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    Nice art, albeit many repeated, i was expecting a gallery building, a large building with pixel art displayed on the walls - still great work
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    Umm.. no download link?
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    posted a message on I'm wondering something, please reply!
    Considering you guys are liking this so much...

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    posted a message on [32x] [1.8.]Greenery[Heavy W.I.P]
    A brand new texture pack!
    After a few hours work in photoshop I've managed to complete enough work on the terrain.png file in order to have something to show for my work.
    This texture pack will aim at adding smooth blending, "Natural" feelings to your minecraft realms with no blocks standing out and giving you a major case of eye-hurt!

    Currently the blending on the grass (mainly top) isn't going very well :\ however the sand/dirt is looking rather nice and I've fallen in love with the way the stone looks (my opinion) I'd love to hear what YOU think of my current work (I know its not too much but I need some opinions on what people who might actually use it want such a texture pack to look like!)

    Looking for critique on the following materials;
    - Stone
    - Dirt
    - Ores
    - Sand

    Need to fix up
    - Grass

    Next to do
    - Cobblestone
    - Logs
    - Glowstone
    - Leaves
    - Pumpkins
    - Doors
    - Torches
    - Rails
    - Bedrock


    Diamond, Redstone, Gold, Iron, Coal + Stone (and horrible grass)

    Dirt, Sand, Stone

    Planks, Glass, Sand (and more bad grass, it annoys me :mellow: )

    Thanks guys! and once again, would love opinions
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    posted a message on ▂▃▅▆▇ PER CONSTRUCTUM ▇▆▅▃▂ Flying Allowed! || FREE BUILD || 'Build What YOU Want!'
    Heh, no one on :sad.gif:

    also, when will tyler come back :sad.gif:!
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    posted a message on ☆.:Huntedstorm's Art store:. ☆
    Hey guys, Huntedstorm here and this is my art "store" as such, a place were people such as you, the reader, and hopefully the user of my services will be able to "order" avatars, signatures, banners and even YouTube backgrounds!

    To "order" any of these please use this form

    ~Order Form~
    Type: --{Avatar, Signature, Banner, YouTube background}--
    Design: --{What do you want it to look like, will there be a creeper in the corner? a diamond in the middle?}--
    Colour scheme: --{What colour/s do you want, maybe a black/grey, or a white/blue or maybe even a red/orange, its up to you, exactly as you want it}--
    Specifications: --{Any thing special? what would you like it to have in it, all of that sort of requests}---

    After copying/pasting and filling it in, please delete the --{*insert information here*}-- brackets!

    My current workings

    For my Minecraft server I play on


    _______________Links To channels with my YouTube Backgrounds_______________

    Thanks all for looking, wishing for some of you to file some orders soon!
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    posted a message on ☆.:Huntedstorm's Art store:. ☆
    Deadalready. I have finished your request.

    And here it is!

    Image URL is:

    I have began the other requests as I post this.
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    posted a message on ☆.:Huntedstorm's Art store:. ☆
    For example, incase you do not quite understand the order form, heres mine, for my avatar

    ~Order Form~
    Type: Avatar
    Design: My skin in the center, embossed and glossy, with a shadow and a small circular grey-black gradient in the back ground with text saying "Huntedstorm"
    Colour scheme: Grey/black
    Specifications: Nothing much

    There we have it guys, Enjoy!
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    posted a message on Mob trap with 4,500 items per hour (in 1.2.3)
    :ohmy.gif: nice!!
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    posted a message on Builders Paradise [Flatgrass] Updated from requests!
    Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it!

    If anyone wants any updates then give me a post on this thread!

    [shameless advertising begin] also check out my story Story of the 7 kingdoms [/shameless advertising end]
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