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    This is a Vanilla Classic minecraft server.

    I do not host/run this server. I am just a player advertising the thread a bit. :wink.gif:

    IP Address: alyxia.no-ip.org !

    Join now!
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    Zombie Apocalypse!

    What's the difference from any other server?

    Zombie Apocalypse ( AKA ZACraft ) is almost Vanilla. It's plugins are either to effect gameplay or how donators use their skill. It's time to tell you about the fun part.

    There isn't ANY mobs. Zombies are what you live on, they drop...bows, arrows, iron ingots, string, and more! They are mega-powerful and they'll do anything for your brainzzz. They break through blocks, open doors, and are determined to kill you. When they break blocks, it drops the actual block, so it's not "greif" exactly. They cannot burn in sunlight and cactus is mostly your main hope.

    It's VERY hardcore and you might die the first couple of times, but you'll catch the hang of it. PvP is turned OFF because you KILL ZOMBIES, not users.

    Can I donate to the server?

    Why, Yes! Yes you can! There is a short list of things you can donate and receive back!

    Donator1: Teleporting, Kits, /back, Mob Disguise (Chicken, Sheep), Nickname! 10$

    Donator2: Donator1 + Flying, Godmode, Mob Disguise (Cow, Pig)! 20$

    Donator3: Donator2 + CREATIVE MODE! 30$

    Donate here: Link Removed

    What's the server IP?

    That's easy! The IP is..

    THE PORT IS A MUST! If you do not put in the port, you will get Survival Madness, my main server, which is a SMP/PVP server. :smile.gif:

    Notice* After we receive a certain amount of money, we will put it then on a VPS, where we will host many worlds. Please leave suggestions about this upgrade below, thanks.

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    posted a message on [BETA]▁▂▃▅▆▇ARTANES ▇▆▅▃▂▁ [TOWNY] [1.0.1] [PVP] [HEROES] [24/7]
    +1! This is really nicely laid out...
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    I run a 20-slot legit server with ranks. I use a good set of plugins and love minecraft all and all. Hopefully, you take a chance to check out my server, and play for a while. Thanks.

    Also, we are running Spleef right now. You win free "enchanted" items.


    We have about 2 people on 24/7, and I would like to increase that. :smile.gif:
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    Hey! Come join in! No introductions, maze to find a silly word, or anything else! Just join and play! There are some rules, though. If you don't want to follow them, go ahead and break them, you will be the one regretting it. When you join, I suggest you type /rules.

    - EthansCreations

    P.S. Server's NOT FULLY out yet! This is BETA!


    In Survival Madness, we have WORKING ranks, with a limited amount of permissions but more to come!
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    Quote from Bloomb132

    In-Game-Name? Bloomb132
    Age? 17
    Why do you want to help? Because Im good with plugins and redstones, And I want to help make this server big :biggrin.gif:
    Skype? No


    PM'd you the IP. Come on in!
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    :Diamond: Heyo! Im EthansCreations.

    Im working on a new server (1.8.1). Im looking for some builders that are willing to help build a spawn with me. I have world guard, Hawkeye, and other plugins that will AUTOMATICALLY ban you if you choose to greif in any way. Please fill out the forum below to get in.

    P.S. If you tell ANYBODY the IP BEFORE the server is out, you will be banned and so will that person. Kthxbai.

    P.S.S You will get a responce ASAP. :wink.gif:

    Why do you want to help?

    *EDIT* Heres a few screenys.

    More can be found at: http://imgur.com/a/FIM8k
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    Ethan's Reviews

    Please read everything that's necessary before posting...(Application, More Info, etc...)


    To get a map reviewed, you must fill out the application below:

    Map Title:
    Map Type:
    Map Link:
    Do I Need: (Texture, Person, Mod)
    Comments: (Optional)

    Maps I review:
    Survival(PM me!)
    ...and Everything Else!

    Some maps will be reviewed before others, EVERYTHING will be reviewed!

    To Do List

    Cross Country?

    Bedblock Challenge (PM'ed)

    Room after Room

    The Cure

    FloatyMountain V1 (PM'ed)

    The Shrine of Elements


    How do i grade these? Look below!

