do You Want To Join: I have taken a long awaited break from the craft due to work. But with this Corona Virus going around, I will finally have some time to grind!

    Minecraft Experience: I have been playing since the game started, I really love building medieval style builds and can make all kinds of farms for the server.

    Anything About You: I am Canadian, I work in an office space and do data entry work. I am computer savvy and love building whatever pops up in my head.

    I have posted a screenshot of my previous build(s).
    It's Corona Time

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    posted a message on HavenSMP ✨ | 18+✔ | Whitelist 🔆 | FULLY Vanilla❗ | Tight Knit 💫 | Datapacks 💥| 24/7 | Hermitcraft Like✅ | JOIN TODAY💢
    In Game Name: Duke_Caboom

    Years of Age: 21

    Timezone: EST Canada

    Discord Name & #: JaySprenk#7819

    What can you contribute to the community(i.e redstone, building)?: Building. I really love building. I usually build up a house before I get diamonds. I am also savvy when it comes to different types of farms, I can really do it all!

    I have attached a screenshot of my most recent little village that I started working on.

    It's Carona Time
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    posted a message on 💎 Everdale 🍁 Vanilla and GT:NH Modded 🍁 Laid-back whitelisted community looking for new fun and interesting members! 💎

    1. Minecraft IGN: Duke_Caboom

    2. Discord Name (for Identification): Duke_Caboom#7819

    3. Age: 21

    4. Country and/or Time Zone: Canada EST

    5. Tell us about yourself! Interests, favorite ice cream flavor, your darkest secrets and desires - the normal!: Hello, my name is Jay. I am 21 years of age from Canada. My interests include video games, music (both listening to and playing), and exercise. Chocolate ice cream is my all time fave. My deepest darkest secret is that I play the game without using diamonds. My desire is to maybe change that last statement this time around... We shall see!

    Thank you for your consideration. I will be joining the discord after posting this. Thank you!

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    posted a message on 🐟FishCraft🐟 Vanilla SMP 21+ [Whitelist] 1.16.2 - Dynmap - Datapacks

    1. Age[/b]: 21 Years of Age
    2. Minecraft Username[/b]: Duke_Caboom

    3. Discord username[/b]: Duke Caboom#7819

    4. Country/Timezone[/b]: Canada EST
    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?[/b]: I have been looking for a server with a decent community that does not get bored with the game. I would like to show off my talent as a minecraft player and make new friendships. I would also like to rule the economy at some point in time.

    6. What other games do you play?[/b]: I don't play other games. Minecraft is where I live.

    7. Screenshots of your builds (optional)[/b]: Sorry, Do not have any, but you will see how good of a builder I am once I am accepted.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    posted a message on new SMP 1.14 hermitcraft style with some tweaks server looking for reasonably active mature players

    your age: 21 years of age

    where you're from: Canada

    your ign: Duke_Caboom

    How active will you be: Daily couple hours

    Anything else you want to mention: I love building. You will see.

    Discord name: Duke Caboom#7819

    My preferred way to be contacted would be through discord. Thank you!

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    posted a message on Dapper District new Vanilla SMP Hermitcraft like server!

    Name. Jay

    Minecraft Name: Duke_Caboom

    Age. 21 years of age

    A bit about yourself and why you'd want to join the server. I am Canadian, love to play minecraft, I am completely hooked on it and looking for a new server to start grinding on as a new one that I just joined is basically dead. I would like to join to display my builds and to become a good part of the community.

    What type of a builder are you. style/redstone or w/e: I love to make farms, redstone, non redstone, anything I can get my hands on for getting free loot. I also like to build medieval style and or Mediterranean.

    Discord: Duke Caboom#7819

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    posted a message on Secure Kingdoms | Whitelisted Vanilla SMP | 1.15 | Long Lasting | Fun Community |

    IGN: Required* Name (First name or nickname): Duke_Caboom

    Age: Required* 21 Years of Age

    Timezone/Country: EST Canada

    Do you have/use Discord?: I have discord, and I do use it @ Duke Caboom#7819

    Will you follow the rules?: Of course I will follow the rules!

    Why do you want to join this server?: I've been playing on an SMP server that just started about 3 weeks ago and it has already died out. I have built every farm imaginable and an awesome village. Would like to basically do the same thing on this server and have a more enjoyable experience with new players.

    Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: I have both, but I do not make videos or stream. Once I start working at my new job I will upgrade my rig and possibly start making lets play videos and or start streaming.

    What sort of player are you? (Builder/Minner/PVPer/etc): I am definitely an eco player, I like diamonds a lot and I love to build. I definitely consider myself a builder overall though, as I spent most my days on this game placing blocks to create mind boggling structures.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since the beginning of time. I consider myself to be a professional minecrafter. I know most tips and tricks and can stay alive for quite a while, all the while taking on perilous tasks.

    Do you have any other multiplayer games?: Currently not addicted to any other multiplayer games at the moment. My soul belongs to minecraft. Once the new call of duty comes out I will definitely be grinding that.

    Anything else you would like to add: I have a diploma in Policing, so I am kind of a strict guy and definitely like my space to build and expand said builds. I also like neighbors too.. But yeah I am just really excited to get on a new server with people that actually play and don't hype up a new season for nothing!

    I prefer to be contacted via discord, not through PM on this website. Thank you so much for your consideration

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    posted a message on New Thread Created

    IGN: Duke_Caboom

    Age: 21 years of age

    Timezone: EST (12:38 PM)

    What interests you in our server?: It looks like this server has been around for a while and you seem pretty serious about it. I've been looking for omsething like this for a while now, hopefully we can make good things happen.

    What do you have to offer if accepted?: My time. I have a lot of time to play this amazing game... Also, a friendly soul, and really great builds.

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