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    posted a message on Given up on new editor?
    I am having big trouble with this one thread I have with a lot of spoilers, images and a video... it just shows the code but won't load it, the thing is that it looks ok when I try t edit it :/
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    posted a message on Where is the Spoiler button?!
    Quote from Cheeyev»
    Speaking of Spoilers, is there a way to replace the 'Spoiler' text you normally see on them onto something else?

    spoiler text

    agh, can't get the code thing to work... well, just delete the *s
    [*spoiler=like this]spoiler text[/spoiler*]
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    posted a message on Eirikra's Steve rig for Maya
    Quote from DJtheKidMC29»
    How do you change the skin file? Yes I'm a noob,and I tried to watch the video but it was mute..please tell meh ;(

    I uploaded a new video that's shorter and with a little bit better explanation :)

    Sorry for answering late but I don't get notifications of this so I didn't know people where commenting here, my bad s:
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    posted a message on Eirikra's Steve rig for Maya
    Quote from sksk55

    How to get texture on it

    Check out the video, I explain it there :) (well, I try to explain it there... haha)
    It's under How To's section
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    posted a message on Eirikra's Steve rig for Maya
    Added a link to download the basic Minecraft tools :) with interchangable skins (gold, diamond, wood, rock)
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    posted a message on Skin Collection [Top Quality]
    Hi, I have been collecting skins since I started playing Minecraft, and now it's pretty big so I just wanted to share it with you guys, maybe you see something that you like! :)

    It's not a simple collection, I'm pretty strict with the skins I save there so I assure you it's just top quality ;)

    Most of them I just found them around the web, some others have been recolored by me or remixed (the female Hatheras for example). Anyways, I don't claim any of those skins as my own (except Leela, I did that one from scratch), I'm just sharing my findings with you.

    Here's the link:

    Tell me which one is your favorite! :D
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!
    Quote from Ramses1234

    es mi primera vez jugando minecraft

    Mmh deberias de hablar ingles en este foro... y leer de que se trata el tema antes de postear...
    (You should speak english on this forum... and read what's the topic before posting...)

    My skin:

    I really like it, it's a remix I did with 2 skins :)
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    posted a message on Eirikra's Steve rig for Maya

    I. Love. You.
    So much.

    Quote from Zac091

    Why don't you have more views?! Thanks man!

    Haha thanks both for being the first ones on replying, this will get other people to notice it :)
    And thanks in advance for the next ones, I won't be able to reply to every post because that would be considered as spam maybe, so I just want you to know that I'm grateful for every comment n.n
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    posted a message on Looking for active users
    I'm pretty active! :D
    IGN: iEirikra
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    posted a message on I have Minecraft Realms. Post your IGN for invite!
    thank you! :D
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    posted a message on Eirikra's Steve rig for Maya

    Free rig for Maya 2014! :D

    You can use it for your animations, projects and anything you like, just remember to give me credit for it.

    Any comments, opinions, reviews, ideas, problems, questions... feel free to post them here.

    You also get this tools with the different materials textures :)

    • Fully editable face.
    • Easily change the skin.
    • Helmet/hat/mask included.
    • Easy to understand.
    • FK/IK controllers.
    If you need a little help getting through then you may find this a little helpful:
    In the video I explain how to move the character around, what each controller does (though you can find that by reading the name or just moving it around) and how to change the skin.

    Other things you might find useful:
    If you're just getting started on Maya then you might be a little confused of what do I mean with that. Well, occlusion is a useful little "filter" that will get your renders a better shading. I've only used on still renders, I have no experience with animation yet so I can't tell you if it's useful with animations or not. I will try to explain it so that anyone can understand, you only need basic knowledge of Maya and Photoshop, as this is for pictures not animations.
    First of all, why would you want to use occlusion?
    Without occlusion: ___________________________With occlusion:

    Much better, right? It's really simple to do this, just follow this steps:
    1. Set the camera in the exact position you want.
    2. Render normally and save the image as TIFF (if you do it with PNG Photoshop will behave weirdly).
    3. Do NOT move the camera, not even a bit, make sure it stays that way or you will have to start again.
    4. Now go to Channel Box and look for this:

    5. By default you will be on the Display tab (were the Mesh, Controllers and Helmet layers are), turn off the Helmet layer if it's not already hidden (I will explain why later). And then go to the Render tab and click on Occlusion, it should look like in the picture above.
    6. When you do this your preview will turn completely black, don't panic that's supposed to happen. Remember to do not move the camera. And now render. You will see something like this:

    7. If you hadn't hide the helmet on the previous step you wouldn't be seeing the eyes, eyebrows and mouth's shadows, instead you will have a lighten box around the head.
    8. Save it just as you did with the render, remember to use TIFF. Open the render in Photoshop, create a new layer and paste the occlusion picture there. Set occlusion to multiply.
    9. Now erase the shadows on the head that are over the helmet if needed, and that's it.

    (click the image to download the rig and tools)

    If you liked it don't forget to click on that pompous green arrow ;D And follow the topic so you know when I update the thing!


    * 17/04/13 - Fixed some stuff with the hat texture, and the hands and feet controllers now rotate with their respective member.
    * 09/05/13 - You can now scale the character!
    * 09/06/13 - Improved knee and elbow controls. Character can now fully rotate.
    * 10/06/13 - Improved mouth controls.
    * 03/10/13 - Added the tools.
    * 10/11/14 - Added FK controls.
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    posted a message on [1.4.x][Game] Cake Defense
    O: this is great!!
    tho a restart button would be really useful! :biggrin.gif:

    thanks n.n
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    posted a message on Dragons!
    at 1:23, left corner you can see some different block... he's not using any texture-pack and it doesnt look like any block that exists yet... O:
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    posted a message on The "RPG Party" Skin Making Contest!
    lol (Note from Twi - Her math got screwed up a bit, I fxied it when adding scores)
    sorry for that... maybe i forgot to change the total score when i modified some of the individual ones....

    oh and P.S. english is not my native language soo... maybe some things i said are confusing, sorry for that too 'n.n
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