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    Hello again, folks! I just wanted to bump this thread so you guys could see the newest feature I included for my user-defined language, the Minecraft Commands language: it now includes auto-completion! What that means is that you can get the name of commands, tiles and entities much easier and without the need for searching for it on Google or wikis!

    Main post is updated with a new download link and a step-by-step tutorial on how to activate this new feature!

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    Quote from tripl3dogdare»

    Well, well... Very interesting! A much nicer color scheme than the one I built for myself, and more complete too. Well done!

    Quote from Ungowa»

    thank you, very much appreciated!

    added to my personal essential downloads list :)

    Quote from intipablo»

    Brilliant! i love the concept and its worked great for me so far!

    Thanks, guys, I really appreciate it.

    Again, if you have any suggestions, I'll try my best to implement them :)

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    Quote from OrbitalBP»

    Nice! I can see this coming in use for a lot of people who prefer syntax colouring rather than the plain text Minecraft's command blocks offer :P

    Thanks, Orbital! Yeah, I hope it's some use for someone :P

    As for the Addon, I added double hyphen comments (even though they don't take effect on Minecraft). I also fixed a small problem with relative negative values, and added a file extension to it (.mccmd). It doesn't affect anything (it's just a .txt file with a different extension), but it makes things easier when you want to save or open command files.

    Just redownload and reinstall it for the update.

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    Hello everyone! Today, I bring to you my simple, yet very useful, user-made coding language for Notepad++ based on Minecraft commands. It highlights most Minecraft-related tags, as well as all commands, block ids, sounds, entities, etc. Here's it in action:

    Now, it also includes an auto-completion file! What that means is that, when writing your commands, you don't need to try and remember the id of that block, or how to spell an entity's name, or what the name of a certain command is: by typing in the first letters, it'll show a list of names to complete your words!

    If I missed anything, should add something else or if you have any idea related to this, let me know, and I'll happily reply (and probably execute your request).

    Here's the file for you guys to try out:

    Download files:

    mc.xml Version 1.1 [Dropbox]

    Minecraft Cmnds.xml Version 1.0 [Dropbox]

    (Note: for being on Dropbox, every occasional update holds the same link, so all you need to do is redownload on the same link)

    How to install a user-made language:

    First, once you have Notepad++ open, go to [Language], then [Define your language...].

    Next, on the pop-up menu that will, well, pop up, look for the [Import] button.

    Browse into the folder where you saved the .xml file, then double click the file. If you selected the right file, this should appear:

    That's it! Now you'll need to restart Notepad++ for it to show up. Once you've closed and re-opened it, the custom language should show up in the [Language] tab already.

    If it is there, just click it and have fun building amazing overcomplicated contraptions!!!

    How to uninstall/reinstall a user-made language:

    First, you're going to need to go to the [Language] option and search for [Define your language...].

    Next, once the pop-up shows up, go to the "User language:" list and select the user-made language installed.

    Then, you'll click the [Remove] button with the language selected.

    Once a confirmation window pops up, press [Yes].

    If you want to reinstall or update a user-made language, just follow the installation explanation after uninstalling.

    How to install Auto-Completion files:

    First, go to your Notepad++ installation file (most commonly at C:\Program Files\Notepad++). Open it and look for the plugins folder. Open it, and go to the APIs folder. Open it.

    Drag the file you've downloaded for the Auto-Completion (should be named Minecraft Cmnds.xml) and drop it on the opened folder:

    And that's it! Your auto-completion file is ready to go! However, you need to activate the feature inside Notepad++ itself.

    Activating/deactivating Auto-Completion for Notepad++:

    First, go to the [Settings] tab on Notepad++, then open the [Preferences...] option:

    Once the Preferences window opens, select "Auto-Completion" in the right tab:

    Once that tab is selected, mark the "Enable auto-completion on each input" checkbox. Make sure that the first option, "Function completion", is the one selected. Additionally, you may change the value of "From [N] th character" to whatever number suits your needs better:

    And that's it! If you want to remove the auto-completion functionality, simply follow all these steps again, but uncheck the checkbox instead. Furthermore, if you want the auto-completion function, but in a non-invasive way, you may use the auto-completion shortcut (default to [Ctrl]+[Space]).

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    posted a message on [1.4.5][SSP][ADV/PUZ] Portal 2: The Return [PortalGun mod map][UPDATE 2]
    Quote from Ele2000»
    I have just finished it and it was truly amazing. You have worked so hard on this. It was balanced. I mainly knew exactly what to do. The texture pack worked perfectly. The design was brilliant. The story made sense and the characters acted vaguely like they would in the real game. The energy rod and the teleportation device were original. Overall, a great map. If this was translated to an actual game, I think it would work well. Congratulate yourself. I would give a 10/10. The best portal minecraft map I have seen. Even if it is back in 1.4.5.

    Oh, and when (and if(most probably as I saw the phrase 'Portal Gun 3 mod')) the mod updates to a new version, would you update the map? I do not mind whatsoever if you update it or not, but it would be easier to install and many more people may see it and try it. I don't mind if you don't though. Your choice.

