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    posted a message on [New Server Need Staff!] Also Builders.
    Ign: hopelost9
    Real name: Whyduya wannakno (just call me pip :P)
    Skype: if you want that please pm me.
    Age: 15.
    Experience In Mc: ive been around since 1.6.1 beta. so nearly 2.5 years. i have done... well... everything.
    Why you want to be part of my admin/Mod team: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HELPING NEW SERVERS. Like, it has become all i do in mc. its the best way to meet new players, its cool to see peoples talents, and show off yourself. i love to build, and building on new servers is extremely fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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    posted a message on Everytime i Install a mod It just auto Updates its Self! Please Help
    ok, well since the launcher update, installing mods is a bit more complicated. ill give you a step by step.

    1) get into your C:/username/appdata/roaming/.minecraft garbage, old news to you right?

    2) do NOT go into the .bin, that's not where the recent updates are. go to your versions folder, near the bottom

    3) in there should be a folder labeled 1.6.2, make a duplicate of that, (trust me) and re name it to whatever, (preferably short, you'll see why)

    4) go into your newly renamed folder, and insert your mod into the jar or just replace the jar, like you normally do, then rename it to the name of your folder

    5) now, another new thing, there is a JOSN file, open it up with notepad, and the beginning will say
    { "id": "1.6.2", "time":

    replace the 1.6.2 in the quotes with the name of your jar, exactly.

    6) save everything and exit out

    7) Run mc, and go to the corner where it says profile with a drop down menu. click new profile, and name it whatever, but go to the Use version drop down menu, and click on "release *your jarNameHere*" and select that. save your profile.

    8) select your mod profile, and your done. have fun.
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    posted a message on WildCraft [Brand New 2013 Server] [LookingForStafff]
    This server has a great community and a great vibe. i plan on staying here for a while!
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