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    Quote from StevenLaxbro2121



    Role-Play Exp.:Prison server, a Fallout server, and another Assassins creed server.

    Why Us: I love Assassin's Creed and Minecraft and this seems like a very legit server I want to be apart of.

    Time You Can Dedicate:2-6 daily, easter standard time

    Have you played Assassin's Creed? YES!


    Name: Steven

    Gender: male

    Age: 26

    Fears: Templars

    Personality: A serious, hard working guy who works himself to the bone to get what he wants and do what he needs to.

    Skills: archery

    Nickname (Optional):

    RP Example (Add Dialogue): (Mercenary situation) "Umm... sir are you... the.. um-" "Yes I am." "Well, this peculiar man dressed in dark robes came up to me yesterday afternoon and demanded extravagant amounts of money from me in the next 3 days, or else... well, my life will be cut short. I can't offer you loads upon loads of money to this, for I only own a small bakery. But I will offer what I do have in return for his death." "Name the place you last saw him." " He went behind the public bathing building when I last saw him out of the window of my shop." "Ok, sounds like a deal. Be here. Tomorrow at sunrise. Don't be late."

    Skin (Link, picture, description): Hooded man, whitish blackish color

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): I wasn't born into the most ordinary family. I was born into a group of highly trained, and deadly mercenaries. My dad put me into training when I was the age of 5 years old, handling wood swords, and practicing my archery. Archery was my main skill out of everything though, also being my favorite. As my life progressed, my skills also did. At age 15 I have killed over 74 people, and 17 guards.
    At age 19, my father had been assassinated my one of the Duke's handy man because he found out of my family's killing ways. Now, when ever I'm asked to kill a guard, or anybody even remotely having to do with the Duke I will kill them without hesitation. Because of my father, the Duke knows about me now and has a request of me, dead or alive. If they caught me alive, I'd be soon among the many victims of the gallows. I have hushed down for a couple years, having a low profile in order to stay alive. But now that the years pasted on and on, I am now ready to get back in business, accepting any hits that people want out of this cruel, unforgiving world. That is of course, for a price. And now that war is being started within its own lands, many people will want others dead, and I'm just the man to do it, that is... ... for a price.


    What is Roleplay? Roleplay is when there is a specific scenario and you play along with it, like your in a play almost.

    What is Metagaming? When you know information outside the role-playing system and use it for personal gain or an advantage from which nobody else has.

    What is Powergaming? Is when you have all the powers in a role-play system and dominate other people. You are basically having all other skills that different types of people should have, not you. (I tried to put it into the best of my words as possible)

    What is Assassin'
    s Creed? An awesome Xbox 360 game, in which you are an a person, but you go in a machine which takes you back in time and your ancestors were Assassins.

    Refix your app and read the op. You cannot know about the templars and have them as a fear before you enter the town and actually KNOW them. Also give an example of Metagaming
    Quote from Robin1225

    Revised to specifications (hopefully)


    IGN: Robin1225

    Age: 16

    Role-Play Exp.: I have played a couple roleplay servers that are now inactive and ignored. I would consider myself as a decent role-player, able to stay in character at all times.

    Why Us: I have been looking for a roleplay server for quite a while now and have reviewed to plugins used for this server. It is truly a potent combination of a plethora of members along with active admins and enjoyable plugins. This server seems to match my idea of a great role-playing server.

    Time You Can Dedicate: I can usually dedicate 1-5 hours a day depending on the amount of homework I have, as I am still in school.

    Have you played Assassin's Creed? Yes, I have been quite a fan for this game series since Assassin's Creed 2.


    Name: Sergio Mazza

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Fears: Tight Spaces (Claustrophobia), Loneliness,

    Personality: Sergio is an ambivert, keeping to himself most of the time, but is willing to interact with others that seem interesting.

    Skills: Sergio is swift, sly, and cunning.

    Nickname (Optional): Robin

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    The guard yells,"You theif! Give me back my money!"
    Sergio says, "Mai(never)!" and sprints towards the exit, pushing civilians out of the way.
    Sergio barges through a door, overturning tables and chairs, and jumps through the window
    on the other side.
    The guard signals and other guards materializes out of nowhere, surrounding Sergio with their swords raised.
    Sergio pulls out a dagger...