    Parkour Runner 6.0/10
    Overall, this was a great map. There wasn't a real point as to why I did all these traps but it was more of "Face to Face" as he did call me a cheater throughout the map. There are a few things he will need to change to avoid "hate" I would call it because there are some things that only the skilled can pass and he calls us a cheater. :ohmy.gif:

    I enjoyed a lot of this map. There was a lot of originality in this map. I think this was one of the best original map I've played in a long time. This map took me exactly 45 minutes. I think its a great time length for a great map. I personally enjoyed the big sand fall and the Nether jumping. I also liked the TNT traps. I did survive one of them and he called me a cheater. -.-

    I had scored 27 diamonds. If you enjoy parkour and are a fan of score keeping, this map is a great idea to try out!

    Bugs I found!

    - As explained above, the first death room where you have the glass surrounded by a nice grassy plain with some plains and a few trees. It is possible to get in, if you look hard enough, there is some clay blocks on the outer sides.

    - Also from the same room, we have a limited amount of blocks to make it across, you can do this trap, I was killed under no circumstances of anything.

    Goldmine 6.5/10

    Goldmine was a great map overall. I enjoyed the adventure and storyline. The storyline was intense as I felt I was really fighting for my family's lives. I loved the adventure as I jumped from tree to tree as well. Adventure and Storyline are 2 big categories for a great adventure map and this map contained a great amount of both.

    There are some great pieces in this map. I enjoyed the nether dungeon because of the hole. If you didn't turn the brightness to moody, you would have seen it. I also liked nether ghast run. The length of this map took me exactly an hour so I enjoyed it.

    This map had a few original things such as fighting your way out and the big fall in the dungeon. I enjoyed it in both views and hope to see another map as creative and amusing as this one is. If you have about an hour and 20 minutes of your time and you like adventure, this is the map for you.

    Bugs I found!

    - I didn't understand if we needed a diamond pickaxe and a shovel explained in your signs: "there are 2 diamonds out and 2 hidden." This can be found in dungeon 2.

    - There wasn't really a setting to your storyline. This would give a time setting. Example: The great depression in 1933

    - In dungeon 2, the spare set of keys has 4 levers which is more than enough to win.

    The Devils Lunch Break 5.7/10

    First off, this was a great map, holding some great moments, good scenery, and great hardcore traps. I didn’t really like the title, I thought it was a little crummy, I think he could make it a LOT better. The rules were simple so I guess it was a bit easier. I scored a LOT of diamonds over this time period. It took me a while, I don’t have a specific timing because it took a time period of 2 days! Lets get on with the good traps though…
    So, this map featured a few nice traps, I enjoyed level 4 as I’ve only seen it in about 3 maps I’ve seen before. I enjoyed the Mob trap categories and liked the math equations. This map features nice traps, an okay storyline, and a good scenery set. I think this map could’ve been a lot better which I explain in a minute.
    Now I normally don’t do 3 paragraphs excluding the Bugs I’ve Found but I think this map deserved it. This part will be for anything really that should be done, aside the bugs. I think he could’ve made the “Diamond Room” in part 2, Red, like retexturing it or having a friend do it and giving credits. I think this was a good map overall.

    If you’re a fan of long, intriguing, adventure maps…I personally am, this is DEFIANTLY the map for you!

    Bugs I’ve Found

    - Read paragraph 3…Other than this, you said there were “8” traps but there was a part 2 so really there is 11 traps.
    - In your lava arrow room, it lagged me out of minecraft, you might want to change this.

    Creation 2.5/10

    I completed this map fairly quickly. I got about 30 minutes into and and decided to take a way out of the map. This map didn’t have so much from my point but I guess the map was okay.
    This was more of a puzzle map. I think the 4 endings is really what gave it this score. There wasn’t a good storyline nor was there a good amount adventure so this way a puzzle. The puzzles were a bit easy as parkour to answering what isn’t in 1.8… I think this map could be A LOT better and hope to see it change.

    This map was a good start, just add a storyline and a bit more hardcore and you got yourself a adventure map…kinda, well this is a start, so you MIGHT want to check it out.
    Bugs I’ve Found:

    - In the first parkour “Lava jumping” you cant get to the other side without dieing.
    - You said in your rules “only break people & wool” you have to break Obsidian too!
    - Its not an adventure without a story.

    Lux Prepetua 6.6

    This review is by Kmilley! Thanks :biggrin.gif:
    Lux Perpetua is a great map. By far the what I saw most in this is architecture. Amazing structures, towns and villages were created to greatness, with amazing attention to everything in 1.8. Even the smaller things looked like they went through a little planning to creat. But architecture is only a part of making a good adventure map, there are still many other categories.

