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    posted a message on MAKING AVATARS LIKE TEAM CRAFTED

    Stop posting here. The ownerof this post is inactive

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    posted a message on Swiftpixart: Greyscale handdrawn avatars! Testing if people like them, first 5 people only!

    Minecraft name: PugGames[/i]

    Skype name: tehcaptaincake.ftw[/i]

    What do you want the drawing off?: I'd like to have a banner. I want a normal pug sitting on a sofa and in the background me (pug santa) getting in the house thru the chimney! Also make the pug with the tongue out. Add me on my skype for many many more details![/i]

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    posted a message on Searching for 2D Animator [Intro / Transitions]

    > Hello fellow Animators / Intro Makers!

    I am not far away from creating a youtube channel and I'd like to have a quick nice but also simple 2D intro! If you can make text moving and stuff then you are the right one. I'd like to have a similar one to Mumbo Jumbo's (with a few twists) If you think that you can do it then send me a message on skype: > tehcaptaincake.ftw<

    ~Thanks, iPug

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