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    - Displays 6 different messages along with sounds.


    - Displays 3 different messages, no sounds.


    - Displays a title, overview of the triangle, and a sound.

    First Floor

    - Got to a room with ores and iron bares, assumed I was supposed to get levitation here for bars. If you didn't know you can run an execute the command for an iron bar being above a player's head and giving them levitation for like 1 second.

    - So far other than the room with the bow and arrow I got 0 effects running across any of the gold blocks. (Ignore this if there isn't supposed to be effects.)

    - When getting to the room with shooting the lights, I only get 1 arrow when running across the gold blocks in which I need 4, but the player can just run across the blocks multiple times and get multiples bows and arrows.

    - Maybe after this room clear the player's inventory?

    - Got to the last room with the lava and iron bars, the lapis block did nothing as I stood on it. From here I do not know where I am supposed to go.

    - When I "fell" in the lava, I spawned in between a room with enlarged diamond armor on my right, and a spaceship looking object on my left.


    - Below I attached a photo, these three segments were all empty.

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