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    Maybe if you eat a lot of cake or cookies you get slower and it takes more food to fill your food bar, while if you eat things like meat or lettuce (a new crop might be added) your attacks get harder and you mine, woodcut, shovel and attack more effeciently, and you dont need as much food to fill your health bar. Also, in the winter if you're not wearing any armor you start getting hypothermia and your health depletes at a rate. (Leather armor would be preferable in this case, with metals like iron and gold making it worse, and diamond armor doing little to help.) There could also be another feature where fallen leaves are a block, and they act like a normal leaf block only they're orange, you can run through them, and you need a rake tool to get rid of them (crafting recipe below)

    Rake Tool Recipe

    Also, hitting rough blocks like stone, cobblestone etc. can hurt you at a rate of 1/2 heart per 2 seconds. Maybe also when you break a leave on a tree it will drop a stick. Also, digging below bedrock will not lead to the void, but it will lead to a much denser rock layer. (Bedrock in this case would be able to break through with TNT, a creeper, or a ghast shot.) Ores would also spawn up a little bit more frequently below bedrock, but at a certain point the bottom layer is reached, and instead of the void there could be a kind of like a really hot lava that starts hurting you from a distance of 20 blocks away at a rate of 1 heart per 2 seconds, and that rate goes up as you approach it. It also would kill you on touch.
    Another idea would be kind of like an air pressure thing, example: The deeper you mine, the faster your food bar disappears and the slower your working rate is. Also you would take lots more damage when attacked. Hyperventilating (explaned in the next paragraph) in a space closed off from the outside oxygen would decrease the pressure at a slow rate, and underwater, as well as in the air you gain or lose pressure, which can be fixed by equalizing yourself which takes longer depending on whether you're losing or gaining pressure, and how fast your rate of change in pressure is. In extreme conditions of low and high pressure however, you may start getting the bubbles you get underwater on your HUD that mean you're running out of air, but this can be fixed by carrying with you a pressure stabiliser that would act as an armor piece for chest, and would give you a sort of Darth Vader breathing tone, but you would not have any troubl
    Hyperventilating could be used to hold your breath for longer periods of time underwater, and could be done with the (changeable) button [h]. For maximum breath holding time you could hyperventilate for 60 seconds, and would triple your breath holding time. Also, not moving in the water would cause you to lose air less quickly, while swimming around would. Another thing with water would be that you actually float to the top, but you kind of do the "dead man's float" if you don't press [space] to start treading water and get your head above to the air.

    This is a really good mod idea and I hope it gets published!Sorry for the extremely long post I got a little carried away...
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    Best NPC seed for 1.2.5:

    gimme a dungeon notch. i want it

    Turn left right after spawning for the coolest village I've ever seen. Half of it is floating, and another part is underground!

    Sorry no screenshots D:

    And also, a tiny island seed that spawns you without even a tree in the middle of the ocean:


    No screenshots either D':
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    Quote from LightCamera

    Do "FaceBook" no quotes. Capital F and B 2 jungles! Amazing Moutain Biome!!!

    X: 18
    Dungeon in the side of a mountain!

    And even better...
    X: 125
    Z: 173
    A well with a dungeon sunk into the sand right next to it!
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