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    posted a message on Vanilla, Dynmap, Fresh Map! 1.10


    I don't really do Minecraft videos, but we'll see what happens :)

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    posted a message on Vanilla, Dynmap, Fresh Map! 1.10

    Hey there!

    Minecraft Name: Hoopermation

    Age: (Please be honest!) 22

    Willingness to Join Teamspeak: (I would like to invite you to the Teamspeak once accepted, though it is not required. Y/N) Probably not, as I'll most likely be listening to music or watching Netflix. Might pop in a few times.

    Location: (Timezone, State, and Country are all acceptable responses) Missouri USA, -5 UTC

    Anything about you: (Optional, but I would like a tidbit of information about you, hobbies, what you study etc.) Trying to do YouTube for a living, but Minecraft is a nice break from everything. Never really liked super modded servers, always enjoyed a small vanilla one :)

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    posted a message on If could play Minecraft with the Oculus Rift, what would you do?

    Actually, I think me and a friend are gonna start a VR series together. Something old, but new at the same time. Suggestions are most certainly welcome, and dropper maps do seem like a good idea.

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    posted a message on If could play Minecraft with the Oculus Rift, what would you do?

    Dropper map huh? Could be pretty cool :P

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    posted a message on If could play Minecraft with the Oculus Rift, what would you do?

    I just got my new Rift, and want to show off Minecraft with it, but I am at a loss for what to do with it!

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]

    These shaders now work with the Oculus Rift mod Minecrift. Check it out!

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    posted a message on The Crazy Fun Parkour 2 - OUT NOW (Played by Bodil40, SimonHDS90, GhostGaming, AntVenom, BillWarlow)

    Hey man, loved your map!

    Me and my friend eVRydayVR played through part of it on our Oculus Rift's.

    You can check the first part of it right here:

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    posted a message on Someone recreated the PT demo, so I played it with the Oculus Rift mod!

    Quick introduction: My name's Hoopermation and I make YouTube videos, mainly centered around the Oculus Rift. Hello!

    Minecrift, the cleverly titled mod, allows anyone with an Oculus Rift VR headset to play Minecraft in it's entirety in VR. It's an absolutely fantastic mod, and a must have for anyone who happens to own a Rift.

    Seeing that I own one, I was thinking of something really cool to do with the mod. It's Minecraft after all, so there's tons of possibilities! I stumbled upon this map: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/pt-silent-hills-with-hd-resource-pack/

    Instantly, I knew I had to play it with the Rift.

    So here it is, enjoy!

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    posted a message on What would you want to see played in the Oculus Rift?

    Here's the short: Me and a friend want to record something Minecraft using our Oculus Rifts. The thing is, there's SO MANY things that we could try out that we have no idea what to pick.

    I turn to you, forums. What would you want to see? They can be maps, and mods (but nothing that requires forge. I know, I wanted to do Tekkit so bad, trust me).

    If you answered any of the options in the poll, any additional info provided (specific maps/mods) would be incredibly appreciated.

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    posted a message on MationCraft [Semi-Vanilla][PvP][SMP][version 1.7.2][Whitelist][17+]
    • Server Name: MationCraft
    • Server Locale: United States Central
    • Server Address/IP:
    • Version: 1.7.2
    • Game Play Type/s: [PvP][SMP]
    • Description Hello everyone! This is my brand new Minecraft server MationCraft! I'm new to server hosting, and I'd like to give it my best try! I'd like MationCraft to be a mature and welcoming community full of awesome people. So please feel free to apply. Being new to this, I'm very open to suggestions, as long as it keeps with the style of the server
    • Rules: Be mature, no griefing, cursing is ok, but keep it under control, build away from spawn, respect other people's property, what mods/admins say goes, if you have an issue with another player report it
    • Plugins: [WorldEdit] [WorldGuard] [LogBlock] [Voxelsniper] (This plugin is for admins only. I have it so that when the times comes to edit spawn, I can
    About VoxelSniper: As stated above, I only have it for a specific purpose. I'd like to occasionally change spawn up a bit and possibly add some aesthetic only things to it. For example: After a while I might add a mod/admin temple. More info on this later.
    • Owner/Admins/Moderators: hoopera (Owner) pheonixdragoon, Grandothunder, DraxenZaro (admins
    • Whitelist Application
    • IGN (In-game name):
    • Age (You must be 18 or older to apply):
    • What can you bring to the server?:
    • How long can you normally be on?:

    Thanks guys, and I can't wait to play with some awesome people!
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    posted a message on Horse Rig by icrdr [FREE Download] Dynamics Tail + Flexible neck
    Phenomenal rig icrdr!

    I would really love to use this in some of my animations, would you be alright with that?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha Server! (wait...what?)
    I'm not applying, just a question. Is this a dedicated server? Like, you have a website host it for you? If so, how did you do it? I'm trying to start my own for a YouTube series.

    Thanks in advance, and good luck to your server!
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    posted a message on A Dedicated Alpha 1.2 Server Possible?
    I'm a little stumped on this one.

    I have a dedicated server hosted by a website, and I can't figure out how to get alpha 1.2 to run on it.

    Is there a certain file I have to use? If so, does anyone know how to get it?

    If it helps any: the hosting service is TCAdmin.
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    posted a message on The Village Tree - A Minecraft Christmas Animation
    Enjoy everyone!

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    posted a message on Harvest Block [18+ ONLY][Survival][Anti-Grief][No Global PvP]
    Age: 19
    IGN: hoopera
    What are you looking for in a Minecraft server? I'm looking for a recreational and friendly community, and also a fresh start on what I hope is a great server.
    Are you an easy going individual? I'm somewhat laid back, but when I put my mind to something, it's difficult to pull me away.
    Anything you would like to add? Not much more to say. I'm just a guy looking for a fresh Minecraft server and a great community.
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