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    posted a message on [modloader] Help setting up mcp for 1.6.2
    Possibly because ModLoader has been all but replaced by Forge (which can run ModLoader mods too).

    You might want to try these:

    They should help with setting up a Forge enviroment for 1.5, not sure if 1.6 would be much different.
    The minecraft wiki also has some modding tutorials, but they may be outdated.
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    posted a message on Unable to install forge
    Quote from Rmor85

    If anyone is still having problems, this does work. Just download the 2 files maxvick11 posted above.



    The second link will open to a webpage. Just click on the Download (Jar)

    Rename both files. (Just take off the -RC2 at the end of both files)

    Click your start button and type %appdata% into search. Open the .minecraft file. Open libraries file. Open org file. Open scala-lang file. So now you should be at file location AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\libraries\org\scala-lang. Open scala-compiler and then 2.10.2. Copy your renamed compiler file (scala-compiler-2.10.2) to this location. Now back-up twice to the scala-lang file and open
    scala-library and 2.10.2. Same thing here. Copy the renamed library file that you downloaded (scala-library-2.10.2) to this location.

    Hopefully still the same solution.
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    posted a message on OptiFine WIthout Forge?
    You shouldn't need Forge and Optifine in 1.6.2 anyway, Forge got improvements in optimization and rendering. Also, Optifine messes with Forge's rendering methods, so you'll potentially get graphical glitches.
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    posted a message on MODLOADER AND FORGE?
    No need, Forge contains a version of ModLoader
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    posted a message on What mods are good for making awesome homes?
    NEI use is actually quite simple. The Options button appears when inventory is open and allows you to togle between recipies and cheat mode. In the former you search, click the item sprite and it shows you how to make it. You can also scroll through the pages.
    In cheat mode, it just gives you the item, like the creative inventory.

    If you are runing 1.6.2, then Forge Multipart will provide options you've not even imagined in minecraft. Basically, it lets you cut up any block, then place the parts down in the world. You can even have several pieces in the same block space.

    Forestry with Extra Trees provides some intresting wood options with it's woodworker.
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Quote from ultimuh

    You know, I had an idea for this, might decide it would not suit the theme you are going for.. Any way..
    What if you could drop mobs and/or players into the smelter and it will kill and turn their remains into somkind of.. Molten Blood..metal?
    Or if you want to be more specciffic, Blazemetal for Blazes (as they don't actually bleed.).
    Any way, just an Idea I had.

    *cough* Drop a villager in.

    There is actually death messages for the Smeltery, because standing in the middle of it does a little dammage.
    You should be able to drop cows in, to get blood, but that might only be in 1.6.2

    Incidentally, there is a topic for Tinkers' Suggestions
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    posted a message on Getting back into Minecraft after a bit over a year - What are some 'must-have' mods?
    1.6.2 or 1.5.2?

    Tinkers' Construct, Natura, Biomes o Plenty, Thermal Expansion (1.5.2), Thaumcraft (1.5.2) and Applied Energistics are quite popular atm.

    FTB is actually a whole set, and launcher, for mod packs built around the Forge API.
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    posted a message on Tinkers' Construct Suggestions
    Quote from CTandler

    It's a pain to get lava early in the game and when you have no mod for liquid transportation it will be a pain in the latr game, too.
    So I suggest to add some different controllers for the smelterys that you can replace with others to upgrade it.
    Another suggetsion would be to not only add a option in the config to remove all the vanilla tool recipes ( I think that's already there)

    Tinkers' (for 1.6) recently got, or soon will have, casting channels. You can use these to feed Lava from an additional tank into the smeltery tank. mDiyo does it in his UHS+

    The config does have the means to remove the vanilla tools. However the replacement items for the Tech mods come from a different mod.
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    posted a message on How do I combine Optifine with Minecraft Forge on 1.6.2?
    You don't.
    Forge was given optimisation and new rendering methods that should negate the need for Optifine. Trying to use it will cause rendering issues.
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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 3.0.5i (Outdated)
    Quote from IStoneI

    also, if the beta already hit forgecraft, does anyone know some good streams that are currently running? we may be able to see it in action.

    Soaryn and Myrathi are the only ones I know are streaming regurly from FC2 atm. If they aren't streaming it, don't hound them to do so - just check back in an hour or so if you don't like what is streaming.
    Soaryn's stream will contain DW20 spoilers.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] Team CoFH Mods - Thermal Expansion
    Quote from FatBobTheSlob

    What's this rumor I'm hearing that you're gonna retire entirely from modding?

    I expect it's from the Direwolf20 FC2 S2E12 that went live today.
    Of cource, if you watch the FTB Stream Team you'd already have known about it.
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    posted a message on Editing Config Files
    I would expect so, save for any already there. I know you can disable the spawning of certian mo mobs. If it doesn't just set all of them to 0.

    Generally, the only way you are likely to break the map using the config is to delete/add whole sections, or by changing item ids stored in it. You could load a single player with the old settings, then adjust and test in it.

    Quote from Peri_95

    I figured it out (it also works for SMP, cause it is the same config file)
    Mouse <CREATURE:7:1:2:2>

    < TYPE OF MOB : Frequency of spawning ( Set zero for Ostriches :D , cause they are lame xD ) : min(minimum number of mobs in group) : max (maximum number of mobs in group) : Chunk (I think, spawning per chunk)>
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    You may have this already, given Forgecraft 2 found it, but since they were all busy at the time and I don't see anyone haivng posted it, just to be sure.

    Tinkers' doesn't check wither Thermal Expansion is installed, thus you can make liquid electrum, but not ingots.
    The only ways to clear this from the smeltery are a tank, or replace the controller. Buckets in the casting table didn't seem to work.
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    posted a message on Problem with Forge
    FTB advise against using Optifine beyond 1.5.2. It causes rendering issues and apparently conflicts with Modular Power Suits.
    Forge was given new rendering that should allow you to gain the same frame rate boost you are trying to get using Optifine.

    If you scroll down that topic, you'll notice others have encountered the same error. The thread mentioned, but not linked appears to be this one. If you still wish to try.
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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct
    Quote from bsaksida

    Quote from linuxmant

    Quick question, how can you empty the smeltery when you have less than an ingot worth of liquid?

    put a tank under the faucet. I forgot witch tank i put in. But i think i used seared tank, but not sure.

    I have crafted excavator and hammer. Is there a whay to change their behaviour like disabling 3x3 area?

    I know Portable tanks and Liquiducts (Thermal Expansion) have been used in the past. And Railcraft Tanks work too, but that's a bit overkill.

    Why would you want to? It's a Teir 2 tool, it's supposed to be better.
    Short answer: there's nothing in config for that.

    Quote from coderorigion

    First off...few questions:
    1: saw liquified emerald in NEI how do i achive this?
    2: is it possible to make armor yet?
    3: can i smelt down metals from other mods?

    1. Get a villager in the Smeltary. There is no use for it yet, so have a tank handy.
    Also, try a cow ;)

    3. There is currently Molten Tin, Steel, Nickel, Silver, Lead, Shiny, Invar, Electrum in the code.
    Enchanted Fabric (Thaumcraft) is a valid bow material.
    Thaumium is an option for tool materials, but note that you aren't required to melt it down.
    I don't know if the Molten Ender is Thermal Expansion compatible.
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