    Skin (Link, picture, description):

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs):
    Whoops. Didn't know about the lone theif popularity. The new backstory is below.
    Sergio was not wealthy as a child; he worked in his parent's vegetable business daily and slept only a few hours a day just to feed himself. He worked harshly with little financial gain until one day, while selling vegetables in his market stand, he saw a man embrance another man and turn around with some coins flashing in his hand, an excellent pickpocketing job. Sergio had an epiphany and decided to attempt to gain more money by stealing from a group of wealthy merchants traveling through the city, the begginning of his theiving career. Sergio spent the next few years sneaking around and pickpocketing wealth men for the coins in their pockets.
    His parents were not pleased when they found out that he had gained so much money through immoral means and punished him by forcing him to work even harder, preventing him from having time pickpocketing. Sergio, however, was persistant with his skillful "occupation," and his parents kicked him out of the house and threatened to kill him if he came back. He left with the image of his father shaking a pitchfork at him yelling, "Never come back you lowlife!" Sergio, leaving his home with nothing but the clothes on his body and the skills within his brain, walked towards the city with hopes of a prosperous life. A life of crime? No. Sergio didn't think pickpocketing as a crime, but merely as a job, a means of survival. Perhaps he seeks an honest life? Sergio was unsure wether or not to continue a life of a pickpocket or to start a honest life without trouble. He walks, deep in though, towards the gate to his new life in the city.

    Sergio was a typical peasent, working monotonously throughout the day in the market selling family-grown vegetables. His parents were not very appriciative and picked on Sergio constantly, slowly adding to Sergio's growing hatred for his ever-drunk parents. They worked him like a slave, yelling at him to tend to the crops, slaughter the flock, and fetch alcohol in the market, further cultivating Sergio's introverted nature. One day, Sergio asked his father, "Why do I have to do all the work around here?" Immediately, his father let out a loud rage and beat Sergio saying, "You do what I say, when I say." Injured, Sergio seeked help in the city and met a doctor that healed his wounds and volunteered to teach him basic combat skills to defend himself.
    Although the doctor was not a particularly great fighter didn't have much to teach, Sergio had a thrill experiencing freedom in the city visiting the doctor when he wasn't occupied at the market. When his father found out, he beat Sergio again with the same results as last time (evidently, Sergio's combat skills didn't improve that much). With his hatred for his father inflating, Sergio set out with the clothes he was wearing and a little sack of food he had prepared to run away from his father. With his head hanging from exhaustion, he saw the walls of a city in the horizon, the symbol of his new life.


    What is Roleplay?
    Roleplaying is the action of acting the part or role of another character in-game. One must take the role of the character and act as if one was the character not the person they exist as.

    What is Metagaming?
    Metagaming refers to characters, whom are roleplaying, that contain knowledge they should not know. For example, a farmer crafting tnt would be considered metagaming as a farmer should not have the knowledge of explosive weaponry. A player shouldn't know what happened in another city unless he/she was informed by someone, news, etc.

    What is Powergaming?
    Powergaming refers to characters that overpowers other characters, in a sense. Basically, powergaming is a player that is undefeatable and ruins the roleplaying experience of other roleplayers by defeating them in combat without giving them a chance.

    What is Assassin's Creed?
    Assassin's Creed is a video game series that stars a group of people known as Assassins. These people fight for freedom against the templars and despise them. The templars, however, seek power and control over everyone. The Assassins have been fighting the Templars through the entire series of games for the same cause, freedom.


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    soo many apps if i dont get urs please repost im sorry
    Quote from Laser_Penguin

    Edited post




    Role-Play Exp.:3 servers on roleplay on mc TES and most of the fallout franchise.

    Why Us:You guys look pretty good

    Time You Can Dedicate:Mostly everyday now with the summer holidays here.

    Have you played Assassin's Creed?All of them except bloodlines (I dont know if its considered a game or cannon) i have even played the app O.O.


    Name:Alexander Ranzandago



    Fears: Fights or anyone who is a seemingly violent person,strangers, thugs and crowds.

    Personality:He is quite solitary and shy he fears crowds he is very rash and makes quick decisions. He is weary of new people and wil
    Often be quick to raise his sword if he sense violence.

    Skills:He has skill with swords and daggers he never uses two handed weapons as he likes to use a free hand. He has knack for parkour but he needs alot more training.

    Nickname (Optional):The silent dagger

    RP Example (Add Dialogue):
    Me:I can feel your hands you dirty beggar.
    Thief:What no! you have it wrong
    Me: Lies! I know if someone is trying to get at my coin purse.
    Thief: No sir please your mis...
    Me: *Alex interrupts the man by grabs the hilt of his sword as if to raise it to intimidate the man*
    Thief: No sir there is no need for that I didn't steal anything!
    Me: *his face twitches and he raises his sword and the man runs away* Good I dont want to cause any more trouble

    Skin (Link, picture, description):

    Backstory (1-2 LONG paragraphs): Alex lived in a poor family in the slums of a city that is forgotten from his memory. He lived here with parents. People would often see him as disturbed or a loner. This was correct and incorrect but this would not be realized to a later date. Often he would run to climb up to the top of his house but often when some one saw him he would freeze and fall down onto the ground. One day the local thug kids saw Alexander walking to out of the radius of his house they hassled him for his coins he refused.They pushed him to the ground. Alex snapped he grab a nearby stick and swung for what looked to be the head thug. He draw blood Alex stared at the red liquid dripping from the boy. He froze his glare fixed on the blood. In his trance the thugs grabbed the stick and beat him down to the ground and stole his money. Moments later Alex awoke in a daze to see more of the thugs standing over him the thugs crowded around him and took turns to pound him they stopped and whispered. They would not give up until he was dead. This was when Alex was 18. They were right Alex would be beaten about once a week. His parents knew what was happening but seemed to busy in there own life to care. When 24 he manged to make himself an outfit that covered his identity. He wore it at all times often remaking it to his liking and making it fit him when he began to outgrow it.

