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    posted a message on New server looking for staff and developers!

    I PM'd you all. Still looking for more people.

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    posted a message on New server looking for staff and developers!

    I have created a new server and I am in need of individuals to help develop the server. We are going to create an amazing and very large server.

    I need people who know how to install, update and edit plugins, people who are creative with building and ideas, individuals who can help develop our website/forums and people with graphic experience.

    Those that are accepted will get all the support and help they need to help make this server absolutely amazing. If you are interested, reply to this or PM me here with the following information.

    Minecraft Name -

    Age -

    Do you have a microphone and can you use discord -

    What can you do to help develop the server -

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on == LF Creative Individuals to help Develop a Server ==


    I'm here looking for some creative individuals to help in the development of a Minecraft server. I will list exactly what I'm looking for below, but I'm in the process of developing the website and server to start a Public Minecraft Server with the goal of creating a large and friendly community.

    I'm developing both the website and server with the goal of both being able to support a lot of players. I'm looking for 2-4 creative players to help build the actually world. (Towns, spawn points, etc..) These individuals will get developer status when the server is released, so I'm looking for people who are willing to stick around and continue building on the server as needed.

    Some requirements to be able to do this are below...

    Please note, you will receive developer status on release of the server. You won't be paid in Real Money. With that being said, I need people who love to do this and who are willing to do it to help a server grow.

    = Requirements =

    - Must be at least 16 years of age and be super mature.

    - Must be able to play several hours a day. We want to build the world as soon as we can.

    - Must be willing to be an active member of our server when it is released.

    - Must use discord for communication and MUST have a good, working microphone.

    - Must be able to show screenshots or videos of previous work.

    - Must be able and willing to work well in a team.

    If you are interested in doing this, you can reply here or PM me on here. You will be asked a series of questions so I can determine if you will fit good.

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