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    Coordinates to entrance of cave leading to it:

    X: 274, Y: 65, Z: 340

    Follow the cave around the right bend, and you will quickly come to an opening that goes super fast down. I poured a bucket of water at exactly:

    X: 267, Y: 49, Z: 327

    Using the water as a kind of elevator, you can go either all the way down, or you can get off at the abandoned mineshaft.

    Actual abandoned mineshaft coordinates:

    X: 269, Y: 33, Z: 326

    (Obviously that's just one point in the mineshaft)

    I haven't explored it at all; the moment I found it I grabbed my cellphone and came on here to let you know!


    This is really weird, because this is the nicest flower forest I've ever seen.

    It is far right side, exactly in the middle.

    Coordinates: X: 383, Y: 75, Z: -13

    It has TONS of allium, every color tulip, azure bluet, as well as rose bushes, peonies, and lilacs.

    Now I'll be honest, I don't know how "flower forest" is defined as a biome, but the vast amount of flowers is incredible. I do not understand why it would not appear for you, especially since you've tried recreating the world.

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    posted a message on Looking for Seed with: Mesa Bryce, All Wood, Swamp, Flower Forest, & Ocean Monument

    After continued searching on the Internet, I came across a seed that is ALMOST exactly what I want. Credit goes to slate79 for this awesome seed. I just wish the Mesa was bigger. The seed is:

    "-303721893827871" (without the quotes, but with the minus sign).

    This seed has all wood types, Swamp, a Mesa or Mesa Bryce (this is one of those seeds that changes if you create it again), 3 villages, ALL temples (Desert Temple, Jungle Temple, & Ocean Monument), a nice sized flower forest. Found a single pumpkin growing in one of the Jungles, & melons somewhere else.

    Haven't checked out the seed from Delvin4519, but this one is pretty nice. Wish the Mesa was a little bigger, or less cut off by water. Also has a mostly underground ravine in the Mesa, which is great because there's a Zombie spawner down there, but it means less hardened clay. Still, an amazing seed.

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