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    Hello everyone,

    I'm proud to say I am happy to be apart of the VAHosting experience and find that it is a great fit for my needs. I used their bungee-cord bundle plan to get my server started, it was $9/mo. for 12 GB, serious. I also came across a problem and immediately got help directly on my server with a staff member showing up in less than 5-10 minutes. We both resolved the problem and is one of the reason's I'm making this post, and I honestly will continue to support its services. As a sign of gratitude, I'd like to recommend that everyone reading gives there to host a try or even a look, because I seriously do think it's the best one out there at the moment, and they seriously care about there clients. This is big in the hosting community, as you don't want your services ran by a teenager who doesn't know exactly what he/she is doing or how to professionally set it up. I'd like to thank the staff team for there hard work and this service for providing a cheap option for hosting, keep up the work guys! I rate this a 10/10, best host I have been with yet, honest opinion.

    Thanks for reading!..

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