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    posted a message on MineRage-1.7.5 SMP Server[Whitelisted][2 Years Old][15+]
    IGN: LukeTepen
    -Age(15+ please): 17
    -Noob?: I don't consider myself one. I know about game mechanics and have been playing since 1.2.
    -How active will you be?: As active as possible between school, work, family, and friends. Will likely average 1.5-2 hours per day.
    -How good of a builder are you?(pictures will really help here): I consider myself average. I prefer smaller, more necessary builds to large, flashy ones.
    -Skype(let's me contact you if accepted): luketepen
    -You read dem rules and agree with 'em?: Yes, yes I do.
    -Why should we accept you?(Youtube can help here): I'm looking for a good SMP server, SSP has gotten boring.
    -What can you do for the community?: I can provide non-intrusive builds while helping people with problems.
    -How can I trust you? HMM?(Youtube can help here too): For you to be untrustworthy of a stranger on the internet is SICKENING. Makes me green. (wink, wink)
    -Do you act like a little kid?(Youtube can help here too, too): I try to avoid it as much as possible, but my inner child has been known to shine through at times.
    -w1l u tawk lik dis 24//7?: No.
    -Are you an idoit? If not, prove it: Well, I recognize that you spelled "idiot" incorrectly. Also, the phrase you were looking for may have been "parenthetical phrases." Therefore, I don't consider myself an idiot.
    -Funny Joke: Clean - Three guys walk into a bar, the fourth one ducks
    Dirty - So this guy with a premature ejaculation problem comes out of nowhere.
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    posted a message on Sniper Craft New White-listed Mature 13 + 20 spots only
    IGN(In Game Name): LukeTepen
    age: 17
    Skype: (optional)
    gender: Male
    why you want to join: Looking for a good multiplayer server
    mature level (1-10) 9
    building skill level : (1-10) 6
    PVP skill level: (1-10) 3
    Minecraft Knowledge level (1-100) 98
    overall skill (add the points) 116/130
    youtube (optional. just because i will subscribe)
    ok with all rules? Yeah
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    posted a message on New Whitelisted Vanilla 1.6.1 Server (Brand New Map)
    1. What is your IGN? - LukeTepen
    2. How old are you? - 17
    3. What is your skype? - I do not have Skype.
    4. Will you participate in server events such as UHC? - If I have time to do so.
    5.Will you grief? - No, I promise I will not grief.
    6.Have you ever been banned? (Wont count against you) - No, I have never been banned from a server.
    7. Do you have a youtube? - Yes, but I lack the ability to record.
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    posted a message on Hermitcraft/Mindcrack server- Hybridquack needs members!
    IGN - LukeTepen

    AGE - 17

    Skype - None

    favorite thing to do in mc - Farm and build smaller homes

    thing your best at in mc (eg. building pvping, redstone etc. ) - Farming Efficiently and helping others

    favorite mindcrack or hermitcrafter and why - MindCrack: Bdubs HermitCraft: @joehills, both for their humor and video quality.

    will you be active - As much as possible, I do have a job and another server I play on

    Are you in it for the long haul - Yes

    Can you record (if so whats your youtube channel) - No, unfortunately

    Have you ever been on a completely vanilla server before (no plugins or operators owners admins mods, etc.) - No, which is why I want on this one.

    Have you ever built something really cool? if so what is it and if at all possible send a picture! - Not really
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    posted a message on 1.5 - RSM Survival Server - [100% Vanilla] [Rollbacks] [Build Rights] [30 Slots] [No Border]
    In-Game Name: LukeTepen
    About Yourself: I am a person who mostly digs but gets bored if I'm all alone, which is why I want to join multi-player servers. Most servers I have joined close after a short period and some friends from a recent one joined here.
    How many kicks are a ban: Three kicks will result is a ban.
    How many protections do Users get: People in the User group are allowed two protections.
    Do you understand the rules: Yes, I understand all rules as they were presented.
    Why should you be accepted: I am a hard worker who enjoys doing things with others. I also will be active. Additionally, this server is exactly what I'm looking for.
    Any other questions: No, I have no further questions.

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    posted a message on Friendly Vanilla 1.3.1 Server, No-PVP, Survival - Whitelisted
    IGN: iAmTepen
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