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    Thank you for taking interest in Atlas! Let me introduce you to some things Atlas is about. We are a geopolitical earth towny sandbox server, with a 1:500 scale map of the Earth! We have other cool aspects, such as McMMO, Vehicles, War, etc. We always try to strike a balance between those who love war, and those who love buildings, making a perfect centerground for everyone to enjoy themselves. Truly forge your destiny.

    In order to keep a concise community, we have a mellow set of rules. While we don't wanna overly restrict, let's just say this: bigots, harassers and toxic people are not allowed, stop while you see this. Not any of those things? We welcome you with open arms!

    Some of our most valued & standout features:

    🌎 1:500 Earth Map
    ⚔️ Siege War System
    ✈️ Vehicles (cars, boats, planes)
    🏡 Nations, Towns & Empires
    💖 Ability to marry & bridge royal families
    🔫 Hunger Games and other quick minigames if you get bored of Towny!
    and more...!

    Come join and forge your destiny!

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