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Welcome to my profile!

Hey guys! I'm hunter11153, My only two minecraft accounts are hunter11153 and Tempiz. You may see my use one of my cousins many alts such as Blastdog287. I currently own a server called Royal Prison!

Current Goals

Well, My current goals for the MinecraftForums is to one day become part of the staff. I have applied once and was denied last year. I applied again 7/13/2013 and am hoping for some better news!

My second goal is to get my server popular! Although we are doing good with an average player base from 7-14 I would like it to get more than that one day!

Where will you find me?

Well, here at the forums I currently browse all sections, and reply to the ones I feel the need to reply to. I tend to lurk much more than post. If I become a sectional moderator someday this will be replaced with the section I moderate! You will currently see me here from 2 PM (Central Time) up until around 10 - 12 PM (Central Time). If I feel like getting up early or staying up late you may find me on at different times than that!


I guess this is it for me! I'm not sure what else to say about my self really!

Remember to read the rules of the minecraft forums before posting!

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Minecraft Tempiz