    Anyway, great map, love it and goodbye

    Man, thanks for such a positive comment and feedback! I really appreciate it. Reading your comment sure made me very, very happy :D

    Also, sorry for taking almost a month to answer. As you see, this map is quite old and haven't received many comments, so I VERY RARELY check this thread.

    This mappack is a very old project which, even though I put A LOT of effort on, didn't get much attention. I was even planning on a co-op sequel, but never got to finish (I barely started it). So, I think making this map on the most recent versions of Minecraft/Portal Gun mod would be practically redoing it. I personally wouldn't mind at all, since I think this project deserved a bit more attention, but the problem is that I don't own Minecraft yet. I made this in an old, pirate version of it. I do plan on buying the game (I have the money and everything, but my current computer can't run it, unfortunately). But you can be sure: as soon as I have all I need, I'll get back on working on this map again.

    And, if everything goes right and it works with the newest versions of Minecraft/Portal Gun mod, you can sure expect the co-op sequel. AND, lastly, if it gets a decent amount of downloads/comments, I'll most likely want to do a singleplayer sequel, since in newest versions of Minecraft there are many more new possibilities for puzzles, map design, game mechanics, etc.

    I'll keep checking here a little more often, to make sure I can read your reply and/or possible new replies.

    And, once again, thank you so much for your amazing feedback! It made my day :D
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    Quote from col6y

    I'm still here, but I didn't have the motivation to work on this for a while because no one seemed to have much interest in it.
    And now, I'm really busy with more important projects.
    I won't have any time to spend on this until November, so if there's anything that people want to be done then, you should tell me in this thread.

    I'm still around too, but since my last posts I wasn't able to either test this mod or continue my texture pack. My computer still can't run Minecraft, so I'm no longer making Minecraft-related content/suggestions. I'm also working on a mod of a game and on a game of mine. I'm also making courses, so I won't be able to keep any other project so soon. But I need to say something: I'd love to see this mod being continued. As I said in some previous post, this mod is really awesome, it just haven't got much audience. And, also, one last thing I wanna say: if you guys need anything to this mod just contact me (posted that link because I don't log in in my Minecraft Forums account very often).
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    Sorry for posting again, but I'm here just warning that I've finally finished updating my Texture Pack. I've send to you via PM and, if everything works, I'll update my topic, so you can update your. Thanks!
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    Quote from col6y

    I've now upgraded IDS Linkers as well.

    First of all, they have letters on each side to specify which will be activated by which button.

    Secondly, when you have an IDS Glove in your active hand, it displays which output is currently active and which outputs aren't.

    Finally, IDS Linkers can be placed in any direction.

    Awesome! I wish I could test this :(
    But I have a friend that have Minecraft. Maybe I'll ask him to let me test everything.

    Also: can you send me these new textures (IDS linker and the letter's displays)?

    And a suggestion: Can you make these letter's displays adapt to the keys the player is using (like Z, X, C and V or any other)?
    Just make the game detect the key you choose, then print it larger in the screen (this way, you don't need to make textures for them and you can make it easier to the player to figure out what keys he's using). But it's just a suggestion...
    Quote from col6y

    Sounds great! I'll add those now.

    EDIT: Here's all the recipes:

    Great! I was thinking on making each crafting provide you 4 pieces of wires, but maybe this could make it overpowered (just like what happened to DOLLIs).

    But, seriously, I'm loving those updates, Col6y! You're making a great work!
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    posted a message on Quantum Conundrum in Minecraft Mod - QuantumCraft
    Quote from col6y

    Status Report for Build 41:
    I've fixed a large number of bugs (check the bugs list in the main post) (these include the crashing bug that redstonemaster10 reported, which was caused by an incompatibility with Optifine)
    Made it easier to place straight wires (placement is selected based on 45 degree-rotated quadrants instead of the old system, now actually makes sense)
    DOLLIs can be set to autorespawn boxes (switch in the GUI)
    IDS Containers can be pointed in any direction.


    I'll probably end up implementing a few more features before I release this build.

    Hey, that seems to be a great update! I was going to suggest you the feature where you can point IDS Containers in any position, but I still have a question: can we place them in walls, like Fluffy above, Heavy below, Slow-Mo below and Antigravity in the same layer of Heavy? So, this way, we could put them vertically (just like in Quantum Conundrum).

    Quote from col6y

    EDIT: Any ideas for the recipes for the wires?

    NOTE: I don't triple-post, so if I have multiple posts in a row, that's a good time to respond. I try not to put major content in edits because people are less likely to see them.

    What about this for the wires?

    And, for the other recipes, something similar (to the button, for example, you could just replace the science juice bucket by a button).
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    Quote from col6y

    I'm back. I have plenty of time to work on this now, so I should be able to get a lot done soon.

