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    Quote from WayneMC

    Found a cave, found a mob spawner. Turned it into an XP farm, & made my house there. Ended up finding 10 diamonds, made a sword and pickaxe, full iron, 3 stacks of iron, and I'm about to get a level 50 enchantment on my sword/pickaxe. Not sure which one.

    Full double chest of Bow (Power 1) and bones and arrows.

    Best world.

    My current singleplayer world is pretty similar:
    This was the cave I chose to use. I was inspired to create it when my friend converted a cave on my server into his house.

    This is the first skeleton spawner I found. I hadn't expected to have been this lucky, and quickly turned it into an xp farm.
    This is the enchanting area, conveniently located above the exp farm.
    This is another skeleton spawner I found. It's on the other side of the cave, and they're not close enough to combine. I don't know what to do with this one.
    This image shows what I've done to branch out to the surface. Visible is a tower and bridge, both built and designed by me (though exceedingly simple, I'm sure others have come up with them) and part of an X-Light 9000, not designed by me.
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    Too small right now, though. 4 large chests per category.
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    Quote from Calypo

    Only in America can a child get suspended for singing...

    Dunno, if you come into a school singing obscenities, perhaps multiple times, (not saying that's the case here) does that automatically mean "Eh, they were just singing. No need to suspend them."
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    There's restrictions on life. You can't just go outside and blow up the nearby mountain, that's a big no-no. But in video games...
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    I doubt you're new, from the content of this post. I also doubt the content itself.
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    Not sure what exclusive content is exactly referring to, but I think this is horrible. Absolutely horrible. Why should the games be different? What if a person likes Minecraft for [xbox, pc]'s features better, but prefers gaming on an [xbox, pc]? I see no reason for this. It's just going to make people mad.

    "Oh wow, another update for [xbox, pc]! How about showing some love to your real fans at [xbox, pc]?"
    "Whaaaat? [xbox, pc] gets [feature x]?! Unfair! We could use that too!"
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    Generally, it's:

    "NO! UGH! I have to clean this all up! It blew up my XP farm! Monsters everywhere! And the cobblestone gene- AGHHHH! NOOOO! ALL MY STUFF!! WHY DID I PUT THE COBBLESTONE GENERATOR'S LAVA SUPPLY THERE? And... and.. my chests! They were there too! Everything I had, gone! Incinerated by creeper-activated lava! I'm going to go play left 4 dead or something. "

    And then I abandon the world and never clean it up.

    I hate creepers.
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    In Portal 2, when you escape with Wheatley, the first thing he says is "Hey buddy! I'm speaking in an accent that is beyond her range of hearing!" The developer commentary describes this as him attempting (and doing a terrible job) of an American accent. I don't know the extent to how accurate it is being American myself, but here's a video of it:

    edit: What I meant by accurate is how we would sound to other people.
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    Quote from Thethunderrice

    If i'm dying of hunger,a bucket of water solves the problem? '-'

    Eat the bucket. Has lots of iron.
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