    The author went huge with this map, making it a very length worthy. In some ways this was good, I enjoyed finding seeing new sights, and completing some quests on the way. Every once in a while, I thought he had just made a ton of cool buildings and made a storyline, not the other way around. After leaving Skyden, I got a bit lost at what I was supposed to be doing to the story. When you combine being a bit confused with the story, and long routes in between serious architecture, it leads to having some moments of not wanting to continue the map. This may not be the case for everyone, some people may have had better luck figuring out the story, and where to go.

    Overall, this map is really good… I would recommend this map to anyone looking for a great adventure map.
    Bugs Ive Found:

    -The checkpoints are unsafe. When I sleep in them, monsters spawn.

    -mystery is spelled incorrectly in the restaurant owners diary.

    Escape 2.3/10

    I guess Escape was okay. Escape was only about 15 minutes long with a minimal amount of bugs. I don’t have much to say as it was not long. That’s why the rating is average. Moving on…
    I guess there were a few good scenes as a nice use of 1.8. I enjoyed the use of minecarts as well for a parkour. There wasn’t much else to it though. The storyline wasn’t good nor’ bad but it was just average. I guess this map can be explained in 2 words, Short & Average.

    If your looking for a quick map that’s okay…This map might be for you.
    Bugs Ive Found:

    - Its short

    - This may have just been me, but after the parkour, there is glitched out netherrack and signs next to the portal home.

    Feed the Frog 4.4/6.0

    This map was great. I really enjoyed trying and trying to feed this frog. I SUCKED at it and got only to 1. Although I suck, I really did enjoy it.

    Although this isn’t a puzzle, adventure, or survival…It was really good. There was a TON of redstone put into this. I also liked how the frog was designed to make it a lot harder to actually feed it!

    If you like game maps, this is DEFIANTLY for you!
    Bugs I’ve Found:

    None!! Keep it Up!

    More Info

    I will review any map for now, just to get started. I will rarely choose a map for myself to review. Basically, I don't review unless it was posted. If I do not see everything (except for those with (optional) by them) filled out, I will not even second glance your map, professional or amateur. In your application, at the bottom, type : Creeper and then put a smiley face of any kind. In order to be a map reviewer, I need maps to play. I want you to be active on this thread too! Agree, disagree, argue with my opinions! I would absolutely love to hear your feedback on what I think :smile.gif:. Plus, you would be giving another great opinion to those who are wondering about a certain map. Leave a comment, please and thank you! I WILL NOT do any RE-Reviews unless you give me a VERY good reason why I should. The reason for the "secret word" is if you don't care what I have to say, then I don't care what you have to make.

    Rating System

    Maps I review will be extremely strict on their ratings. I'm not here to make map makers and map players happy, I'm here to tell map makers whats good and whats not. I try to tell you what really needs to be worked on.


    0.1-0.9: Hated the map. It wasted my time. You only got this for putting in time into it.

    1 - 1.9: Its Not Great. There Might of Been 1 or 2 Good Things but it was probably boring in general to get this rating.

    2 - 2.9: This map wasn't a total waste of my time. Its not a 'boo' though.

    3 - 3.9: Acceptional, but there's no reason for me to marvel at it.

    4 - 4.9: Beyond Average, but BARLEY. At this rating, I got a few kicks out of it. Enjoyed it.

    5 - 5.9 = I enjoyed this map. I was never paused for too long, but still didn't breeze through it.

    6 - 6.9 = This map is what most people would rate 8.5 or higher out of 10. It means that a lot of work is obviously seen in this map, and it is fun.

    7 - 7.9 = A decent piece of work, featuring a few great moments, a some good scenery, and an overall successful map.

    8 - 8.9 = Very good, a lot of dedication is seen in this map, the storyline had me entrapped the whole time, the puzzles/action/whatever were just at the right level of difficulty.

    9 - 9.9 = An excellent map, lots of detail, a great storyline, very thrilling, amazing scenery, and I was never at all enraged.

    10/10 = This map (I doubt anything will ever get a 10/10) was perfect in every way. I played this map, I had fun, I adored this map.


    0.1-0.9: I hated it. The game only got this for putting some time into it.

    1 - 1.9: Wasted my time in general.

    2 - 2.9: Okay. This game wasn't a total waste of my time.

    3 - 3.9: Acceptional. I guess this would be an average game!

    4 - 4.9: Great. This game had a nice decoration and gameplay.

    5 - 5.9 = Outstanding. This game had a mix of everything outside of survival. Minecarts, Redstone, pistons, art, etc.

    Please click the link. It takes 5 seconds and it encourages me to do more reviews.


    Leave a (+) if you liked a review of mine!
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    Minecraft 9.78.23_01
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