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    OG GOOTS add me please I am willing to start a server and I am online ALL the time or willing to start building in someones server. Reliable and trustworthy. This game is NO fun without other players.
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    OG GOOTS is my GT
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    posted a message on Survival Xbox One.
    Follow me on Xbox one for Survival Easy. Let's have some fun and fair warning I do cuss....a lot.
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    posted a message on ► ► ► Minecraft Realms Server [UHC] ◄◄
    In-game name: iGoots (Planks)
    Country/Timezone:USA and Arizona so I think Pacific time?
    What are your strong areas: (Redstone, Building, PvP etc) Definitely building.
    What are your weak areas: Finding diamond haha.
    Why do you want to join PB Craft: I have yet to find a friendly community of player who actually build together. I bought the PC version today actually but have a lot of Xbox 360 experience. (1000+ hours)
    Do you agree to the rules? Most definitely.
    Optional Information: I'm ready to build. (:
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