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    Is there a simple plugin or any plugin that will show faction name, faction power, money and maybe details of what biome your in? the last bit isnt important really.

    With a lot of help ive made my kids and their friends a very small factions server and just want a simple HUD for them to save on having to type in commands.

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    posted a message on changing biomes

    Is there a way to edit large areas of a map?

    I'm building a map with a central village area but putting a world border in place, so want a range of biomes around the central area. is there a way to do this?

    I've seen some ways that seem to do a very basic change but the area around my village is mainly plains, if i want to add a swamp area, a forest area, mountain are and a few others the way ive seen doent do it, it just changes the colour and not the physical landscape.

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    posted a message on Kingdom craft LDSHADOWLADY

    My kids love watching Ldshadowlady and co playing there version of Kingdom craft on You Tube.

    Is there anywhere i can get a similar map for them and their friends to play on?

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