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    Ok so currently i am making a adventure map that involves you fighting during the daytime. I know that there are not any mobs currently in game that spawn during daylight and are hostile to you. So i was wondering if anyone knew of a mod that has mobs that spawn during the daytime and are hostile to the player. I tried searching google, i tried installing a few other mods but none have a mob that spawns during the day and are hostile. The mob also has to be a weakish one and do no area damage like blow up. IF anyone knows of a mod that has a mob similar to what i am talking about please let me know.

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    I already tried that. I couldn't find a good tutorial on how to do it.
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    Okay i am completely new to modding and have zero experience making mods. But i am making a adventure map that needs a few tweaks from the vanilla game to work. So the basics of my map is sand v.s snow. On the sands side is skeletons, and on the snow's side are the snowmen. All i need to do is tweak the characteristics of the two mobs to make them fit with my map. First, i would need to make skeletons be able to spawn during the day time. Secondly, I would need to make it so that skeletons would only spawn during the day time at the monster spawners, Lastly, i would need to up the damage snowmen do in order to make it a fairer fight. If anyone will help me, or just show me how to do it i would be greatly appreciative. Thank You.
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    Okay so i am making a adventure map for minecraft. But i need to make it so that skeletons can survive daylight but only spawn near monster spawners. I also need to make snow men have a higher attack thing. What i am trying to do is make snowmen fight skeletons and it be a even fight. Can someone help me or just tell me where i can find some help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Okay i am totally inexperienced with modding. I have never made a mod. But for a map that i am making i need to make skeletons survive daylight and spawn during daylight. They must only spawn near monster spawners to avoid them overpopulating the world. I also want to make snow men have more health, do more damage and attack skeletons on sight.
    So basically what i want from snow men are more health, more damage and attack skeletons on sight. Is there anyone who might want to make a mod for me or tell me how to do it myself. Like i said i have zero modding experience.
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    Hello, I would like to help you with your videos. I am 13, and yes my voice is high, I have a great PC with 8gb ram for a no lag experience. I have a skype account and my own server. My server is Hamachi though. I can be very flexible with my time though i can not do it during school days. I have fraps that can record. If you have any question please contact me at [email protected]
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    1.Male or Female? Male
    2.Do you have server, if so ip? Yes, its Hamachi but the ip is
    3.Do You have Skype? No, but willing to get one.
    4.Are you older than 10? Yes im 13
    5.How Mature are you? For my age i think im mature. My voice isnt low, but im not very talkative
    6.Do You Swear? Only damn, but i try to stay away from it
    7.IGN? No IGN, but willing to get one
    8.Have a Offical Recorder? Fraps

    I have a very nice, new, pc with a great graphics card a plenty of RAM for a no lag situation if im needed to host. If you have any questions just email me at [email protected] I would love to help with your lp so message me if you have any questions

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    Okay so i was thinking of a video LP that not many if anyone has done. Its basically a normal Lets Play but with a twist.There would be 2 to 3 teams ( if i can get that many people) and we would be in a very big world but we'd also be boxed in. Id say about 5000 by 5000 blocks. That way we can move freely but at the same time its not impossible to find each other. The teams would be about three people each, each team with its own color, and they would have to survive normal minecraft without the help of mods or cheats. But here's the twist, the other team(s) would attack and raid the other team when ever the chance is given to them. For example, if blue team needed some food and red team had some, blue team would try to find and take their food. Any reason for attacking would be fine as long as your follow the rules(below). I think this would be a great idea and it would be a herobrine like experience. Now for the rules

    Other than those four simply rules its a free for all fight to the death. The type of people i am looking for are people who can spend about a hour a night playing. Or if you'd like, you could become cameraman and post your videos( as long as you post a link to mine and anyone else who is filming. If this interests you PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA MY EMAIL not here. My email is [email protected]
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    Wll this is how I learn thanks for the criticism
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    Okay so I have been playing Minecraft for a good while now and I Along with many others have noticed well this is a bit simple isn't it? Well I agree with you. I know many people like the simple style of the game and I hope to keep it simple but also allowing more complex ideas and creations into to game. Now I am going to be dividing this post into two sections. One is about Tools and utilities that I hope is added to the game sometime in the future. And the other is about more mobs that I hope to see as well

    Radio: adds music to your location. Created with redstone, iron, red stone torches, glowstone, and a jukebox. This adds some atmosphere to you house and let's you listen to your own music you have on your computer.

