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    Looks like I arrived late, would love to help out in some playtesting if you are willing :)

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    What type of mob are you looking for a kill counter? Do you want it to teleport the player to a cord when it hits, let's say 10, then reset back to 0? Do want it to enable when they spawn in an arena, then disable when they get teleported out of the arena?

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    My render distance is set at 16. On the first level, I only got one title and sound when I first spawned in it and it said "Stage 1". When running back and forth over the gold blocks for the bow I would get a bow with flame but it was never constant. Along with that, the bows NEVER gave infinity. If you would like to get in direct contact with me for a detailed review of the map please message me on discord at iChasm#7544. I'd be happy to help :)

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    - Displays 6 different messages along with sounds.


    - Displays 3 different messages, no sounds.


    - Displays a title, overview of the triangle, and a sound.

    First Floor

    - Got to a room with ores and iron bares, assumed I was supposed to get levitation here for bars. If you didn't know you can run an execute the command for an iron bar being above a player's head and giving them levitation for like 1 second.

    - So far other than the room with the bow and arrow I got 0 effects running across any of the gold blocks. (Ignore this if there isn't supposed to be effects.)

    - When getting to the room with shooting the lights, I only get 1 arrow when running across the gold blocks in which I need 4, but the player can just run across the blocks multiple times and get multiples bows and arrows.

    - Maybe after this room clear the player's inventory?

    - Got to the last room with the lava and iron bars, the lapis block did nothing as I stood on it. From here I do not know where I am supposed to go.

    - When I "fell" in the lava, I spawned in between a room with enlarged diamond armor on my right, and a spaceship looking object on my left.


    - Below I attached a photo, these three segments were all empty.

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    What up, I'm new to the community here on the forum, but nowhere near new to Minecraft. Lately, I have been having an urge to build an adventure map, my first one, but can't think of any ideas. I was curious if anyone out there had any ideas that wanted to be built but didn't have the skills to build one or the motivation. I'd credit you for the idea and have you help playtest it if you would like. I'm looking for a story-driven map with high-intensity exploration, as in through a cave or a forest. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on discord at iChasm#7544.

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    posted a message on [1.17.1] ๐ŸคžArkacia Survival๐Ÿคž - One Big Family - Classic progression style Survival - Completely unique enchantments

    Username - iChasm

    Age - 17

    Favorite aspect of the server - I have only been playing on the server for about half an hour and love it so far! I enjoy how the staff and community are very engaging and welcoming. The builds look very detailed as well. This compares a lot to the older server I used to play on and I love it. My girlfriend and I have been looking for a fun non-towny survival server and I think we've found the right one. Keep up the good work and thanks for having us!

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    posted a message on - Minecraft Connect -

    Recently a friend by the name of, Vocall, showed me a pretty cool website by the name of "Minecraft Connect". The website is like Facebook, but for Minecraft users. I really enjoy it so far and can't wait for updates in the future. I am currently supporting the founder as much as I can. I think all of you would enjoy the website as well there some info on the site below.

    Founder - Anthill1
    Discord Admin - elijahsaboria1
    Discord Admin - BlueTeletubi

    The site currently has server pages, friends, private messaging, and lots more!

    Lots of users are still joining the server, Elijah currently has lots of plans for the future including an IOS(Not sure about android) app for the site.

    On the website, you can create a page to advertise your server! You can upload info on the server and post updates!

    Along with servers, you can also create different groups with info also!

    Future Plans,
    Quote from Anthill1 on future plans, "We have the core of the website complete but we are looking to currently grow the user base then add additional features."

    At the moment the owner is also in the process of making a server which is currently unavailable to the community but will be up and running soon.

    Discord - Click here
    Website - Click here

    Thanks for reading this thread, I hope to give the owner a high advantage in growing the community with Minecraft Connect.

    - iChasm
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