    That's something great to be read. The texture pack is almost done, I'll just have to finish the "qdim4" textures and a few new blocks textures...
    Quote from col6y

    [...] Hugobdesigner: I didn't have the exact phrases to translate, and the phrases you sent me aren't exactly what I need.
    Here's what I couldn't figure out:
    Straight Quantum Wire
    Quantum Wire Input Converter
    Bent Quantum Wire
    Quantum Wire Output Converter
    Quantum Wire AND Gate
    Light Beam Catcher


    Oh, all right, so these are the translations:

    Straight Quantum Wire= Fio (or Cabo) Quântico Reto
    Quantum Wire Input Converter = Conversor de Entrada de Fio (or Cabo) Quântico
    Bent Quantum Wire = Fio (or Cabo) Quântico Curvado
    Quantum Wire Output Converter = Conversor de Saída de Fio (or Cabo) Quântico
    Quantum Wire AND Gate = Porta de Soma (or Porta E) de Fio (or Cabo) Quântico
    Light Beam Catcher = Detector de Feixe de Luz

    I think that "Cabo" looks better than "Fio" in Portuguese (more or less like "Wire" and "Line" in English), but both works well.
    Also, "Porta" looks strange, because it means "Door" in Portuguese and because we use more "Gate" than "Porta" but, also, works well.
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    Quote from col6y

    [...] Also - should I remove the ability of DOLLIs to duplicate items? Or limit it? Quite a few people think that the DOLLI is overpowered.

    Neither of them. DOLLIs are just good enough, and I don't think they're overpowered, considering that we will always need the Science Juice to make the them duplicate items (and they're not so easy to get in survival because we need 1 blaze powder in the crafting for each use of DOLLIs).
    Quote from Lucario41893

    I think you should limit it a little bit and have it stick truer to the game mechanics where they would disappear if you click the button again.

    ...and this would be also a good limiter to DOLLIs. When I asked this feature a long time ago (we can see it on the TODO list), I wasn't only thinking about mapmaking (I was working on a map in that time), but also in survival :)

    EDIT: Some translations I missed:
    Quantum Wires: Cabos Quânticos
    Quantum Wire: Cabo Quântico
    Quantum Button: Botão Quântico
    Quantum Input: Entrada Quântica
    Quantum Output: Saída Quântica

    If there's something wrong or something else I forgot, let me know.
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    posted a message on Quantum Conundrum in Minecraft Mod - QuantumCraft
    Well, seems like the "mag.racked.eu" website (used to make those "Minecraft Achievement Get" banners) is currently offline. Luckily, I've saved them, for safety purposes:

    From IyellRB:

    From me:

    And, also, I loved the new things on the main post. I also loved the light beam catcher. Can you give me the name of all these new textures? I'm updating the other dimensions now, but it takes time (I have to make a copy of each texture, later rename each of them, and then update each one). Meanwhile, I though I could update the new blocks (from mod and Minecraft) and later do the harder work.
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    Quote from col6y

    Hmm. I'll keep thinking about it.
    I'll probably want to settle on a name (or on not changing the name) before someone makes a mod spotlight.

    Well, I like the idea itself.
    However, you should consider ow the IDS Linkers work - the keys might not correspond to those dimensions. I might look to see if there is an adjacent IDS Container, and in that case display that dimension. Or maybe make that an option.

    It is also important to remember that a user can remap their keys, so having prerendered key displays wouldn't be a good idea.

    I've also been thinking about having a combined block that contains the equivalent of four IDS Containers and an IDS Linker, and actually maps the dimensions to keys instead of to sides. Maybe.

    But I'll probably work on finishing wires first. Then I'm thinking about working on Bot-Bots.

    OK. I was thinking about detecting what key were used, and then print it on the screen (with some colors). Or even have textures for all those keys. But maybe just the dimension's icon will be good. Also, if you need the other types of robot's model (I mean, not only those robots that holds safes, but maybe those that shoots lasers too), just ask me.
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    Quote from col6y

    Thank you! I mostly get it done by just working on it every weekend, if not more often. It's also a good motivating factor when someone posts who doesn't usually - it makes it feel like someone actually cares. Otherwise any users are just a statistic on the download tracker.

    Also - I've been thinking about changing the name of this mod to something more original. There appear to be multiple servers, texturepacks, and possibly another mod also named QuantumCraft.
    Does anyone have any input on if I should or shouldn't change the name?
    Some current ideas:

    Quadwrangle Industries Mod
    Any others ideas?

    Changing dimensions in Minecraft

    (This one was a bit weird)

    Also, I am here to ask something: I was editing those FOV colors for my texture pack, and I though: why not make those icons for each dimension? I made the pumpkin blur look like it, but it would look way better making it part of the game. Something like this:

    So, it would look like this in-game, more or less:

    So, what you think about it?
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    Quote from col6y

    Heh. It requires some fancy programming to do.

    Here's a link to most of the new textures (I may add more before the next release): textures.zip

    Also - here's some more progress:

    That's a redstone converter. It converts quantum electricity into redstone power.

    Thanks! I'm already editing them, and I've already made the Fluffy textures. If I keep the work in the same speed, I'll probably have this texture pack totally redone and adapted in Friday (I hope) :)
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