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    posted a message on BG Music doesn't work

    I have made a costum texture-pack with Background-Music included.

    But for some reason it doesn't play calm4.ogg.

    It doesn't hinder my map but i want to know why this happens.

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    posted a message on If Else block

    i Have to testfor if a chain commandblock succeeded with the command (not with conditional commandblocks).

    But The SuccesCount tag does not work with chain commandblocks for some reason.

    can someone help me with a testforblock command that fits in one commandblock?

    Testforblock command so far:

    /testforblock -335 203 151 minecraft:chain_command_block {SuccesCount:1}

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    posted a message on power rush

    Kinda Like gungame from call of duty.

    or evolutions but with lesser fun kits.

    Hé new idea for minigame: Evolutions from mineplex.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Trivia Quiz


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    posted a message on How to summon mobs with equipment

    https://mcstacker.bimbimma.com/ generators are the best way to get commands. learning how to make commands can be more handy but mcstacker is also fine

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    posted a message on weapon attack speed on/off

    /effect <player> minecraft:Haste 100000 255 true.

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    posted a message on Electric potion

    that command seems legit but you have to do it in a repeating commandblock (you know that blue on) that is always active.

    the only problem is that you get spamt with lichtning(but is is still fun!)

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    posted a message on /Newgamemode

    Hello everyone who watch this.

    Last time i was making a map where you are adventure mode but can open your creative gamemode.

    that isn't possible (if it is possible thx for saying).

    but i came to a idea

    a /newgamemode command. it works likes this.

    /newgamemode <Gamemode number> <Standard gamemode> <Player> [optional gamemode or event gamemode] {tags}

    Now are you thinking how are players changing from gamemode. this is a weird command but it works like this:

    You have must typ @a by the player tag than you typ @a[r=10] or something. the game keeps checking if the [r=10] tag is true for every player.

    if it is true than you change to optional gamemode. the newgamemode command adds also more [] tags like @a[openinventory=true]. wat this wil do is someone opens the inventory its change the players gamemode (likely to creative). also you can do thins like {team:blue} to give team blue creative but team red survival. to delete the gamemode type:

    /newgamemode delete <Gamemode number>

    this command does not work with gamemodes 0-3

    Greetz IamNotACreeper

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    posted a message on Command to test for Chat

    %100 support. i would make 10000000 maps where you have waypoint, a command for support, a "back to checkpoint" command, version of the map command, etc.

    Why isn't it in the game yet? If Mojang have a reeason to not include this in MC tell me why!

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    posted a message on §

    Hello everyone.

    I make alot of maps. its fun and time taking.

    but when i want to rename a item/mob/something else in a color you need to type § first.

    now minecraft itself don't support the § itself.

    so my idea is to give minecraft more punctuation support.

    why is the §(why is that so big) even the punctuation to get colerd text.

    Greetz IamNotACreeper

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    posted a message on Check players team

    I am going to make a map with power-ups. So I make this

    Repeating commandblock execute @e[type=Zombie,tags=powerup1] ~ ~ ~ effect @p 1 2 60

    Chain commandblock: kill @e[type=Zombie]

    If someone place a Zombie spawn egg it wil give the person Who place it Speed.

    Now I make map with 4 teams.

    I want the Same system that if someone place a spawnegg All teams het hit by Lightning exept his own team. How to do that?

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