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    posted a message on buildcraft usage need help
    Quote from TRod

    buildcraft.BuildCraftEnergy$1BiomeIdException: You have a Biome Id conflict at 215 for oilOcean

    Open the Buildcraft config in notepad and change the biome id of oilOcean at the top of the file. I don't know the limits on biome ids, so don't go too high.
    It may be because it's 1.7.x that mods that normally don't conflict, have.
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    posted a message on Pixelmon DRM?
    It prevented certian servers, or players, from running the mod by forcing the game to exit. I don't know why they were doing it though.
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    posted a message on Installing Mods?
    No. Under the hood Minecraft, and Forge, fundamentally changed between 1.5.x and 1.6.x.
    Even if someone were to fix a mod between versions so for them it worked again, they'd never be able to distribute it without the original author's permision (unless open source).
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    posted a message on New to Minecraft
    Infernal Mobs and Special mobs are two that focus on mobs, but a lot of the larger mods will have a few new mobs, especially Ars Magica.

    Biomes o' Plenty and Extra Biomes xl are two of the larger biome mods, but again, large expansive mods are likely to add one or two, like Thaumcraft 4.

    Adding dimensions is somewhat of the in thing, so even medium sized mods like Extra Utilities have one. Mystcraft will let you create and to a lesser degree (without cheating in pages) design your own dimensions.

    The Forge API means you can pritty much throw any collection of mods together without much issue. But if you don't want to have to worry about that you can get Mod Packs that have already been tested and configured to avoid conflict. Magic Farm and Mad Pack for example, will try to kill you. Repeatedly.
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    posted a message on Server Modding Error
    As far as I know mod_ZanMinimap is a client only mod. It has no server side implementation. Unfortunately, if I remember rightly, Forge warns you if you try to put a server mod into a client instance, but not a client mod into a server instance.
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    posted a message on How to mod minecraft 1.7.2?
    Probably because there's no MCP out for 1.7 yet for the modders to work from, so almost all mods are actually written for 1.6.x or earlier. I think I've seen just one mod for 1.7.x so far.

    Do remember, they've re-written entire components, like the sound handling, so it will take time to get compatible mods out.
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    posted a message on Unable to install forge
    Quote from Rmor85

    If anyone is still having problems, this does work. Just download the 2 files maxvick11 posted above.



    The second link will open to a webpage. Just click on the Download (Jar)

    Rename both files. (Just take off the -RC2 at the end of both files)

    Click your start button and type %appdata% into search. Open the .minecraft file. Open libraries file. Open org file. Open scala-lang file. So now you should be at file location AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\libraries\org\scala-lang. Open scala-compiler and then 2.10.2. Copy your renamed compiler file (scala-compiler-2.10.2) to this location. Now back-up twice to the scala-lang file and open
    scala-library and 2.10.2. Same thing here. Copy the renamed library file that you downloaded (scala-library-2.10.2) to this location.

    Hopefully still the same solution.
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