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    posted a message on Come play!
    - Full featured skill system (MCmmo)
    - Real Time web based world map map.mcsurinya.com
    - Chest and door locking system to help protect your goods
    - Anti-griefing/spam systems in place
    - Forum community to help resolve issue you may be having as well as give feed back to what you would like to see. http://forum.mcsurinya.com
    - A money system that if you choose to use lets you buy and sell goods and houses.
    - Ability to purchase higher ranks with in game money. (neutral rank only for now)
    - The ability to buy and sell houses.
    - Dual worlds, The "over world" is a PVE style world and the "nether" is a PVP world so no matter what you want to do there is a place for you. Both worlds you can build and call your home.
    - Preset warps that let you quickly get around Syrinya's large world and still be home for dinner.
    - Earn money from killing monsters
    - Monster hunts !!
    - Monster Arena
    - Earn money and prizes fighting in the arena!
    - Take money from other players by killing them in PVP
    - PVP temple for 1 on 1 (or more) combat
    - Player run shops
    - Blacksmiths can repair your items
    - Spout optional but not required to use any main feature
    - Basic quests (more to come)
    - Buy and protect your own land and buildings with in game money
    - Buy your own NPC guard and trader
    - Traders to sell goods to

    To build post on server forums.

    Server info: minecraft.mcsurinya.com alt : logon.dyndns.tv
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    posted a message on Looking for Intelligence
    Surinya is looking for players that want to actually work on their player, and not asking for handouts. Must be able to read and use basic forums. (we use forums for most in game help) And play well with others. Really not interested in having players that want instant gratification rather I am looking for players the take pride in what they build and strive to be the best on the server.

    Its a small community at the moment, as we are still in testing phase. The server is 24/7 with many enhancements. Such as a full skill/ability system and working monster arena with an economy system. Along with many other things. All features are optional and use as well, so if you wish for more of a classic survival feel you can get that as well. Visit our forums for more information (there still being written but most info is there). Surinya forums here.

    The server does support spoutcraft however, it is not needed to use any main feature, only for certain graphical things. If you do not use or don't want to use spoutcraft then it will just tell you the same thing in text.

    Server info : minecraft.mcsurinya.com
    Forums : forum.mcsurinya.com (post needed for build rights)
    Main site (needs a LOT of work) : www.mcsurinya.com
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    posted a message on Need testers
    Need testers on my server. It is still in Alpha stage so I am trying to get as many kinks out as I can. Come join play with features, maybe make a friend or two, who knows! Please test it out and feel free to give constructive feedback on the server forums.

    My crappy site (waiting for the person to finish writing it) : www.mcsurinya.com
    server info : minecraft.mcsurinya.com
    New server forums (still being written) : forum.mcsurinya.com
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    posted a message on Kingdom of the Snow (Now Recruting)
    Quote from creeperman101

    Mage Alliance is a clan with a goal too be the best clan ever. We need a server.


    Ever been banned?:
    do you grief?:

    King: The leader Mage_Griffin
    King guard: Guards the king
    knight: Defends the castle from mobs

    P.S. tell me if there is any typos

    lol?? So are you asking for members or a server? Because I don't think IGN name matters on a server or age so much or whether or not a player griefs? Actually, the whole thing is pretty incoherent.
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    posted a message on Would this comp be good for skyrim, bf3, etc
    you need no FPS greater then the refresh rate of your monitor (normally 59 or 60 hrz) since your monitor can not display anything higher.
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    posted a message on Pushing track with pistons?
    you have to push the track its self, not the block under it. it helps more to push both the block under it AND the track
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    posted a message on I am officially bored on minecraft
    Play on a server that has the mods (or plugins) you want
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    posted a message on Good pc, high fps what do I get?
    Quote from Devon206

    I play minecraft on a mac mini (Not the best for FPS). Im wondering whats a good pc desktop that i can get at least 100 FPS on normal render distance.

    Please reccomend.


    You know nothing over 60 FPS (or what ever your refresh rate is) is displayed by your monitor right?
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    posted a message on Looking for: Graphic designer.
    I am looking for some one to make a logo for my server. The issue is I do not know what I want. However I do know what I like when I see it.

    So, here is the challenge. I need a logo with the name Surinya in it. I would like to to portray aspects of minecraft but not be all blocky. The lettering I would like to be a script style font but still easy to read. As for the size I would like it to be big, the bigger the better since it can always be scaled down. It dose not have to adhere to any shapes. Just needs to look nice something that you would expect to see used for a MMORPG. I know its a long shot asking a general community but its worth a shot. PM me if you wish to give it a shot.
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    posted a message on Need 1.3 - 1.7 map!
    just download the 1.3-1.7 server client and have it generate however much terrain you want.
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    posted a message on Feeling The Love
    Quote from McAngusYoung

    I'm going to be going to bed soon but I will take your offer sometime today or tomorrow :smile.gif: I assume your server is in your signature?

    Shame, well everyone must do what they need to do. The server is not white listed or anything. There are protections to prevent random people from causing harm, but its always running.
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    posted a message on Feeling The Love
    lol since your starting from scratch right now anyway why not come play, im sick of coding NPC's if you want lets play some survival.
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    posted a message on Feeling The Love
    Just burro in the opposite direction.
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    posted a message on Feeling The Love
    Quote from McAngusYoung

    On my first night in a new world, I decided to take up residence in a Taiga. It started to snow heavily at night. I had been out and about but the snow makes it somewhat difficult to see. As I sought refuge in my house, I took inventory. I decided that I needed to get some materials for food as soon as possible. As I turned to leave, this is what I saw....

    Of course, this is my first night home. It's very small with only one exit. How should I escape?

    I vote use feather to tickle them !!! Or maybe burrow under them, or just start a mine right there :smile.gif:.Wow, slow night, would have figured more responses by now.
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    posted a message on I'm A Server Technician willing to help anyone out with there server needs!
    Quote from RugRats

    Title says all!

    I also actually help people run a server like configure plugins for them, install MySQl anything. I can help you port forward, set up Hamachi servers, ECT. Free of charge.

    I recently stopped hosting a Minecraft server (on a paid host) due to lack of funds, I still have nothing to do in my free time and have decided to help out the community a bit.

    I could use some one just to test ranks as I make them.
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