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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: WaleyMC
    • Age: 36
    • Gender: M
    • Country/Timezone: UK - GMT
    • How someone should contact you: PM on here is fine or email [email protected]
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since Alpha
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: Building and working with redstone
    • Any additional things you want to say: bored playing on my own, happy to try modded MC too
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    posted a message on ☽ ABRACADABRA☽ ★★★★★★★ MATURE community + Mindcrack-like + Adventure Time Themed! ★★★★★★★
    I have now been playing on this server for over a month and being a regular player it has confirmed my initial thoughts that this would be a place I could call home. It has a great community and the map is superb with some amazing builds already. If you haven;t already I would encourage you to apply and come have a look around :)
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    posted a message on ☽ ABRACADABRA☽ ★★★★★★★ MATURE community + Mindcrack-like + Adventure Time Themed! ★★★★★★★
    Username: WaleyMC

    Age: 35

    Hours usually played (and in what time zone): at least a couple most days during the week, about 10 or so over the weekend - Timezone GMT (UK)

    What do you think you can bring to Abracadabra (beta)? I have been looking for a server that i can call 'home' and commit a long term future with. Bringing with me a solid knowledge of design an architecture i would take part in community builds as well as building solo projects. I would love to adventure the lands with other like minded minecrafters exploring the different biomes and defeating the many mobs we will meet along the way. I think that each biome lends itself to a certain style of build which I am able to turn my hand to and would be willing to help other members with any builds or mining tasks they want me to join in with.

    What about Abracadabra (beta) are you most interested in? The description of the server sound perfect for me, I have been looking for a server for a long time and have yet to find one that doesn't use a lot of plugins or have so many members it lags a lot of the time. Having read the posts within this thread the community sounds like its full of like minded people who are not out to troll or ruin other peoples gaming experience.

    Give me 7 or more sentences about yourself. in my younger years i worked for a building company for a long time which is where my design knowledge comes from. I play minecraft as often as i can once the family duties are out the way and the Mrs is either sleeping or working lol, thats not entirely true she's pretty good about giving me time to have my gaming fix. I play seldom other games as since the release of minecraft I have been addicted but am slowly getting bored playing alone or trying out servers which unfortunately are not as mature or friendly as i expected them to be. When i'm not playing minecraft or working I am generally out on the bike or with the good lady spending my hard earned money on stuff i don't even want, I mean what the heck are guest towels anyway, i thought towels were towels and pink is pink, not salmon or any of the other weird names woman give colours. Anyway i digress. I would love to become part of a server which would be welcoming, friendly and with people to have a laugh and joke with while playing rather than searching endless seeds on my own.

    Thanks for your consideration
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    posted a message on Survival server just started.Long term mature players needed.
    GT: iGC Rasta

    added and messaged on xbl
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