About Me
My name is Dan.

Here's a little about me;
I am 22 years old.
I looooove watching anime. My top 3 are Hajime no Ippo, School Rumble, and Soul Eater.
I'm a real big gamer. I grew up on the N64, then moved onto the PS1, then came the PS2, and then I switched to Xbox around that time, Halo 2 was my life for a while.
Then the Xbox 360 rolled out and I never once thought about buying a PS3. Also, I had always been into PC gaming when I was younger, but my old computer was terrible, I still played all the damn time, I just usually gave up after a while because my computer couldn't handle the stress. I did play a TON of MMORPG's though. TONS.
Now I am primarily a PC gamer.

I work at a retail store. I take things out to customers cars when they come to pick them up.
I should go to school.

Umm.. the games that I am currently playing right now are:
On the 360: NONE

On the PC: Minecraft
Shoot Many Robots
Just Cause 2 MP

Just check my steam games list: http://steamcommunit...d/draghin/games
Gaming, anime, reading fiction, kpop,
Location Minnesota

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