    Alex would often be found hiding away from any one. He would avoid crowds as much as he can. One day he spotted the group of thugs he jumped behind a fruit stall and waited. A hand grabbed Alexander and he screamed. It was just the owner of the stand. Alex was weary of the stranger the man promised he was friendly and to prove it he gave the man cheap training in the skill of the blade Alex took this and learned the basics and a few extras in the art of daggers and blades.

    When Alexander 24 the thugs attacked Alex's village he never knew why and how he survived but he hid in his old closet with a dagger hidden into his hand. All the thugs were gone all but one. He entered Alex's room he heard his footsteps tracked his movements and waited until he was in range. He rushed through the closet door and plunged his dagger into the back of the thug luckily thought he was clear. The thug fell to the floor clutching the dagger weakly. In the thugs final breath he grabbed his sword and slashed Alexs eye damaging it and leaving a huge scar. He showed no pain and just stood still. Alexander quickly left as the man let out a scream that would surly alert the other thugs.
    Alex felt the pain of the slash moments later when the adrenaline passed he went to a doctor who was a friend of the family and someone Alexander could trust. He managed to stop the bleeding of the slash but couldnt save the eye.

    Alex wandered aimlessly. Avoiding conversation with anyone in fear that the person could be out to hurt him. Alexander didnt want to speak to anyone else knowing about how bad people could be he had a mark that would engrave that fact for as long as he lived.He found a new land hoping to maybe begin to trust people again.

    I got rid of the anger thing and just put he makes rash choices and is weary about people
    What is Roleplay?Roleplay is stepping into another life another world and making it your own may it be blowing up a city for a sweet penthouse suite or a crappy junk home.

    What is Metagaming?Meta gaming is using ooc info IC eg. knowing of an event before it is to happen or after even though you weren't there.

    What is Powergaming?Powergaming is making a unfair experience for other rp'ers not giving them time to respond or killing every man in a blink of an eye while being shoot at.

    What is Assassin's Creed? Is based around the heritage of people and focusing on a group of assassin's the game is based around desmond (and his highly unlikely)

    wow fantastic app. but no skin. Also you again forgot something. Read the op again
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    Quote from NinjaLukeI

    Just in case applications are still being accepted.
    App is good but expand your backstory a bit. other than that its good. Fix that. Also you might want to reread the hole op again. You forgot something
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    guys this isnt just some server where you just go around with your buddies killing people and thinking your ontop of the world. This is ROLEPLAY. Key word. Put effort into your apps if you want to get in. Im not trying to be mean, just that if you really try we notice.
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    Dumb server. Co owner hacks, abuses members, and bans you if you dont op him in your own server. he is about 7yrs old on a maturity level
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    I need one staff member who has hamachi and will help me do permissionsex (PEX) on my server. If they help me and finish them they can get Mod or Admin on my server :) PM me for details!
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    I need help with PermissionsEx. Can someone please explain to me how to make groups, add permissions, and how to add people to these groups? if you can send me an example through dropbox or something? If you can help me i would really appreciate it
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    Sometimes i like to look at these apps and think: are you guys trolling us or just is it THAT hard? -Niko
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    Username: Dynamite99
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Location: USA
    Average Time on Minecraft Per Day (Hours): 1-6
    Personal Reason for Joining: I am sick and tired of stupid faction servers. I am hoping this one is better since it has whitelist and i would love to play along with you guys :)
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    -IGN Dynamite99
    -AGE: 13
    -Why you want staff: I would like to be staff because i have many experience as mod, admin and even owner. I know lots of commands and i would like to help the people of this server if needed! Most staff is abusive and dont help players but i am not like this. I will give it my best shot to be staff and help the new members feel at home in this server.
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    Age: 13
    IGN: Dynamite99
    Accept to rules: yep
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    I help women cross steets....but then they get hit -Dynamite99
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    KJ Craft

    KJ Craft is a server where you can have fun in unique minecraft ways. We host events, faction wars, and free building. The staff is friendly and we have a stable economy. The Owner kcfan082 works very hard to keep this server up and running. Donaters not only get perks, they also help the server stay online.
    Owner: kcfan082
    Co-Owner: jeretman123
    Head-Admin: andrewmoo
    Admins: Dynamite99, Keelsc
    Head-Mod: TBA
    Moderators: TBA


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    the server is under contruction
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