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    Since the control block is relatively easy to destroy it might not be too big a problem if the gate was misplaced - just destroy and rebuild. (I assume it yields a gate block when destroyed.)

    New question. say I have dirt like so:
    :grass: :grass: :grass: [] [] [] :grass: :grass: :grass:

    and place the control here while facing left:
    :grass: :grass: :grass: [] [] :grass: :grass: :grass:

    does the floodgate overwrite the dirt block like so:
    :grass: :grass: :stair: [] [] :grass: :grass: :grass:

    or am I not allowed to place the gate control?
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    Firstly, excellent work! Yours are some of the most polished and well considered mods out there.

    Secondly, I'd like to see an answer to ^'s question as well.

    Thirdly, can the floodgate be created vertically instead of horizontally? (If not, that functionality should be available.) Also, does the gate block or power block take on the attributes (durability, flammability, etc) of the skin block or just the texture. If not, what are their attributes?

    Finally, would floodgate or light sensor or others conflict with other mods that add block types? (I imagine they might.)
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