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    I would appreciate being Whitelisted :-)

    In-Game User: iAustralian

    --I've fell in love with this Server Mod, And am currently trying to find a decent server to play on - This seems very professional, And experienced.. :-) I just like watching people die at the end of my blade.. >:-)
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    I have joined many server's. Seen the rise and fall of many too. But, Imbition is different. The Staff and community ensure your time on-line is as fun, and enjoyable as possible.. Wonderful ranking system, And a huge map, Great for those willing to spend time in a large build. I would recommend this to all my friends - Take my word for it. I rarely recommend server's to, well, anyone. :> Hope to see you in-game sometime!
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    posted a message on *SHUTDOWN*
    Would love to give it a try... recently decided to get on the Forums and perhaps give a clan a try! :biggrin.gif:
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