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    posted a message on [1.15.2] [Hermit] Hermitcraft Inspired Realm!

    Username: MaxMaster03

    age: 21

    Country: usa

    i started playing Minecraft a while ago and have been playing very on and off since. Enjoy cross country skiing and cooking.
    what activities are you interested in: I’m a pretty good restoner but also big into community builds and projects

    schedule: weekdays: after work till I go to bed (won’t be on the whole time but just in these hours will be when I am on)

    weekend varies:


    Username: JerryTheSlime

    Age: 18

    Country: USA

    Describe yourself (Don't be too short): Im a college student who is looking for a friendly group of people to play with during my free time.

    What type of activities are you interested in Minecraft?: I mainly like making peaceful farms and selling my goods.

    What is your schedule(Won't effect your application)?I can't give exact hours, but id expect around an hour or two a day.

    Your Discord: Tiny#3240

    You must join our discord for the application to be approved!

    Approved! Please join the discord server and check out announcement. https://discord.gg/jc7gNR

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