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    posted a message on Not the Only Creature-My Modded Survival Diary!
    I got some inspiration from certain posts to start my own journal. I added mods which i enjoy and think would go great together. I got a list for all you all. It is all 1.6.4 mods and I will post depending on when i feel like playing //static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://static.minecr...lt/biggrin.png" />. Please enjoy! Day 1:
    //i.imgur.com/PpwaxEu.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/PpwaxEu.png" /> Spawn Point! Deserts ugh
    //i.imgur.com/Y2uG5Mm.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/Y2uG5Mm.png" /> Wonderful chest of goodies!
    //i.imgur.com/xnyy3kA.jpg" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/xnyy3kA.jpg" /> A witch thing with some goodies!
    //i.imgur.com/p5xIC2T.jpg" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/p5xIC2T.jpg" /> roflspawn of villages
    //i.imgur.com/PRyx2Xc.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/PRyx2Xc.png" /> Hello Hindu peoples!
    //i.imgur.com/RtS94AT.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/RtS94AT.png" /> Looks like a nice place to build a home.
    //i.imgur.com/wyF2tx8.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/wyF2tx8.png" /> All i see is free wheat! Oh and a silly skeleton spawner
    //i.imgur.com/JHoShIZ.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/JHoShIZ.png" /> Boarder of my home, not much yet
    //i.imgur.com/Bzs6lVn.png" target="" data-ensure-absolute>http://i.imgur.com/Bzs6lVn.png" /> Oh how time flies...
    Day 2:
    Found a nice little cave scared the living poop out of me Supplies from the mining trip. Stuff as of now Put my roof in just as the sun set. Slow day... why must bad things happen to good people? All that wheat!
    Mods used:
    -Minecraft forge -bspkrs Core -TreeCapitator -Mine and Battlegear -Archimedes Ships -Atomic Science -autotils -Ancient Warfare -Bibliocraft -Better World Generation 4 -Calclavia Core -chisel mod -CodeChicken Core -Craft Guide -forestry Mod -Millenaire -TooManyItems -Traincraft -Universal Electricity -Witchery
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    Quote from 123nart

    Well first off, you spawn in the ocean. Secondly, if you want people(me) to fly 'round and see what everything looks like, I suggest you give us the coords to the important places. I'll be happy to fly around and see what everything looks like, but I don't want to spend all my time trying to find where everything is. You should use ADMIST to take a better screenshot of the world.

    And finally, what type of server is this going to be?(and I think this is in the wrong forum)

    Im going to make an airship on the spawn point sorry about the coords, ill put that in. Its going to be a midieval type server with quite a bit of roleplay and maybe Custom NPCSThis is a rough copy and may be in the wrong forums not sure
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    I have made a multiplayer map for a server i want to create. I used world painter and would like for you all to tell me what you think! Please be sure to include:

    1. How above ground terrain looks
    2. How are the biomes spaced out
    3. Is it in need of more land?
    4. How is the underground and ore generation?
    5. Is the map big enough?



    Heres a bad quality pic cus world painter images suck

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    Quote from ducky215

    This is sort of my general purpose copy-paste essay about server ideas. I hope you find it at least somewhat useful.

    I've made quite a few posts about this topic. Below are a few. Be warned, it's quite a textwall, and not every idea is good. Basically, it varies from person to person, so there isn't one right answer. The key is to do something new; that way the people who would be interested will go to your server and not the competition.
    Again, don't feel like you need to do one of these, they are simply ideas to get your brain running. Before we dive in, I should note that I have a strong bias. I like playing on servers that have interesting settings. I don't like vanilla as much now, so most of my ideas are plugined/modded. I love steampunk, fantasy, and sci-fi, and those influence me in these ideas a lot.
    Basically, don't do something that you've seen before, or if you are, take a new spin on it. Think about what you like, and how to convey that.
    And without further procrastinating, I present: The Textwall.

    In response to a PVP server looking for map ideas (Sort of related):

    Prison servers:

    Wow, you made it to the bottom. If you skimmed through, welcome back.
    Tl;dr: Don't do the same old thing. Find something new to do that interests you, and then do it well.

    Best response evr. Thank you for the best input ever like seriously thanks
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    posted a message on Gonna make a server, but what type?
    1. Mideival Custom NPCS map roleplay

    2. Modern city economy based

    3. Hunger games with all districts and roleplay

    Any other suggestions?
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    posted a message on I want to get into Axis and Allies, which to buy?
    I am leaning towards A&A 1942 World map, any suggestions? I own D-Day and its kinda unbalanced.
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    posted a message on Underground Lounge mcMMO | Survival PvE | Ranks | Amplified and Standard | No Lag
    Looks like a good server so far. Friendly, clean land, very nice!

    Ign: Dynamite99
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    Wow I totally forgot i made this xD
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    posted a message on Can i somehow play AdventureCraft for mac?
    When i press the adventurecraft.jar it gives me this error about the dropbox and th swt-mac64.jar file downloaded. Is there any way to still play this very old mod?
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    posted a message on Boeing 747-8i (Sunrise Livery)
    Wow sweet. Nice job. :)
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    posted a message on [Update 17][12-3-13-Project] The City of Avon - Landmark "Tree of Life" Completed
    Wow I just browsed through these pictures and this is flippin amazing. You know the mod custom npcs? Do you mind if i use this map and the npcs to make something?
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    I have dynasty warriors 2 and 4 and i play 4 so much you have no idea. Personally, my favorite is Gan Ning, Sun Ce, and Ma Chao. I try to get every level 10 weapon possible even though its impossible (cough cough Lu Meng Guan Yu)
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    posted a message on SCMowns Server V2 - Minecraft 1.6.4 [New Discord Launched 2020!]
    I have never played your server, but I do use the mod for my adventure map. So i am here waiting for the update! :D
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    This is a great mod!
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    posted a message on Age of Humanity: Tribal Era- OOC (Accepting!)
    Quote from PCookie13

    really guys....all that work for nothing

    You have to give me an example on what to post. I keep reading the OP over and over trying to decide what to post, but I cant!
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