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    posted a message on MCDungeon v0.18.0

    Question in regard to configs.default file:

    Could chest tier be duplicated?


    Arrow: 100,5-30,0
    Apple: 25,1-2,0
    Pumpkin Pie: 40,1-1,0
    Rabbit Stew: 30,1-1
    Mushroom Stew: 50,1-1,0

    Beetroot Soup: 50,1-1,0
    Bottle o' Enchanting: 10,1-5,0
    Iron Ingot: 20,1-4,0
    Potion of Night Vision: 50,2-4,0
    Potion of Healing: 80,2-4,0

    The intention is to have several variations within a level.

    Thank you all at MCDungeon for this wonderful tool!!


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    posted a message on 1.9 and above (Multiplayer) | Mob Difficulty Scales with Distance Mod

    Feel free to claim all the credit if any modder decides to make the mod. I just want to play it :D Now this may have been brought up before, but probably not recently since I couldn't find it anywhere...(or I probably just didn't look hard enough).

    The premise is basically that as players travel beyond certain number of blocks from x,y,z (configurable), the mobs become harder. Multiplier will be applied to health, damage, and even speed. So the further you go the harder mobs get, but nothing too crazy. What will make this interesting is to give mobs abilities like poison or slow or shoot special arrows. Each "zone" will have different passive or active abilities applied to mobs (that can also be configured) to keep the players on their toes.

    Of course it will also be rewarding. Harder zones will yield more xp (multiplier) and better loots. Mobs will begin to drop diamonds and golds, but at a very low rate of course. I'm hoping maybe this mod can somehow link to the vanilla loot table system so you can do more configurations there. But part of the fun would be finding that balance between challenge and reward.

    In any case, the general idea is to keep the game as vanilla as possible, while making improvements on the game mechanic. What do you all think?

    and thanks for taking the time to read it!


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