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    posted a message on Is Minecraft Losing Popularity?
    There has been a massive amount of Minecraft players at my own school, and it's still rising. At least 1 out of 3 people I know play Minecraft at my school, and there are probably around a thousand students.

    However, this is only my area, I assume. Also, I'm in Middle School so that may be another factor. As time goes on, people will lose interest and move on to other things, but the community is always becoming bigger.
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    posted a message on Rewarding old players
    This is a bit off topic, but organised is spelled correctly. It is how they spell it outside of the US and Canada.

    Also, I am supportive of rewards for older players.
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    posted a message on When can we expect the first 1.9 snapshot?
    Quote from Cbrun932»

    Minecraft 1.9-Pre Will (Maybe) Be Released On September 22!

    Minecraft Beta 1.9 Prerelease 1 was released on September 22, 2011. You are probably thinking of that. There will not be a Prerelease of Minecraft 1.9 until next year, most likely.
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    posted a message on Lightning Behavior Tweaks
    I have taken your ideas into consideration. Here is an updated version of my suggestion:

    Lightning at the moment is not realistic. It strikes randomly across the map and doesn't seem to do much other than light a small space on fire.

    Also, there is not any legitimate way to attract lightning.

    There should be a new sort of algorithm for the spawning of lightning.

    I suggest that the lightning spawns based off of elevation. Higher areas of the map are more likely (not only) to be hit by lightning than the lower areas of the map. The higher elevation an area is, the more it will be struck.

    Lightning will spawn more frequently in the higher areas of the general area you are in.

    Let's say you're at the border of an Extreme Hills and Plains biome. You would be more likely to see the Mountains struck rather than the plains.

    If you are in a plains biome with no nearby biomes involving high elevations, the spawn rate would be more random.

    There is one downside to this suggestion: Charged Creepers, Zombie Pigmen, and Witches would be harder to find from the lightning.

    This update would give you an easy solution though. All you must do is herd those mobs into a building, then build a tall tower coming from the structure. That will attract the lightning to that building.

    Tall skyscrapers would be hit often like they are in real life. This adds aesthetical features to Minecraft, but may cause problems for the people inside. One solution would be to place a system of lightning rods on top of the building, then link them together with redstone or string. The lightning would hit those and be redirected away from the building. I'm not quite sure how the lightning would look when redirected.

    TL;DR - Lightning should strike higher areas of the map more often than lower areas. This adds realism, aesthetical features, and the ability to attract lightning.

    Also, just a reminder: Elevation is used for Attraction, and Lightning Rods are used for Protection.
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    posted a message on Choose which Biomes to Omit?
    1.8 is adding a feature where you can create 'custom worlds,' where you can create worlds with one biome, change the sizes of the biomes, select the rarity of ores, et cetera.
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    posted a message on Most Stupid Death Ever In Minecraft
    Jumping off of a cliff intentionally, and throwing regeneration potions in the air to fall with you.

    Expectation: When I hit the ground, the potions would heal me.

    Reality: *hunty512 fell from a high place*
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    posted a message on 1.7 a Halloween update?
    I doubt that the update will have anything halloween related. There is one every other year from what i've seen.

    2009 - No Halloween update
    2010 - Haloween Update
    2011 - No Halloween Update
    2012 - Pretty Scary Update
    2013 - Probably not having anything related to halloween.
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    posted a message on Only able to play Offline?
    For some reason, I can only play offline. I tried joining a server, but i couldn't connect. I logged off, but now I can't log back on. Also, I noticed that Minecraft's website is down.

    Are there any others that can't go on servers/log on? Is there a way so that I can play again?
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    posted a message on Survival Mode Tips and Tricks?
    -Never dig straight up. Gravel or sand will suffocate you.
    -If you know the basics of redstone, make everything automated in your house.
    -Always bring gravel or sand with you. If at a top of a cliff, it is not safe to dig down, so place the sand/gravel to make a tower and then dig down.
    -Bring water with you. You may catch on fire or need it for an elevator down a hole.
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    posted a message on should redstone ore drop uranium
    It doesn't make sense. Redstone should drop redstone, not uranium!

    Edit: More explosives wouldn't be very popular among builders, as explosives are favored by griefers.
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