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    Quote from adeadloise

    I wanna first say that i did NOT build these nor did anyone else. These were imported from a gif file using the cinema bukkit mod. If you are not familiar with it you can find it here http://dev.bukkit.or...er-mods/cinema/ !

    They are 127 x 127 blocks high, every block is a pixel in the actual gif. Created using the /cinemagif command!

    You can use any pictures, however the more complex the colors the less accurate the results.
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    Look nice
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    Look forward to the next
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    Quote from coldfire17


    From aageon himself:

    Great work everybody! :D
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    Quote from Anime_Master55

    :) is this cute ?

    to much kawaii

    what we need anime about Minecraft
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    Quote from Metalwario

    I think one of the things that could improve the ocean biomes is the terrain going on under the ocean.

    It just feels ugly looking, these blotches of sand, dirt, and the occasional clay patch. It looks very messy, and could use some cleaning up. Older terrain generation would have sand that was smoothed out near the coast, and the bottoms were made of dirt. And it looked nice to me. I'm not saying "Go back to the old terrain" at all. But the blotches of sand and dirt need smoothed out a lot. It's an eyesore.

    Some plant life going on underwater, like coral reefs and seaweed, would be great as well, and it would give more things to look at. Perhaps you could harvest it somehow and use it as decoration in your home perhaps.

    Original ocean, the sea water is not salty, but with acidic, and hypoxiaContinuous evaporation of moisture, repeated topographical cloud caused by the rain, fall back to the ground again, the terrestrial and undersea rock salt dissolved, pooling in seawater. After millions of years of accumulation of integration, we have become a generally uniform saltwater. Also, because the atmosphere was no oxygen, no ozone layer, ultraviolet direct access to the ground, rely on the protection of sea water, biological First was born in the ocean. About 3.8 billion years ago, that is produced in the ocean, organics, first low single-celled organisms. 600 million years ago, the Paleozoic With seaweed photosynthesis in the sun, produce oxygen slowly accumulated, the formation of the ozone layer. At this time, the creatures began on land.
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    Quote from VIROS


    Hello, and welcome to the Minecraft Clan Codex.

    Crtl + F if you are searching for a specific clan or person, and then start tying the name.
    If there is something that you think should be added to the list Just PM me or post here.
    If you would like info updated on your clan, pm me or post here.
    If you would like your clan added to the Codex, PM me or post here.

    If you wish to get your clan added to the codex:
    Submit this in a post on this thread:

    Please do put it in a quote box. Keep the description to at most one line.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    The first minecraft clan was: CoE, created by Egmond Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:33 am, Their description in the Origional clan codex
    "What began as an in-server joke became the first clan. Now part of the Victory family

    thank you for the message
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    i want to know what they are
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    Quote from Kingdaro

    The title, how did you last die in your minecraft world?

    I was sailing across the ocean during the night on MP, and stopped at a forested island to look for some red flowers (which seem to be missing from the game?) and I just kept walking forward and heard a SSSS, so I tried to sprint away but I ended up turning around and going towards it. Lost pretty much all but half a hear of health. Wanting to leave the island, I headed back to my boat only to fall into a hole about half way back to the coast, luckily in water. My hunger was full so I was being healed, it didn't do much for the second creeper that found me in the water and completed my demise.

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