    Microwave: faster than a furnace doesn't heal as much as a furnace. Made with iron instead of cobblestone. Uses redstone not coal for electricity. Allows you to have more options to cook.

    Light bulbs and switches: adds a brighter light source that can be turned on and off. Made with glass, glowstone, and redstone. Allows you to light a larger brighter area. Not recommended for cave uses

    Backpacks: allows you to carry more items on your back. Made with a chest, string, and leather. It allows you to carry double what you can but you can't wear a chest plate and you move a third slower.

    Refrigerator: required to keep meats past seven days. Made with iron and a chest in the middle powered by redstone and needs snow balls. Without this meat spoils after seven days.

    Wheel: used to make a bicycle and portable chest( see below). Made with leather and and iron

    Frame: used to make a bicycle. Made with iron

    Handlebars: used to make a bicycle(see below). Made with iron

    Bike seat: used to make a bicycle(see below). Made with wool and leather

    Bicycle: used to move fast on land. Made from two wheels, a frame, a handlebar, and a bike seat. Great for scouting areas. Can go up one block and down one block but can crash if smashed into something or fall into something

    Moveable chest. A chest that can be pulled by a bike or pushed by a person. Made from a chest and four wheels

    Scents: used to attract certain mobs(ex. Raw pork attracts zombies). Made with a dispenser, wool and a torch.

    Manikin: can used as a display for armor and weapons. Made from sticks and wood. Used a furniture piece.

    Computer: used to find recipes for crafting. Made from glass, iron,redstone and glowstone

    Robot: used as a butler. Made from a Manikin and robot. Can be used to do chores while you are away( ex harvest and replant your farm or smelt raw materials) MAX LIMIT 3

    Mobs: this section is my ideas of creatures that should be in the game

    Mice: they sneak into your house and steal food items from chest

    Eagle: can be tamable by feeding it dead mice. Must create a nest. It can fend off mice from your house and find herds of animals

    Tree creatures: passive unless attacked. They are imitating trees and are almost identical to a normal tree with the exception of two holes in it's sides. When attacked you must use a axe to destroy it.

    Frog: only found in swamp biomes they are rare and can drop minerals and items alike.

    Beavers: passive usually found in groups. They chop down trees and make damns

    Bears: they attack anything and anyone. Though they spawn very rarely they can break down fences and bust down wooden planks. Making it a good idea to make you house out of stone

    Mermaids. If you find one of these they will investigate you if you give them fish they will reward you with a present. They only spawn in water.

    Mermen: these creatures will attack you if you get close to them with a sword. If you don't have a sword they act like mermaids.

    Goblin: they appear in the caverns in the ground they can wield bows and stone or iron swords. They drop bones and on a rare occasion they can drop iron armor.

    Knights: they travel in groups of 2-3 and wear iron armor and use gold swords. They drop either a piece of armor or their sword they are hard to find and even harder to kill

    Vampire: a pale skin version of the default skin and black clothes these creatures only show up at night they are attracted by blood and only killable by wood.

    Mummy: found in special dungeons these creatures when killed drop between 20-30 gold and 1-3 diamonds

    Giant turtle: they have trees on their back and move through the oceans. Can ride them and build on the.

    Alien: with less than a half percent to find this creature he is the hardest wild creature to fight but if defeated it drops 10-15 diamonds and a diamond chest plate

    Pirates: they travel by boats and raid your base. They travel in-groups of 3-10 and will plunder you base if they find it. They can use doors

    Other ideas
    Quests: goals and locations to discover
    Readable books: so they have some purpose
    Meteor showers: that would be fun hoping a meteor wont destroy your house

    Tell me what you think :smile.gif:
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